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In the Beginning

The world of Earth is no more. A great apocalypse sundered that world. Nuclear death brought on by belligerent and arrogance nations. Billions died in the atomic firestorms, the great cities of Man were laid waste. History for Man should have ended at day.

However, something unexpected happened. Many scientists, mystics, hippies, luminaries, and crack-pots claimed that humans were powered by an internal life-energy. At death that energy fled from the body, flowing into the great aether beyond mans understand. When the death of so many happened simultaneously, the energy released was so great it tore holes in the very fabric of reality. The result was a world rocked to it foundations. Its history irrevocably altered. The oceans rose, greedily swallowing the lands, adding to the death toll; earthquakes leveled what cities remained standing; magic – an energy-force not understood – saturated the lands.

Great holes, Rifts, opened up, and out came beings from a thousand different worlds. Some wishing to claim this magic-rich world for themselves.

For hundreds of years Man struggled to survive the mayhem following the apocalypse. Some turned to technology, some to magic; some turned to gods, some to demons. The lands reshaped themselves, reverting to their original state, or morphing into something new and alien under the influence of the newly arrived dimensional beings.

A collection of survivors inhabited the remains of a once great city, they called their home Chi-Town. With unearthed technology and through trial and tribulation, fire and death, they overcame and survived. They formed a community ruthlessly dedicated to human supremacy and violently opposed to magic. They joined with other like minded nation-states, creating a confederation of city-states called the Coalition States.

The Coalition States legions of black-armored warriors march and war to regain lands they believe rightfully belong to them. The lands of their ancestors. The lands of Man.

The world of Earth is no more. Now, it is the land of Rifts.

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