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"Come on, Dread, you can take me!"

"No! Last time you broke my face!"

"It was an accident!"

"No it wasn't!"


"Dad asked you if it was an accident and you said that it wasn't because I stole something from you and we both wound up getting in trouble!"


At that voice, Wrinkly's eyes snapped open. She recognized it and sat up from where she'd been laying on the floor and looked around. It was a Japanese-styled room, probably even the house was like the ones in Japan.

"Seriously!" the familiar voice yelled. "Get on with it you two!"

Wrinkly stood up and followed the sound of the voices. She wound up in the doorway of what looked like a training room. Four men and a girl stood in there, two of the boys fighting. The girl seemed to enjoy it so she tried to jump in but the one with the white hair, the oldest of them all, grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the way.

"Not now, Lillyanne," he said. "You'll get your chance in a minute if Ninja and Dread don't tear each other apart."

The boy with the dread locks attempted a flying kick at the other guy but missed and went straight for the doorway. The oldest male grabbed him and flung him towards the opposite wall.

"K-Karate, what was that?" Wrinkly screamed, looking at the white-haired guy.

"Sorry, Inari," he said. "My oldest kids, Ninja and Dread, were having a rematch. Last time they fought Ninja broke Dread's face." He pointed to the boy with the dread locks that had been thrown into the wall. Scars littered his face. "Dread's the one that almost rammed into you."

"I-I'm sorry," the dread-locked boy, apparently Dread, stammered. "I didn't see you behind Ninja." Wrinkly nodded in understanding.


"OK, so um..." Karate started, thinking. "Inari, that's Dread, that's Ninja, that's Sumo, and this is Lillyanne, my only daughter." He looked at his kids. "This is an old friend... and previous crush."

'Oh god he had to bring that up,' Wrinkly thought, her face turning red. The four kids looked at her and a deadly look came over Lillyanne's face.

"So it was you," the teenager snarled. "You're the girl who hurt our father all those years ago."

"Lillyanne Renee, drop it." Lillyanne looked at her father when she heard his voice.


"It's all history now," Karate said. "It was over thirty years ago."

There was a long silence in the room. He spoke again.

"Kids, you know the routine. Do it pronto." The four nodded and filed out. Karate looked at Wrinkly. "I'm sorry about my daughter. She's too much to handle."

"It's OK," Wrinkly said. "I'm used to that kind of stuff. How long was I out?"

"Since 11:30 last night."

"What time is it now?"

"11:45 P. M." Wrinkly's eyes widenened.

"And those four are just now going to bed? How old are they?"

"You don't seem to be worried that you were out for a little over twenty-four hours," Karate said, laughing. "But the boys are between seventeen and twenty-two years of age and Lillyanne is almost sixteen. There's no school in the Fruit Kingdoms but those four are still very intelligent."

"But-" Wrinkly was cut off by a loud grumbling noise. Karate laughed harder as her face turned red and she slipped her hands on to her stomach.

"Seems to me like someone's hungry." He took her hand, his face slightly red as well. "Come with me. I'll get you something to eat."


"Oh come on," Karate said when Wrinkly drew her hand back towards her once more, the limb going back into the sleeve of the martial artist's button-up shirt. Carefully and slowly he rolled up the sleeves. "Stupid thing's bigger than you are. And just eat, it's not poisonous."

"Who made it?" Wrinkly asked.

"Hey, I've always been a far better cook than Senior."

More silence.

"I'm sorry," Karate said. Wrinkly grabbed one of the ridiculously over-sized rice balls and munched on it. He looked down. "I just heard about what happened. Despite all that occured all those years ago, he was like a brother."

Even more silence.

"He never forgave himself." Karate looked at Wrinkly. "Senior. For months afterwards, I'd catch him in his office at home crying his eyes out." She sighed. "You know why he did what he did, don't you? He didn't want you to rot in jail or face execution. Banishment was what he chose to protect you. He told me right after you were sentenced that if he ever saw you again after you left, he would try to make things right." She took his hand. "For the next two years, I have control of the island. I say what goes and what doesn't."

"Why are you telling me that?" Karate asked.

"Because I'm going to do what he never could."