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Syrus looked at his science fair project. It was a concoction that he had found online. It was supposed to shrink people.

He looked at the green mixture and took a sip, then checked to see if he would shrink.

"You must pour on head. The mixture will go into the hair follicles."

Syrus carefully poured the mixture into a bottle. If it works by hair follicles, then do bald people shrink? "Guess I won't be shrinking!" he said to himself. "So who should I shrink?" Syrus thought long and hard about this new mystery. He wanted it to be someone that no one would miss or look for.

Then it hit him. He knew the perfect person to shrink! Syrus smiled evilly. (Is it just me or has that stuff made Sy a little crazy!)

Syrus ran to the dorm and room he often slept in. Thank God. Jay isn't here, he thought. He looked over and saw his tager sitting in a chair, reading a Victoria's Secret catalog.

Syrus hid the shrinking mixture behind his back and pushed the catalog down so Hasselberry could see his face.

"What you want?" Hasselberry asked rudely.

Syrus gave Hasselberry his famous puppy-dog eyes. "Could you help me with my science project?

Hasselberry gave in. "Sure. What is it? Something that'll help you grow?" He chuckled.

Oh, I'm going to enjoy this,Syrus thought. "Okay, thanks! I need you to sit," Syrus said, getting Hasselberry to do so. He poured a drop of the mixture on Hasselberry's head and. sure enough, Hasselberry began to shrink. "Wow, it worked!"

"W-what in tarnations did you do to me?!" Hasselberry yelled.

"I shrunk you, dumbass!" Syrus laughed.

'Well, un-shrink me!" Hasselberry ordered.

"No, I have a better idea," Syrus replied, smiling wickedly.

"I don't like that look in your eye, Truesdale." Hasselberry shivered as he heard Syrus' stomach growl. Syrus picked the retard hillbilly up. "No, stop! Don't! What are-" Hasselberry screamed as Syrus dropped him into his mouth. And sure enough- Gulp!

"Huh...Where am I?" Hasselberry asked from a dark place.

"Well, you're in my stomach!" Syrus said as he rubbed his full tummy.

"Ah!" Hasselberry screamed like a little girl from inside Syrus. "Syrus, let me out!" he cried as he looked down, only to see his boots dissolving in stomach acid.

"No thanks! I'm full!"

"I bet you are. I'm sure I'm pretty filling." Hasselberry punched the wall of Syrus' stomach.

"That tickles," Syrus giggled.

"Syrus, really, let me out!" Hasselberry cried. "You're digesting me!"

"That's it!" Syrus screamed as he punched his stomach.

Later that night...

"Sy, have you seen Hasselberry?" Jaden asked a half-asleep Syrus.

"No, haven't seen him."

"Well, if you do, tell him to flush the toilet." Jaden left the room.

Syrus rolled over on his back. "So who's Jaden's best friend?" Syrus asked his belly.

"You are! Now, please, let me out," Hasselberry pleaded.

"Don't worry, Hasselberry. Ypu'll be moving out of my stomach soon, " Syrus said. "Only in a oainfully slow process." He smirked.

"What?!" Hasselberry cried. "Syrus! Syrus! Syrus!"

Syrus had fallen asleep.