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Why is the Earth here so dry?

Assassiness Rihana of the water... Assassin Ryver of the water...

Come hither

A pair of hedgehog twins, the girl blue and the boy a lighter blue, appeared infront of the wind spirit.

"What is it, master?" the eldest, Rihana, asked.

There is a man on the Kongo island. He is the patriarch.

"And his name?" the youngest, Ryver, said.


Kongo Bongo

"So what's on the agenda for today, m'lord?" The Torikage looked up and sighed.

"The usual, Koiyuki," he said. Koiyuki Totsukio nodded.

"Alright, sir."

He walked out only to come back in after a slight thudding noise.

"m-m'lord?" he stuttered. He walked in and didn't see the Torikage at his desk. He cautiously walked aroudn to where Cranky usually was and let out a most un-manly screech, running out the door.