So I haven't updated for a while. I know bad me. This was floating around, so I figured hey why not. I don't know when (if) I will update this again. If I get a good idea, soon, if not... Feel free to leave ideas when you review.

Dear Sirius,

I am sorry that I was so hard on you. I knew that Azkaban froze you at twenty-one and being young and free were the only things you knew. But Harry really looked up to and I just wanted you to be a good example for him.

I remember you from school, despite the fact that I was in my seventh year to your first. To be really honest, I remember your sorting. I was, am, a Prewett. I know about old families. The fact that you didn't end up where you were supposed to go caused a lot of fear. Half the people in the Tower thought they would be murdered in their beds, and then you befriended a Potter and became Gryffindor's Golden Boy. Nobody, with the exception of the occasional first year, could imagine you anywhere else. You and your friends may have cost us the House Cup, but you did it with style. You were Gryffindor's pride and joy.

Now, you aren't. You have spent the last few years drunk and alone. Not a fitting end for the Gryffindor Prince. I know you tried to relive your glory days through Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and perhaps, if you hadn't gone to Azkaban, those wouldn't have been your glory days.

You must have hated being cooped up in that house. Even as a first year, you were always doing things. Sitting on the sidelines was probably completely against your nature. I guess that was you tried to live through Harry. (I know I am repeating myself but since you aren't getting this letter, I don't care.) He was a fifteen-year-old boy, did that mean anything to you? I don't know what you think fifteen-year-old boys should be doing but creating an illegal anti-ministry group is not on my list. (Then again I heard stories about what you did at their age and, well, at least he didn't try and murder a fellow student.)

I don't hate you. To me, you were just like that boy in that muggle fairy tale, Peter Something because you never grew up. Maybe, now that I have thought about it, you were forced to grow up to fast.

Molly Weasley (For I feel as if I am the only mother to care.)