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3. Revenge is sweet

I walked out of the cafeteria determined to get revenge after I found out not only did they humiliate me they decided that everyone should know about it by passing out the photograph!


As I made my way to Gym I noticed Cullen staring at me with lust filled eyes which gave me the best idea for my plan I was going to do the same thing he did to me to him, a taste of his own medicine so to speak.

After gym I was walking to my car when I noticed Edward standing next to his
time to put my plan in motion! I thought to myself

"Hey Edward I think we got off on the wrong foot maybe I could make it up to you, maybe dinner tonight?"

To say he looked shocked was an understatement, but then he smiled a cocky arrogant smirk and said "yes, sounds great I'll pick you up around seven text me your address and I'll be there, later Isabella" and with that he drove away looking very sure of himself

Later that night I texted him my address and I wondered if he remembered it from our last 'date' and realized who I was, that thought went away as quickly as it came when he texted me back.

Ok, I'll see you at seven Isabella
I can't wait
E x

I can't wait either

It was five thirty and my best friend Jake had come round to help me with my plan of course he wanted to get Cullen back as much as I did but I think he also had a flame for me after all these years of friendship.

It was now seven o clock and right on cue there was a horn outside so Jake and I walked onto the porch and put the plan to work.

Edward rolled down the passenger window
it was just like déjà vu
"Hey Bella are you ready to go?"

"Why would she go out with you Cullen when she can go out with me" and with that he took Edwards picture, realization flooded Edwards face and he looked at me really for the first time.

He recognized me

He looked pissed as he drove away

Tomorrow was going to be interesting

The next day came all too quickly, I was tired but pleased with myself but I couldn't help feeling guilty about what I did

You're just as bad as them

No I am not they did it for the sake of it I did it for revenge

And that makes it any better?!?

I shook the thought out of my head and got dressed

I wore my leather pants with a blood red T-shirt that said bite me across it, my leather jacket and black stilettos.

I drove to school, parked in my normal spot and walked to biology.

When I got into class Cullen was already sat there which surprised me he was usually the last one in trying to act cool I suppose.
I took my seat and pulled all of my books out and waited for class to start.

"So it's really you then? The geeky Bella swan? Back for revenge"

"Yes it is really me, do I look geeky to you and I got my revenge asshole"

"Listen Bella I'm sorry for what I did it was cruel and mean and I felt so bad when I found out you left, I didn't think it would hurt you that much it was just a joke"

"A joke I didn't find it funny at all, but I do have to say thank you if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have decided to change and become more confident like I am now and to be honest, I don't need your apologies because I am better than you so please don't talk to me, don't try and be friendly, don't even look at me pretend I don't exist like you did when you wasn't picking on me"

"I am sorry Bella and I'm going to do everything in my power to make you forgive me, everything and anything" and with that the bell rang and he left the room.

Shit I was so caught up I missed a whole lesson, and what did he mean by anything? Now I feel kind of nervous!