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Summary: They were the "Chosen Ones" A set of twins destined for greatness..until their world was turned upsidedown. They are captured by the Romanians who only want to use them for their powers. They eventually escape and centuries later the meet the Cullens family. What will happen when they find out who they really are?

Chapter 1

A menacing growl rumble in my chest in warning as we circled each other. The tension and anticipation was thick in the air.

My opponent was huge; his muscles rippled as he flexed them; he had a glint of excitement in his eyes. We circle for a bit more gaging each others next move.

He spang forward, but I move to the right effectively dodging him. "Ha!" He grunted but quickly readjusted his movement and was attacking again.

This time I let him "catch" me; I whirled in his grasp and kneed him in the stomach...gave an upper cut...flipped backward onto my hand and kicked him forcefully in the chest...I flipped twice more and landed gracefully on my feet. He on the other hand went flying across the room and hit the wall with a thud.

He got up as if nothing and proceeded to dust himself off. "Aww, come on you can do better than that!"

Before he could get another word out I took a running start flicked mid air and drop kicked him square on the jaw. I gave him a few combination punches that had him hunched forward. I reared up on my hands and my legs wrapped around his head and flipped him backwards behind me.

His body slammed into the wall again and it shuddered with contact; he crumpled to the floor and didn't move.

I paused, "Get up, I took it easy on you." still he didn't move. "Come on it's not funny." still no movement.

"Em, this isn't funny...get up." I walked up to him and shook him...nothing. "Ok, fine!" I lifted his head and slapped him...still nothing. I was getting worried now. "Em, come on get up."

Suddenly I found myself flat on my back and Emmette straddling me. Whoa! What the fuck...

Emmette attacked me "Gotcha!" he started tickling me. "Ok...ok..you win." I gasped in between breathes.

After he was satisfied he let me up. "I still kicked you ass."

"Yeah in your dreams...though that move was good."


"Come on playtime is over, we've got to go." He said with a serious tone.

I nodded and headed for the door. Before I opened the door and we parted ways he hugged me. "Tonight." he whispered.

I froze and my breathe caught in my throat. Freedom. I nodded once more and we parted ways. Him to make preparation and me to the confinements of my room in the tower to wait.

We were both heavily guarded; as soon as we stepped foot outside the training room doors we each had out own entourage of guards that escorted us everywhere...as if we couldn't protect ourselves.

I reached my room and was immediately attacked by my dressmaid, because of course god forbid I undress and dressed myself. Jeez!

I was dressed in a light teal floor length dress with gold stilettos. My pure white hair was left down with ringlets at the ends. I was adorned in gold bracelets at my arms and wrists, gold earrings. My teal colored eyes were accentuated with white sparkles and eyeliner. I looked like some kind of diety.

My brother would no doubt be dressed in the similar fashion.

Our History

You see my brother and I are twins, two sides of one coin if you will. We are coveted be many for our powers. If we are separated our powers will falter and we become weak, but together we are a force to be reckoned with. Well at least that's what everyone thinks.

In reality we are both powerful on our own, we just told this little white lie so we wouldn't be parted.

We are supposed rare legendary creatures in this world of mythical creatures, It was foretold that a human with a royal lineage would bare two children; a male and female; with extraordinary powers. These children would be like no other.

So it was that our mother gave birth to two children; twins; you could imagine when she first saw us it was a shock. We were born with pure white hair and teal eyes. It was then that our parents realize we were the chosen ones. We were immediately whisked away into hiding for our protection.

We were raised in secrecy few knew of our presence in this world. We were trained in the ways of the ancients.

We lived in relative peace and happiness for many years; that is until they came and destroyed everything we cared for.

They came in the night and killed our parents and took us. Then planned to use us as weapons. My brother and I were separated, we were beaten, tortured and starved until we would submit to their demands.

I was brutally raped and my brother was made to watch...torturing us both; all the while I pleaded with my brother not to give in. Afterward I was thrown into a dark room my brother into another. Our captors were relentless.

One fateful night after we were tortured, I was thrown once again into my cell; weak and unable to move I felt myself dying.

I didn't even respond when my cell door flew off the hinges; "Dear God!" the tall figure was at my door. The last image I had was this figure holding something in one arm while coming towards me.

I was in and out of conscientiousness as was my brother; too severely beaten and starved we were a death's door.

"What's wrong with them...how bad is it?" someone asked.

"They're dying." the second voice said sadly.

