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Chapter 1 - Life with no excitement.

"Paul get up!" The sound of my Mum's voice woke me out of my daze. I groaned as I turned over in bed. I hate mornings, especially school day mornings. I sat up and stretched, looking over at the clock next to my bed. 7:30. I fell back and sighed, shoot me now. "Paul get up now" my mum shouted to me again. I heard the front door slam, she'd left for work. I closed my eyes and thought about skipping school.


My phone signaled that I had a text. I grabbed my phone from the bed side cabinet. One New Message From Jared.

I need a lift my car broke down

Hurry up

Typical, no please. I rolled my eyes and stumbled out of my bed. I quickly took a shower and changed into some clothes. My mum was having to buy me new clothes every weekend now, I was growing taller and more bulkier by the day. So was Jared. Mum said it's just a growing spurt.

I grabbed my phone and ran down stairs. Mum had made me a fully cooked breakfast, she knows me to well. I grinned as I tucked in and shoved the food into my mouth as quickly as I could.


Text from Jared again.

Hurry up!

I rolled my eyes and placed my plate in the sink before running out the house locking the door and jumping into my truck. Raining again, what a surprise, I sighed. It took a couple of tries to get the truck to start, just like it did every morning. It was because this damn truck is so old.

I was at Jared's in no time. He jumped into the passenger seat and his hand went instantly to the radio.

"Hey dude" He said as he changed the radio station without my permission. I ignore it and focus on the more important things, like the fact he never lets me have a sleep in.

"Hey can you at least give me some more time in the morning to get ready, Jesus!"

"How much time do you need. Only chicks need time. Look at me I look hot and all I did this morning was grab some clothes and ran my hand through my hair. Took my less than two minutes"

"No offence man but I look better than you" We both chuckled.

Jared and I had known each other since we were babies and I just never seemed to get rid of him. We had grown up inseparable. In our small group we also had two other friends Aaron and Dave. We didn't hang out in a big group and that's the way I liked it.

It took only five minutes to get to La Push high school, it was close enough to walk but hey, what are cars for?

I jumped out of the truck and locked the door. The parking lot was full of beat up trucks and cars just like mine. That's one of the pro's of living in a small town, no flashy cars that make everyone else feel unworthy. Nobody here had anything flashy and it never bothered anyone either.

I glanced around and saw the small groups of friends greeting each other and having their morning catch up conversations. Girls were no doubt gossiping and boys were play fighting or checking out girls, not like there is much to look at. This school consists of only two hundred students, half of which are girls, not much to choose from is there?

Well there is an exception and there she is. Stood by her car chatting away to Angela Weber.

There she is, Bella. Bella Swan. The most beautiful girl in the school, if there is any girl in this school that is worth any guys attention it is her.

She had every boy after her in this small school but sadly she was taken. I say sadly because it's not by me. Bella is dating Matt Dor. The guy that every girl wants, that doesn't mean that I think they belong together, because they don't. Bella deserved so much better than him.

"Dude stop drooling over Bella again" Jared laughed next to me. I punched his shoulder as I dragged my eyes away from the goddess that is Bella. "Seriously Paul, I've had to put up with your mindless staring at her since the 3rd grade, when are you going to actually talk to her?"

"I have spoken to her" I interjected quite defensively.

"Asking to borrow a pen doesn't count. I mean when are you actually going to have a conversation maybe even throw in a little flirting" He winked.

I felt my gaze go back to Bella. She laughed at something Angela said and twirled a piece of her hair around her finger. I smiled but it was quickly wiped away as Matt wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her lips to his.

"That's why Jared" I glared in Matt's direction. Why did he have to get my girl?

"Come on dude, we're going to be late" Jared looked at me sympathetically.

The day went in the normal fashion, I went to sleep in all my lessons and managed to grab myself three detentions. By the time it was dinner I was wiped out from all my hard work. I plonked down on a table and was later joined by Jared, Aaron and Dave.

"Hey guys" I mumbled as they sat down.

"hahahahaha" Aaron started to laugh. We all looked at him to see him playing with the spaghetti shapes on his plate. I leaned in closer and noticed that he had spelt out Sex.

"That's really mature of you Aaron" Dave huffed at him sarcastically.

"So have you heard!" Aaron asked and looked around the table excitedly, ignoring Dave completely. I rolled my eyes at him, Aaron is worse than most of the girls for gossiping.

"You have to finish the damn sentence man" Jared laughed.

Aaron glared at him. "Have you heard that Matt and Bella have had yet another argument" My head shot up at this. No body saw except Jared who seemed to be struggling to hold back a chuckling. I glared at him and focused my attention on what Aaron was saying. "Yep just before lunch in the corridor, don't know what it was about though" He shrugged and carried playing with the spaghetti pieces.

I looked over at the table that was normally occupied by Bella, Angela, Matt and his friends. It was empty, I felt myself frown.

Bella only had one true friend; I say only one because Bella doesn't seem to talk to any other girl in this school, just Angela. Angela is my biology partner and has been for four years now. She is such a nice caring girl and I can see why Bella likes her so much. Angela and I get along; we talk for the sake of Biology, never out of that lesson though. Matt and I don't get on and Angela knows this. She doesn't want to get involved and I don't blame her. She, along with Jared, knows about my feelings for Bella. She hasn't said anything though but I can tell. She is a very smart girl and I wouldn't put anything past her. After all she is the reason that I am getting an A in that class.

The rest of the day was a bore Jared and I had arranged to go down to the beach later with some of the guys. That's all there is to do around here, the beach. Without going out of town, it is the only thing in this small town that keeps the boredom at bay. There are the woods but just only last week Emily Young was mauled by a bear and no body has entered the woods since. I had never met Emily but I heard a lot about her, she is related to the Clearwater's (who are a very respected family around here), she moved to La Push about a mouth ago and started to hang out with Leah Clearwater's boyfriend Sam Uley. To cut a long story short Sam finished with Leah so he could be with Emily. Now they live together.

Everyone in town knows this story, it is after all a small town and news travels fast.

I sighed and pulled my truck into the front of the driveway. Another day gone by. Why is it that nothing ever happens? Why is it that I have such a boring life?

I can't wait to get out of La Push and actually live. Its official my life has no excitement.



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