Recap: We all headed out with Emmet in the lead Rosalie to his right and the rest of the family flanking him.

This was going to be interesting to say the least.

I only hope we can quickly kill the bastards who took Bella. But from the look in Emmet's eyes it seemed that wasn't going to happen.

Chapter 6

We followed Emmet as he zigged and zagged thru the forest. It seemed like we were running for quite some time before stopping at the foot of the mountain.

'She's here." he grunted barely turning to acknowledge us. "We should proceed with caution…" Emmet took off like a bullet. "Awe damn! Here we go!

I could no longer read his mind, but I could feel his raging anger. Anger which was currently being angled at the vampires who took his sister. Thank God. We followed him into the cavern that harnessed a series of smaller caves.

We followed his and Rosalie's scents. He was way ahead of her when we caught up with her. A few minutes later we heard a defining roar coming from the left side of the cave that broke off into a fork. Just as we reached the mouth of the cave we were struck with shock at what we saw.

Emmet had pretty much annihilated what looked like newborns. There more than a dozen at his feet. He was crouched defensively. We flanked him. There were four vampires surrounding Bella.

Bella was just standing there. I chanced a closer look at her. Her once deep hue of teal eyes had gone pure white like her hair. She seemed like she was in some kind of trance.


My mind was in complete chaos. The one thing I could concentrate on was getting to Bella. I tore into that cave and found the bastards holding her.

They had been busy creating newborns; which I now was destroying. The dozen or so they unleashed upon me were of no consequence to me. They lay dead at my feet.

Still crouched and ready to pounce I turned to the bastards that held her. I saw she deliberately put herself into a trace. In order to block them no doubt. I reached out to her with my mind.

Bella. Bella can you hear me.

Emmet! Emmet one of them has a talent that can…

I know I was just able to 'snap out of it'. It was horrible. I…we were back there…again.

Emmet I'm sorry.

I know, I'm here to rescue you.

Do you honestly think I couldn't get out of this mess myself?

I know you could have and can escape from these bastards. There's a reason why you stayed.

I'm sorry but I had to find out why they wanted us.

And, what did you find out?

Taking a mental breathe she told him what she found out.

I was able to scan their minds. They were ordered by the Volturi to capture us and deliver us to them. Apparently these guys have taken too long in the matter and now they are on their way here.

Rage was rolling off of Emmet in waves. He opened his mind to the others. He communicated to them what Bella just told him. The information being shared he stood from his defensive crouch.

"What do these Volturi want from us?" he directed his question to the blonde male at the front of the group. He saw surprise quickly make its way across his face. He just as quickly cleared it replacing it with a blank mask.

A knowing evil smirk turned his lips upwards. Choosing to ignore his question the blonde male grabbed Bella by her hair and yanked her towards him. "A step further and I will destroy her." A chorus of growls erupted from behind Emmet.

Emmet didn't bother with them, instead he turned his attention to his sister. "Bella really, have you not learned from what I've taught you. I mean how long has it been." he paused as if thinking.

"Well in your defense it has been quite a while since you or I have fought. Humph, must be losing your touch." he said with a mischievous grin that spread across his lips. He was egging her on purposely.

Bella's eyes went from pure white to raging teal in a matter of seconds. "Brother dear, don't forget it was me you learned from." she said icy lacing her words.

"Then stopp playing around and get your ass in gear so we can go home." he goaded some more. She could see what he was doing; with that she took her cue.

She closed her eyes and her body took on a glowing aura. Suddenly white whips that looked more like ropes erupted from her body. The glowing white rope-like tentacles wrapped around the other four vampires.

She extricated herself from the blonde vampire. The rope like tentacles seemed to fuse with three of the vampires and consumed them. They were ashes in a matter of seconds.

The last vampire was the one that had the special talent. Bella looked to him and gave him an icy glare. Without taking her gaze away from him she spoke to me. "Brother dear , this one is all yours." And with that she flung him across the cave. He landed at my feet.

I looked down at him. Being more prepared this time around, I made sure both mine and Bella's minds were protected. I stared down at the soon to be ash vampire; I saw a twinge of fear cross his eyes then smugness.

I knew he was trying to use his talent on me again. "Tsk, tsk, tsk." I tapped my head. I slowly crouched down to be at eye level with him. "If you think my sister was deadly, what does that say about me. You like to inflict pain on others with your talent don'tcha." I said gripping his neck with my hand. "How about a taste of your own medicine."

I took all mine and Bella's pain and doubled it and forced it back at him. His eyes became completely black there was no sclera showing; then they glazed over. I trapped him in the pain. It would be the last thing he knew before death.

We gathered all the newborn bodies I'd destroyed and burned them. The last to go was one I left in pain. After we were done I reunited with my sister.

We left the cave with its burning bodies and ash behind us and headed back to the Cullen house. There was much to discuss….these Volturi that were coming.

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Sclera: white part of the eye