"We have to change them...it's the only way."said the first voice said.

I turned my head slightly to my left saw my brother lying at my side. I started to drifted in to blackness when I felt a prick at my neck and then at my wrists and ankles. I heard my brother groan as well.

An incredible heat swept through my body, I whimpered; with unseeing eyes my bother's hand found it's way into mine seemingly comforting me. Once our hands touched there was an overwhelming calm that blanketed us. For three days we bore our agonizing torture in silence.

When we awoke we looked the same only our features we more enhanced..our eyes were a brilliant deeper shade of teal, our hair if possible was even whiter and seemed to sparkle, our bodies stronger.

We soon learn that we were rescuedfrom one dirty dank prison only to be imprisoned in a "golden cage".

Though we were treated with high reguards we were still nothing more than guarded prisoners.

Present Day...

We were summoned to the great hall, where there were more guards. We were immediately briefed on the situation at hand. There was an uprising and the Romanians Vladimir and Stefan were eager to quell it. The truth of the matter was they were getting greedy too greedy.

The castle was overrun with vampires; chaos was everywhere.

"This is our chance." Emmette hissed into my ear, I nodded and followed his lead.

With all the chaos and the empire crumbling around us we made our escape.

The rule of the Romanians was abolished and a new empire was built over the ruins of the old one.

We were able to escape through the hidden passageway to the right of the great hall. We went through the maze of tunnels that ran underneath the castle and made our way to freedom; we were able to escape undetected.

Centuries Later...

"Em, Let's go!" I called to my brother. "Bells, it's not like were going to be late...what's the rush?" he whined.

"There's no rush...we have to go to the main office before class, now move it!"

"Jeez, aren't we bossy today." he said to himself.

"I heard that." I yelled to him.

"Huh, what...I know what you're talking about." he said as he ran down the stairs past me.

"Brothers I swear." I said shaking my head from side to side.

I went outside and met Emmette at his monster jeep and got in. My brother loved his jeep with some modifications this baby can haul ass.

We pulled into the lot and parked. As we stepped out we heard the usual gasps and mummers. We were quite a shock to look at. My brother was huge and burly where I was the opposite I was petite.; but what struck them most was our pure white hair.

We made our way to the main office to retrieve our class schedules. I reached the counter and hailed the attention of the receptionist. "Ahem, Hi, we're is Isabella and Emmette McSwan." I said with my sweetest smile plastered on my face.

The receptionist took a minute to get over the shock and got up and searched for our class schedules. "Here you are dear...here's your class schedule and map...if you need any help just ask anyone they'll be glad to help." she said then dismissed us. Our first day a Forks High School.

We compared our class schedules and found we had every class together. Great!

Of course no one came near us or offered to help seeing as Emmette looked dangerously intimidating.

We headed off to our class. The day went by slowly and the only repreave was the break for lunch.

We walked together to the cafeteria and got in line to get our food props. I briefly paused scanning the cafeteria for a table and found one at right side of the room towards the back.

We took our seats; just then I caught the smell. "Vampires." we both whispered to each other. We scanned the cafeteria again and found them; there were four in total. Two tall blondes male and female, A tall bronze haired male and a small black haired female.

"What should we do?" Emmette whispered to me .

"Well the way I see it there are three ways to go about this...1)We go over there and introduce ourselves, 2) We can just eliminate them and 3) We can just ignore them unless the start feeding off the humans hear. Personally I vote for option three; we need to remain inconspicuous.

"Hmm...three it is then." he replied.

We masked our scent completely and went about our day. At the end of the day we straight to Emmette's jeep and headed home.

"Em!" I called to him.


"Wonna got check out our hunting grounds."

"Sure thing." he called down.

We went into our backyard and through the forest. We went in deep enough as to their were no human near by.

"Umm....I smell grizzly." Emmette licked his lips taking another sniff.

"Umm....I smell mountain lion." I said in reply also taking another sniff.

Letting the hunt take over we parted ways; he to his grizzly and me to my mountain lion..

I closed my eyes and sniffed again; I took off towards the East. My steps were soundless as I berely made and indent in the ground where I stepped. I stalked my pray swiftly. I crouched low I was on all fours low to the ground. My unsuspecting prey was distracted tracking its own prey. I got closer then pounced.

Ah. The sweet nectar was like honey; the thick fluid drenched my throat quenching the thirst and easing the burn.

I caught the scent of a vampire and was immediately on alert. I swiftly disposed of the carcass and prepared myself for a possible fight.

