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New Year's Party

"OH MY GOD, THE DANCE IS TONIGHT!" Dawn screamed nervously and with excitement. She was pacing in her room talking to herself, occasionally taking glances at her dress and accessories. The dress lay neatly on her bed and her sparkly light blue shoes sat in the corner. "What am I going to do?" She whispered, and looked in the mirror. Her dark blue hair sat neatly on her shoulders, her tight white top and her black mini skirt outlined her thin figure. She bit her lip and mumbled something under her breath. "Argh! What am I going to DO?! I'll make a fool of myself again!" She checked her watch: 6.03 pm

"Damn...The dance starts at half seven and I'm not even ready yet!" She grabbed the dress and ran to the bathroom as if she thought an hour and twenty minutes was seconds.


"Gary, what if I make a fool of myself?" Ash asked nervously. Gary rolled his eyes.

"You won't make a fool of yourself," He replied, Ash looked at him. "What?"

"How would you know? What if I trip over my own feet and landed head first in a massive cake!" Ash said as Gary laughed, "I don't even know how to dance!" Gary thought this over.

"Well, you would probably like falling in food," Gary laughed again at Ash's annoyed and nervous face, "And as for dancing, just be yourself. A lot of guys don't know how to dance. She won't be surprised since it's you." Ash scowled and Gary grinned at him.

"Not funny." He muttered.

"She'll find it funny though," Gary said slyly.

"I bet you don't know how to dance either!"

"HA, Keep dreaming Ash. I'm more experienced than you," Gary said and stuck out his tongue. "I've danced with heaps of girls before."

"Whatever," Ash muttered, and grabbed the black suit and walked to the bathroom.


Ash's Pov. 7.23 pm at the dance.

Argh I'm so nervous! In seven minutes time, Dawn will be here! Does she even like me in the way that I like her? Well, Gary seems to think so, but who in the hell would believe him?

"Hey Ash," Great, speak of the devil.

"Hi Gary," I replied. He grinned. Wait why is he grinning? He probably wants to see me make a fool of myself...Again...

"Nervous?" He chucked. I rolled my eyes at his obvious question.

"Nah, I feel fine," I said sarcastically, "Why would I be nervous? I'll only end up with my head in a cake because I don't even know how to dance!" I hissed as he laughed.

"Ha ha. True that, you will," I glared at him. Argh someone...Anyone...Please help me!

"Just give me some tips!" I whispered as he thought for a moment.

"OK, well, make her smile and laugh...You know...Charm her as much as you can." I nodded, hanging on to every advise he gave. "And compliment her too, say how beautiful she is." He finished.

"Is that it? No tips on how to dance?" I asked. He smirked.

"I'll let you figure that by yourself," He laughed, "Your a big boy Ash, so deal with it." With that he simply walked towards the dance floor with the same evil smirk plastered on his face. Damn him! How the hell could he be so evil?! It's just...Non-human. I looked around, big tables with food and drinks were along the wall nearest to me. The room was multi coloured with the disco lights. People were talking and laughing with their partners and some people were already dancing. I watched them as I tried to pick up tips. This was not going to be easy. I saw Drew walk over to me.

"Hey Ash," He said.

"Hi," I replied, he grinned.

"Nervous?" He asked slyly. I rolled my eyes.

"That was the exactly the same thing Gary said," I sighed.

"Well yeah, I was just talking to him," He laughed. "He also said that you don't know how to dance." I am going to kill Gary! I sighed.

"Yeah he's right, do you have any tips about dancing for me?" I asked hopefully.

"Sorry mate, Gary told me not to tell you," he said while grinning. Rephrase that: I am going to destroy Gary so much that there will be nothing left! "But you better hurry, she's here," the last words he said caught my attention as I looked up nervously.

She was there, standing on the stair case. Everyone, mostly the guys, looked up and gasped. Her long blue dress was trialling behind her neatly. Her blue hair was straight with a few of the top layers curled. Her face was perfect, beautiful, amazing. She was absolutely stunning. My eyes were glued to her. I saw a blush grace her cheeks as she walked slowly down the stairs. She looked a lot different, more mature and delicate. It looked like everyone was going slow motion apart from me and Dawn. I could feel my heart banging in my chest as Dawn's eyes found mine.




