Chapter 23 - Painting

"Time to go now, Paul!" Charlie shouted through the door. I could almost hear the smile in his voice, along with relief. Bella knew everything and she didn't run, she didn't even scream.

As if her father's voice awakened her, Bella pulled her lips very slowly from mine. I opened my eyes and instantly met her gaze. I brought my hand up and touched her soft cheek. "I best go before your dad throws me out."

Bella laughed. "Use the front door, this time though."

Before even a second passed, Charlie yelled though the door once again. "He can go out the way he came in! That's revenge for going against my wishes boy!" Once again, his voice was light and carefree. A few bangs on the staircase suggested he had started to make his way downstairs.

I rose to my feet and started towards the window. Bella's hand tugged on mine and as I turned to face her, the expression on her face was filled with sadness. "How about tomorrow we try that date again?" The nervous feeling was creeping back in to the pit of my stomach. No matter what happens between Bella and me, I have a feeling I will always get this nervous around her.

All she did was smile and nod happily. I reluctantly let go of her hand and carried on towards the window. "I'll pick you up at 6pm" I started to climb down the side of her house.

"Be careful!" She says watching me.

"Bella, I'm a werewolf." I whispered, just loud enough for her to hear. My feet hit the ground; I looked back up at her. "See, easy!" I gloated. "I'll see you tomorrow." I shrugged and started down the street.

"Paul" Bella yelled. I spun around and looked up at her. Her face was lit up by the light from her room. "Thank you." Was all she said before closing the window and disappearing into her room. I just stood there in the street gazing at Bella's windowing, wishing I was still in there with her.

When I got out of bed the next morning, everything from last night seemed to hit me. The date with Bella, the wolf been killed, Charlie telling Bella about wolves, Bella knowing I have imprinted on her. Everything had changed now, in more ways than one. For one, no more wishing Bella would be mine, no more chasing her. She's mine.

The thought of our date this evening made a smile spread across my face but I knew I had other things to deal with before then. If this wolf was a young La Push wolf, then the pack have more enemy's other than vampires. We had an enemy in the people we lived with and saw every day.

As I rushed my breakfast, I tried to avoid the questions from my mum. I told her the date went well and Bella now knows about everything. I never mentioned the wolf that had been killed, no doubt she will hear about it but I didn't want her to know that the wolf could have been like me. She would worry constantly if she thought I was in danger of been shot. I think the risk of been killed by a vampires is enough for her to handle at the moment.

As soon as I had demolished the massive plate of food, I ran to Sam's house. I wasn't the only one who had this idea. Jared was already tucking into the muffins Emily had made leftover from yesterday's baking. Emily enjoys baking and cooking, every time I see her that's what she's doing. It bewildered me how she had any leftover with Sam in the house.

"Any news?" I asked, taking a seat next to Jared. I eyed the muffins but decided against stealing one after only just eating.

"Nothing, yet" Jared spoke with his mouth full.

"Charlie and Billy are going to look at the body of the wolf. The hunters still have it and Charlie has used his authority as an excuse. He's told the hunters, he wants to see what he's 'dealing with'. Billy thinks that he will be able to tell if it's one of us or not." Sam told me.

"Let's hope not." Was all I said.

"If it's not, we will have to mark our territory if another pack is on our land" Sam seemed to be saying his thoughts out loud. No one spoke. Either way we will be fighting, whether it's against human hunters or a pack of wolves. The wolves would be an easier option.

I decided now would be a good chance to tell Jared and Sam about Bella. "Last night, Charlie told Bella everything." Jared's mouth fell slack and Sam raised his eyebrows. "She knows about the wolves and the imprint now" I smiled.

"How did she take it?" Jared had forgotten about the food and moved closer to the edge of his seat.

I shrugged. "She took it extremely well! As soon as I said she is my imprint, she kissed me and said she knew she felt something." I knew I had a cheesy smile on his face.

Jared jumped to his feet, and pulled me up into a man hug. "I can't believe your growing up Paul." I pushed him off and laughed. Sam remained seated with an amused smirk on his face. "I can't believe after all this time; you have finally got the girl!" Jared rambled.

All I could do was laugh.

The waiting around for Charlie and Billy was agonizing. We kept occupied by flicking through the channels on TV and discussing the progress of the others in the pack. So far the pack consists of us three, Embry and Jacob but others were starting to show signs of phasing. Quil, Jacob and Embry's friend, will be next. The guys had found it difficult to avoid Quil as they were such good friends and he was desperate to know why they had ditched him. It reminded me of Aaron and Dale, at least they had each other when Jared and I phased. Quil has no one. Although, I would never wish phasing on anyone, I am slightly glad Quil will be joining the pack for his own sake! At least he will know why Jacob and Embry had to avoid him.

When Charlie and Billy first swung the door open and walked in. They were met by questions from all three of us as we all jumped to our feet and rushed towards them.

"Sit down!" Charlie yelled. We all did as we were told which was met by a chuckle from Charlie. "Well trained wolves" He shook his head.

"So what's happened?" Sam persisted eagerly, ignoring his comment.

Charlie made himself comfortable on the couch before looking at us all in turn. A smile spread across his face. "It wasn't one of ours" A wave of relief flooded through me and I could see both Sam and Jared's posture relax. The tension in the air floated away.

"How do you know?" Sam creased his eyebrows.

Billy was the one to reply. "You can tell with the structure and eyes of the wolf. I believe it's strayed from his pack and got lost, but we can't be too sure that his pack isn't in pursuit." He said sternly.

"We'll increase our patrols, but it will be quite difficult with having only a small pack" Sam aired his concerns.

"Quil is close to phasing and we have had a tip that Seth Clearwater is unwell, maybe something to keep an eye on." Charlie rose to his feet. "Right boys, I have to get going now. I promised Bella I would help her redecorate her bedroom today." He grumbled and rolled his eyes. "Come on Paul, you too" He pointed towards the door.