The bronzed haired male from the school cafeteria came into the view. I gave a warning growl. He froze momentarily but then recovered and began to slowly step forward.

The next thing I know the other three are by his side. I hiss out a growl and crouch in a defensive stance. A few seconds later Emmette come flying from above me and lands a half a foot in front of me; my hand automatically goes to his as he reaches out for it. He lets out a fierce defensive growl.

Now what was once four vampires now were six.

A tall blonde male stepped forward cautiously with his hands raised in a peaceful we mean you no harm manner. He seemed to be the leader of this coven.

A trick for sure.I thought to Emmette. Any sign of attack, we're outta here. He ordered and I agreed.

"We mean you no harm." the blonde male said.

"My name is Carlisle and this is my family...my wife Esme (he pointed to a petite caramel haired woman, she smiled), my sons Jasper (the other blonde male) Edward ( the bronze haired male) and my daughters Alice ( the small pixie-like black haired female) and Rosalie (a stunning tall blonde female) he ended with a smile.

I straightened from my defensive stance, but Emmette remained the same.

"I am Isabella and this is Emmette." I said still holding his hand. It's ok Em.

He straightened from his stance to his full height after some hesitation. With the most intimidating serious expression plastered on his face he gave this Carlisle a curt nod.

"What do you want?" Emmette asked gruffly.

"Who are you?" Carlisle said with curiosity. "Forgive my bluntness...we have a permanent residence nearby; would you like to talk in a comfortable setting?" Carlisle offered.

"What do you think Bells, can we trust them?"

"I don't know; I am curious though; if there's an inkling of a doubt of danger I'll get us outta there."

I nodded to Carlisle and he turned to lead us to his home.

We came across a white three story home with large columns supporting the structure; a large garden was to the north of the home and another large structure stood almost as big as the home itself..the garage.

They entered and took their seats on the couches that were located about the room. Once they were situated they motioned to us to also have a seat. Emmette and I sat down on the love seat. Emmette's arm came around my shoulder protectively as he all but crushed me to his side.

The usual questions were asked..."Where are you from...Where have you lives....When were we turned...and the one that always takes the prize...Why is you hair and eyes the colors that they are."

I acted as the "mouth piece" for us and answered the questions as vaguely as possible.

After the question and answer session was over Esme offered to give us a tour of their home.

"You have a beautiful home." I complimented her. "Why thank you my dear." she said with genuine smile.

We were back at the living room where everyone was still seated.

"Well, thank you for showing us you lovely home; it was nice meeting you, but we must really be taking our leave." I said politely while Emmette nodded in confirmation.

I extended my hand to Carlisle and was immediately bombarded by visions of his memories from childhood to the change to the present. For every hand I took into mine this would happen. The last hand I shook was Jaspers'. I was assaulted with vile, cruel gory memories. I gasped and my body began to tremor...the pain was immense we both let out a howl in agony as Emmette desperately tried to separate our joined hands.


My body was now convulsing violently as I was pulled away from Jasper. I was in the iron grip of my bother's grasp. "What did you do to her?" he said fiercely.

"Nothing...I did...nothing." Jasper said in between gasps.

He looked down to me, worry and pain etched into every crevice of his face. Unable to speak I put my hand to his face Pain was the only word I could form coherently. My mind started to shut down to protect me and blackness slowly crept into my vision.

"Bella...stay with me." Emmette's voice echoed through my now foggy hearing.

I took my sister in my arms as I pried her away from Jasper. She was convulsing, I called to her but she couldn't speak. I put her hand on my cheek and one word Pain came to me along with the massive amount of pain she was feeling coursed through my body.

I looked at her again felt her mind start to shut me out. "Bella...stay with me." I pleaded with her. Then I saw the thing we feared most....the iridescent teal colored marks started to form on her wrists and forehead. I heard a gasp come from the Cullen coven and I took that as out cue to leave. I chanted a few ancient word and we vanished from their sight and were transported back to the clearing in the forest.

I was able to make it to the center of the clearing before I collasped with Bella in my arms. I held Bella to my chest protectively as I too donned the mark of the royals. I clasped my wrists together effectively locking them and put my forehead to hers and began to chant. I kept chanting until Bella came back to me.

I heard her gasp for breath as I held her to me tighter. She pulled back a bit "How bad?"

"The seal appeared...we're got away from them for now." he whispered.

"They saw." he said concerned.


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