She started to walk over as everyone was still staring at her. I could feel Gary and Drew's eyes piercing on my back. I could just Imagen their wide smirks. OK, Ash. Calm down. I repeated in my head. I walk forward, each step taking me to Dawn. My heart was beginning to slow down, gladly. My eyes were still glued to her, and it looked like her eyes were glued to mine.

"Hi," she said once we reached each other. She smiled.

"Hi," I replied. Everyone who was staring at Dawn turned back to what they were doing, "You look...Wow." I said, the blush on her cheeks deepened.

"Thanks, you look wow too," she giggled.

"Hey guys," I heard Gary say, I groaned. Please don't let Gary say something that will embarrass me! He smirked at me as he approached us. "Having fun?"

"Yes Gary, until you came along," I said, Dawn giggled.

"I see my advise is helping," Gary chuckled. "Hard to believe you were so nervous." I glared at him.

"Shut up!" I hissed at him quietly, he grinned innocently. Dawn was looking at us confused.

"No worries Ash," He laughed, "I won't spill your 'little secret'," he said to me, but loud enough so Dawn could hear.

"Oh Gary, you and your stupid jokes." I laughed. "Can I speak with you for a moment?" I asked him.

"Sure, but Ash you should be telling Dawn your secret, not spending time with me," he replied sarcastically. I sighed.

"I'll be in a minute Dawn," I said to her.

"OK, I'll just be speaking to May," she smiled happily and walked towards May, who was standing beside Drew. I advanced on Gary.

"Why did you say that?"

"Say what?" He asked stupidly.

"The stuff about the secret to Dawn!" I said angrily. He grinned.

"Just making it a little easier for you Ashy boy," he said happily and smacked me on the back.

"Stop calling me that, just don't say that to her again. You made me look like a fool," he rolled his eyes. "Again," I added.

"Oh come on Ash, she obviously fancies you, and that's not going to change," He replied. " Can't you see that?"

"No. How can it be obvious?" I asked him, confusion written over my face. Gary sighed.

"Don 't you notice that she always blushes when you talk to her? AND she always gazes at you," he said, I thought for a moment. Could this be true? Does she always gaze at me? Man I must look like a fool in front of her. She was blushing when she was walking down the stairs, but that might be because everyone was looking at her. She was so beautiful. So will I tell her my feelings?

"Er...OK," I replied, "No, I never noticed that."

"Wow, your dumb," Gary chuckled, I threw an annoyed look at him. "Go on then, she's waiting for you," he said, indicating to her.

"Wait! How do I tell her?" I asked him quickly.

"Just get her on her own, and tell her from your heart," he replied, I nodded and began to walk back to Dawn.

"Hey Ash," someone called, I looked around and saw Lucas waving and walking over.

"Hey," I replied.

"Having fun with Dawn?" He asked slyly and winking at me.

"Well before Gary interrupted, yeah I was," I said. He chuckled. "Do you have any tips on dancing?" I asked quietly.

"Yeah," he said, "You put your hand around Dawn's waist, then-"

"What?! Around her waist?!" I blushed madly. He laughed.

"Obviously Ash, where have you been?" He said sarcastically. "Then," he continued, "she will put her hand on your shoulder-"

"OK, let's just forget I asked," I said while trying not to blush so deeply. He chuckled again.

"Well have fun, and remember to tell her your secret" he said winking and went back to his date. How does everyone know my secret?! This is going to be hard, very hard. I'll probably end up tripping over my own feet! I sighed.

"What was that about?" Came Dawn's voice behind me. I turned to meet her beautiful face.

"Oh nothing," I replied.

"OK," she said, "Let's go and talk to Drew and May," she asked and took me by the hand and dragged me over to them. I blushed.

"Hey Ash," Drew said, as Dawn and May were already in a conversation. "Learned how to dance yet?" I groaned.

"In fact, yes I have," I lied. He grinned.

"Go on then, ask her to dance," He insisted.

"Wait, what?" I asked stunned.

"If you know how to dance, why don't you ask her?" He asked, still grinning that evil grin of his. I hesitated. "Aww scared?"

"N-No," I replied.

"Go and ask her then," he said.

"N-Now?" I asked quietly.

"No next Christmas Ash," He replied sarcastically. "Of course I mean now!" he said as he pushed me towards Dawn and May. Damn him! Note to self: Kill Gary and Drew.