"What?" I voiced confused.

"If I have to help her, so do you!" He was already out of the front door before I could even answer.

Jared chucked as I rose to my feet. "Have fun" He joked. I gave him my best 'don't piss me off' face before I left the house and followed Charlie down the road.


I strolled through the door behind Charlie. He made straight for the stairs towards Bella's room, where loud music was pumping out. I got excited at the thought of spending the day with Bella and then getting more time with her later on our day.

Bella's room was covered in white sheets and she has moved her belonging into the hallway so her room only consist of the furniture. She was stood in the middle of the room in what looked like old sweatpants and a t-shirt that was slightly small for her. I could see all of her beautiful face as her hair was pulled up into a messy bun. She didn't look up from opening the paint pots when we walked in.

"Took you long either" Is all she said to her father.

"I had some stuff to do" Charlie shrugged and moved another box out of the room into the hall.

"Wolf stuff?" I started to worry that maybe Bella wasn't as cool as she let on about the wolf information, due to the hostile tone to her voice.

"Yes Bella. Now Paul is here to help you so would you rather me stay out of the way so you can talk?" Charlie was one sneaky man! He planned this to get him out of painting.

Bella's head snapped up at my name. Her eyes widened when she saw me stood in front of her. "Hi Bella" I gave her a nervous wave.

"Hi Paul" Her cheeks reddened as she tried to pull at her t-shirt, obviously embarrassed by what she was wearing. "Yes Dad. That would be great." She told him but he had already left. The hostility in her voice was instantly left. Bella returned to trying to get the lid off the paint pot, it was an obvious attempt at trying to divert her attention at my presence. She let out at a huff as the lid remained locked on the paint tin.

"Here Bella, I'll do that" Our hands glanced against each other as I went to help her. The lid flipped straight off.

"Thanks." She smiled. "You don't have to help me, I'm sure you have something better to be doing." The blush was still evident on her cheeks.

"I want to Bella." Was all I said before picking up the paint tin. "Where shall I start?" I smiled at her. She instructed me what walls she wanted painting. All of them will be white and then she will paint a design on it when it's dry. I picked up a brush and started on a wall as she started on another. "Oh wait, Paul do you want to get a different set of clothes? I don't want you to get them ruined."

I laughed. "Don't worry Bella. I ruin a lot of clothes when phasing." She nodded and turned to the wall. I suddenly thought about my mum spending all her money on clothes for me and how much she will have spent over the past few months. "But my mum will kill me if she has to buy me anymore" I chuckled and pulled the t-shirt off, leaving just my jeans on.

"I can get you something of my dad's? I don't want you to get cold" She asked politely, I could see she was trying to not look at my bare chest. Instead, her eyes stayed fixed on my own and her fingers started to fiddle with the paint brush in her hand.

"I don't get cold Bella. It's a wolf thing" I shrug and returned to painting. A few moments of silence went by before I broke it. I want to make the most of every second I have with her. "What would you like us to do on our date tonight?"

"I'm not sure." She spoke timidly.

"I was thinking you could come to mine?" I asked, then realised how it sounded. "Nothing like th-that! You could ask me any questions you have about the wolf stuff and then we can watch a movie and order a takeaway?" I quickly added.

"That sounds good" I couldn't see her face but I sensed she was smiling.

We painted in silence for a while. Every so often, I would turn to watch her paint. As she reached to paint further up the wall her top would show her bare back and I couldn't help but stare. Whenever I thought she was going to turn around I quickly focused on something else in the room.


"Yes?" I spun around and was met by a paint brush on my cheek. Bella burst out laughing as I gawked at her in surprise. "What was that for?"

She shrugged and carried on laughing at my expense. Without thinking I poked paint on the end of her nose. That stopped her from laughing. We stared at each other; a small smiled tugged at her lips. Her lips, I remember the way they felt against mine last night. The fingers I had gripping the brush loosened and I let the paint brush fall to the floor. I held my hands up in defeat. Bella laughed and dropped her too. Before I knew it I pulled her towards me and pressed my lips against mine. The paint from her face rubbed off on me, but I didn't care. Bella deepened the kiss and moved her hands up and down my chest. A growl escaped my throat. The kiss wasn't as smooth and timid as last night, it was rushed and erotic. My hands made their way down her waist and rested up on the small of her back, on the skin that I had just been gazing at. Bella pushed herself closer to me and I knew she could feel how she was affecting me. Without thinking I lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around me and my hands rested on her ass. Regrettable I pulled out from the kiss. "Bella, we have to stop" She didn't listen and carried on kissing me.

"Bella" I tried to say. She laughed and pulled away.

"I'm sorry I put paint on your face" She pouted. "I was trying to make it less awkward. I don't know why, you just make me shy."

I smiled. "It was slightly awkward." I agreed. "Probably because you're so beautiful I forget what to say"

"Beautiful? Have you seen what I'm wearing?" She gestured to her clothes, which was quite difficult providing the position we was in.

"Beautiful." I said again. "But your right, maybe you should take your t-shirt off like I have" I winked at her; the confidence in me was back after the kiss we just shared, I just hope it stays around for our date.

Bella gasped and slapped my shoulder before unlocking her legs from around me. My hands fell from her backside; she stood in front of me and gave me one last kiss. This time it was soft and light.

"You'll have to wait to see under my t-shirt." She winked. "Get back to painting."

For the rest of the afternoon we painted the room white, only stopping for lunch time. Bella was going to finish the room tomorrow when it was dry, but that didn't need all of her things to be covered so I helped her move all the belongings back onto her room before I left promising her that I would meet her to walk to mine at 6pm, in less than 2 hours.


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