A/N: Requested by forthrightly on Livejournal, drabble post 9/28/09.

Prompt: restraint

Disclaimer: I don't own the original work this is derived from. This work is complete, and its brevity is intentional.



through the wind


There are good days, sometimes.

But there are also days like this, when Soubi feels as if he ought to tie himself to the sky to stop gravity from breaking him against the ground, when reaching out and touching when he shouldn't seems like the only possible thing to do, when his restraint falters and his eyes go dark.

On those days, the only chains strong enough to hold him up are words from Ritsuka's mouth, words telling him to fight, or to stop, or to do anything at all other than letting go. Words, to direct him away and ever upwards.

His greatest fear and greatest hope is that someday, he will catch Ritsuka completely speechless, and they'll both fall through the wind together.