"W-Would you like to d-dance?" I asked Dawn interrupting hers and May's conversation. She blushed.

"O-OK," she stuttered and took my hand as I lead her to the dance floor. I was blushing at the fact that I had to put my hand on her waist as she put her hands on my shoulders. I could feel Drew's and Gary's eyes on me. They were probably going to laugh at the attempt of me dancing. We began to sway to the music. It was sort of...easy...I was surprised.

"This is nice," Dawn commented smiling as she placed her head on my chest. I blushed deeper and smiled at the same time.

"Yeah, it is," I replied softly. Man, this is awesome; having her in my arms. It felt so...right...so unbelievably perfect. I would love to stay in this moment forever. I was blushing, but I don't care who sees it, because at this very moment I was holding the girl I loved.

"D-Dawn...?" I blurted out. Why can't I keep my mouth shut?!

"Yeah?" She replied and lifted her head off my chest, unfortunately.

"I-er...N-need to t-tell...er..." I stuttered. She looked confused. Damn I've already made a fool of myself! "I need to t-tell you s-something," I repeated.

"OK, what is it?" She asked. This is it; now or never. I need to tell her tonight. I gazed into her blue eyes; taking in every detail.

"I...er...l-love...y..." Her eyes began to widen. I hesitated."Your hair." Damn, why can't I say it?

"Oh, thanks," she replied and smiled. It looked like her eyes had dimmed. Or maybe it's just me imagining it.

"Dawn, that was not what I was trying to say...er," I began, "OK, I'm just going to say it." I looked around and took a deep breath, I could see Gary and Drew's eyes still on me. "I know you probably won't feel the same way...but it won't change my feelings for you." There was a pause, as I took a glance at her. She was...smiling, her eyes was looking straight into mine. "I l-love you Dawn." Her smile widened.

"I love you too Ash!" She squealed and tackled me into a big hug. Her arms were around my neck as I slid my hand to her waist. I looked at Drew and Gary. They winked at me. Dawn let go of me and looked into my eyes again.

"I can't believe you...like me," she giggled. Man how I love that giggle. "It's just, I would never of thought you would!" I watched her. "I'm just a plain girl, and your so cute, and-"

"Your not plain," I said. "Your wonderful, and perfect, and you have an amazing personality!" She smiled and looked down bashfully. I place my finger on her chin and lifted her head up to look in her eyes. "That's why I love you," I whispered and place my lips on hers. This was perfect; her hands on my chest, my hands on her slim waist, and I was kissing her! She was kissing back! After several long moments – or it might have been half an hour – or possibly several sunlit days – we broke apart. We could hear wolf-whistles from around us and looked in the direction they came from. Gary and Drew was grinning widely. I knew it was them. I looked back at Dawn as she looked back at me. She smiled and laid her head back on my chest.

2 hours later...

"Come on Ash, let's go on the balcony!" Dawn said cheerfully as she pulled me towards the said area. The cold air greeted us as we walked out; her hand in mine. It was a clear night, and the stars were out, happily dancing up above. We reached the bars as I slid my arms around her waist, her back was against my front, as I put my chin on her shoulder. She giggled.

"What?" I asked while grinning.

"I've just thought of something," She said. I waited till she continued. "I got a card and a rose on Christmas day," I froze, damn I forgot all about that. "Was it from you?" She asked. I grinned.

"Yeah, it was," I admitted.

"HA, I knew it was you!" She laughed as I blushed. "Did you make that poem up?"

"Yeah," I laughed. "Sorry, if it wasn't good."

"I loved it," she said, "It was so sweet!" I smiled. She turned to face me and I dragged her in towards my chest. She giggled and snaked her arms around my neck. I could hear people shouting numbers in the hall.

"That time already?" Dawn asked.


"Must have lost track of time," I laughed as she giggled.










We never noticed the fireworks being let off as we were both looking in each others eyes. I kissed her softly again. The fireworks were streaking across the sky behind us. We broke the kiss. I place my forehead against hers, not paying attention to the fireworks. A new year had begun and the first sight was my girlfriend's gorgeous deep blue eyes. This was the best new years I have ever had.

"Happy New Year, Dawn," I whispered.

"Happy New Year, Ash," She replied.

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