How could you? We were your friends. We trusted you with all of our lives, not just mine and Lily's and little baby Harry's, but Sirius' and Remus' too. But I found out that you weren't to be trusted, weren't you? You couldn't even take the responsibility for what you had done. Peter, you sent Sirius to Azkaban, Peter, Azkaban. You denied him the chance to grow up, find a girl, and just be happy.

If anyone deserves happiness, it's Sirius, Peter. You knew about his family. They hated him. Peter, when he arrived at my door at four in the morning he was crying. Crying, Peter, crying. Have you ever seen Sirius cry? It scared me more than I would admit, to watch him break down and bawl. Have you ever seen him cry? Not when he fell off his broom during practice broke his collarbone, refused to see Madame Pomfrey, and walked around for a week carrying his book bag on his broken shoulder before Remus dragged him to hospital wing. Not when he got a Howler. Not even when whatever-her-name-was broke up with him, do you remember? That girl he thought was the One.

Did you ever have the One, Peter? No, I can answer that for you, just because you killed my One. Anyway, but did you ever see Sirius cry? No, I can answer that, too. Because if you had, you would do anything in your power to make sure it never happened again. Sirius… You betrayed him, Peter. Not just me and Lily and little Harry who used to laugh as he bounced on your knee. But Sirius and Remus? How could you, Peter? They were your friends. We were your friends. How could you force us to leave Remus alone for those cold nights? One of us at least has been with him since we first made the change back in fifth year. All three of us transformed. All three of us. Not just me or Sirius, or both of us, but all three of us. You, too.

We never thought you were stupid, Peter. But, now I know you were the biggest idiot of all of us. And what makes it worse, is that I have to say I know, because it's only Lily, Sirius, and I who know. Others could guess, but who would believe that I let such a sniveling, yes sniveling, little whelp be my Secret Keeper when I could have Sirius or Remus? Now that I think about it, sniveling is too good of a word for you because I think Snape would at least have the decency not to turn his friends over to the Dark Lord, if he had any friends.

How could you leave Remus all alone, Peter? Leave him to suffer, like he did during our early years at Hogwarts. It will be worse now. Remember, how it is always worse when something bad happens in the days before the full moon. Well, tomorrow is the full moon and he will be all alone for the first time since fifth year. It's your fault.

He thinks that Sirius' roots have finally caught up with him. Remus, like the rest of the world, thinks Sirius was a true Black after all. Remus thinks that I was betrayed by my best friend, who killed my other best friend and thirteen muggles in a street full of witnesses, while hysterically laughing. Remus thinks you are the hero, Peter. Not Sirius, you. The betrayer. Remus thinks that poor little Peter decided to go after big bad Sirius. Remus thinks that Sirius let his temper go and blew up the street just to get you. But it was you, Peter.

It is all your fault and you didn't even get what you wanted. What did you want, Peter? The Dark Lord's acceptance? Why would he accept you when betrayed your best friends? Maybe he is a bigger idiot than I thought, maybe even bigger than you. Well, now I'll never know.

-James (I can't be Prongs anymore)

A/N I don't own any Harry Potter characters. If I did, I would be rich. Okay done with that. This is the first in a series of letters that various characters wrote (mentally or in writing) to another character that they wronged or wronged them. I plan on doing Remus next. Please review, if only to tell me this is the worse thing you have ever written and I should go defenestrate myself.