A/N- This is my second story and I'm happy to say it's my first Edward and Bella story.

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1. The past

I woke up with my alarm clock screaming that irritating beeping noise, 5.00am flashed on the screen another day at Forks High school, another day of name calling and being pushed around, great!

I got up showered and got dressed, I wore my favorite baggy jeans and band T-shirt and made my way downstairs, I made a pop tart and went out to my truck and started my drive to school.

When I arrived at school I noticed the only parking space was next to a shiny silver Volvo, the very same Volvo which I would love to scratch and destroy.

I made my way to biology only to be tripped on the way by none other than the shiny Volvos owner Edward Cullen "you want to watch where your going Swan" he sneered at me.

I stood up and walked away, when I got into biology I walked to my table which happened to be at the back on my own, I loved having my table to myself I was pulled out of that thought when Edward Cullen walked into the room and handed Mr. Banner a slip after which he was pointed to the only seat available, it just happened to be next to me.

He smirked as he took the seat "well isn't this a pleasant surprise Swan, did you set this up so I would have to sit next to you or is it just your lucky day?" he sneered "yes Cullen I came in early just to make sure the only seat left was next to me because I just love your humour and enjoy having an intelligent conversation with you" I snapped back.

"it's ok Swan you don't have to admit it I know you want me" he whispered as he stroked my leg, I grabbed his hand and threw it off my leg "don't you dare touch me ever again" I practically yelled as I stormed out of the class ignored the shouting teacher on my way out, but not before I hear Cullen chuckling at the back of the class quietly.

I went to the girls bathroom and cried, then I heard two people walk in, I stood up and walked out of the stall only to be met by Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory "well, well, well what do we have here Isabella Swan looking ugly as usual" Lauren said as she walked towards me "I heard you had a breakdown in class I knew it would only be a matter of time before you went completely crazy"
"fuck you, I am not crazy you're the one screaming at people in bathrooms" I screamed back, receiving a rough, hard slap across the face, "don't you dare speak to me like that again you got it I own this school Swan and you will respect me" he shouted as she walked out of the bathroom with Jessica on her flanks.

Lunch came all too quickly I walked into the cafeteria and found my usual table next to Angela "hey Angie, how was your day" "good my day was good, oh my god Bella what happened to your face!"

"My face? Oh Lauren Mallory slapped me in the bathroom for, and I quote 'not respecting her' no big deal" something hit my back I turned and saw the 'popular' kids laughing "Angie what did they throw at me this time?" "Meatball I think, yep defiantly meatball" she said whilst inspecting my back, I got up said goodbye to Angela put my jacket on and went to gym.

Half way through Gym someone tapped me on the shoulder I turned around to see none other than Edward Cullen "listen Bella I know I've been a prick for years but the thing is I really like you I have for ages I just didn't know how to say it to you, would you go on a date with me tonight?" was he kidding? This has to be a joke "very funny Cullen" "no Bella I'm serious I really do like you let me prove it I will pick you up tonight I will see you then" with that he walked away leaving me dumbfounded.

I was getting ready later on still deciding whether this was real, I mean Edward Cullen can't like me I am Bella Swan, I stood and looked at myself in the mirror and to say I didn't like what I saw was an understatement.

I was chubby, I had so many spots you could do dot to dot on my face, my hair was long and kind of greasy at times I have no curves I was just pretty much a blob and I wore baggy clothes.

Just then my cell phone rang I didn't recognize caller ID "hello?" "Hey Bella I will be there in a second come on outside" "ok I'll be right there".

So he was here it wasn't a joke I made my way outside and as I did his car pulled up and the passenger window wound down and there sat Lauren Mallory next to Edward laughing she pulled out a camera and took a picture of me "ha oh my god Swan you seriously thought He was going to take you out you, your fat and ugly, he's taking me out right Edward" "that's right baby" then he kissed her and drove away.

I just stood there crushed and heartbroken how could anyone be so cruel so right then at that moment I made a decision I would go to my mums for six months and I would come back a completely different person and I would show them all for ever upsetting me, I will make them regret this day especially Edward Cullen.

"Bella you can't just leave what about school? What about your studies?" my dad was trying to make me see sense but I knew deep down he thought I was leaving for good just like my mother "dad I'll be back in six months I promise I will go to school in phoenix for the time being and when I come back I will go to school here again I promise" "ok Bella but promise to call me when you get there" "yes I promise dad and I love you"

I arrived in phoenix hours later and was greeted by my mother and Phil my mums husband "hey sweetie are you really sure you want to change I think you are beautiful just the way you look" "I'm sure mum I need to do this for me" and with that we left and I left the old Bella Swan behind and was ready to start with new Bella.

Phil was a pro baseball player so money wasn't an problem first I started with my weight me and Renee started going to the gym 5 times a week and soon the weight started to drop off I did boxing and yoga, secondly we had appointments to sort out my spots they were mostly gone in a couple of weeks and my skin looked really nice, I started to wear skinny jeans and tighter T-shirts but they were all band t-shirts mostly, my curves started to come out more with all the working out my curves became more obvious, I dyed my hair a mahogany color and put red streaks into it, I was officially stunning and I had a lot of confident.

Before I knew it the six months were over and I was landing in Port Angeles air port.