So Tiny Kong has found out that Bowser and Bowser Jr. caused the accident and costed the innocent lives of 21 people. What will happen now?


"Dad! You are the most awesome Koopa ever!!" Wendy cheered.

"I can't believe that you actually killed all of them! The day has actually come!" Lemmy cheered as well.

"Haha, yes yes!" Bowser laughed. "This is why you should never EVER mess with King Bowser, baby!"

"Let's celebrate by having a Pizza party." Morton suggested.

"I better not pay for it this time, then!" Roy said.

But suddenly there was a huge bang on the front door and it was slammed.

"FREEZE!! PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!!!" Screamed the police fiercely.

"What the hell!?" Lemmy shrieked.

"Oh no...I think they found out..." Ludwig whispered.

"Do not make any sudden movements!" Yelled the polce again.

"Watch this!" Bowser yelled as he was about to unleash his fire breath attack, but the police tased him before he could even do it.

"HEY!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" Iggy screamed.

"DO NOT MAKE ANY SUDDEN MOVEMENTS OR YOU WILL BE TASED!!!" Screamed the police men again. "YOU!! COME WITH US!!" They pointed to Bowser Jr.

"What!? No!! Get away from me!!!!!!!!" Bowser Jr. screamed but they caught him and took him away and they carried Bowser away as well.

"Don't tell me....they found out that Bowser caused the accident..." Morton said.

"Well, it's obvious now!" Wendy said.


"Bowser, you have been proven guilty of causing the deaths of 21 innocent people and you, and your son have been sent to prison for life." Said The Judge.

Bowser and his son remained quiet with their heads looking down. The bayliff got them up and took them out of the room...but Bowser looked up for a split second and saw Tiny Kong in the jury with a smirk on her face.

"YOU!!" Bowser yelled, but that's all he said before he was out of the room.

A week Later:

"Do you guys have everything packed?" Said Larry in a depressed voice.

"Yes..." They all said in a quiet voice.

"It just freakin sucks that we have to live like this for the rest of our lives knowing that we can never see our father outside of...jail." Iggy said.

"I know, but we'll have to deal with it one way or another." Wendy said.

"Let's just go..." Roy gestured.

The 7 koops went outside, but Ludwig spotted a letter in the mailbox.

"Oh, we got mail!" Ludwig said and he got it out, tore it open and it read:




"What the..." Roy said in shock.

"That little...BITCH!!!" Lemmy said in anger. "How dare she do that to the infamous King Bowser!?"

"Of course, you know what this means right? We HAVE to kill her to avenge our fathers life sentence!" Morton yelled.

"Wendy, what "death" weapons do we have in the house?" Roy asked.

"Well...believe it or not, we only have the butcher knives." Wendy answered.

"Well, it's better than nothing. Tiny will know what goes around REALLY comes around..." Iggy said.


"I did the right deed and I have no regrets whatsoever!" Tiny said to herself. She was sitting on her couch in the living room of her condo.

" still sucks that I'll never see my friends again..." She said a tear slowly dripped from her eyes. "IT'S NOT FAIR!!" Tiny screamed.

-Knock Knock-

"Oh...come in!" She said as she got up.

The door slammed open.

"Alright you little bitch! It's time for pay- OH!!!" Roy shrieked as an axe slammed down in to his chest. It was an obvious trap set by Tiny.

"OH MY GOD, ROY!!!!" Lemmy cried.

"Ha, you think I would be this stupid!?" Tiny said with a smirk.

"I AM GONNA FUCKING-" Morton started to say, but his words were cut off by a bullet to the head, shot by none other than Tiny.

"FUCK YOU!!!!" Ludwig yelled as he jumped in the air and rammed in to Tiny which made her drop her gun.

They both started to struggle with each other a lot, but Tiny kicked Ludwig "where it hurts" and pushed him over, grabbed his knife, and stabbed him in the eye.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOODDD!!!!" He screamed, very high pitched.

"Take this!" Iggy whispered, quietly running up to Tiny, but Tiny was more than smart enough to see that coming. She quickly grabbed the knife from Ludwig's eye and immediately stabbed Iggy in the chest right before he was gonna stab her.

"OH!!!!" Iggy screamed as Tiny pushed the knife deeper in to his chest and blood spurted out, a lot. He dropped to the ground, lifeless.

"GAH!!!!" Larry yelled as he swung the axe, from the door, right at her, but she ducked at the right time. Larry swung it down vertically, but Tiny stopped it in her hands and kicked him away from it.

She then repeatedly started to smash the axe in to his head, with blood and guts squirting out everywhere. Tiny topped doing that when she saw parts of his brain ooze out.

"Uhhhh...RUN!" Lemmy yelled as him and Wendy were the only ones left alive.

"COME BACK HERE AND FIGHT LIKE REAL KOOPAS!!!!" Tiny screamed as she was chasing after them.

"I never knew that she was that tough!" Lemmy shrieked.

"Oh!" Wendy shrieked as she fell down to the ground. She looked behind her and saw Tiny, getting closer by the second.

"LEMMY, PLEASE WAIT!! I-" Wendy was then cut off by having the axe swung right at the side of her neck, and out the other. Her head was flung many feet away.

Lemmy looked behind him, and saw another gruesome death site which resulted in him crying even more. He tried to run even faster now. Unfortunately, Tiny was way faster than him so she was about 5 feet behind him within seconds.

"GET AWAY FROM ME YOU KILLER!!!!!" Lemmy screamed as he unfortunately tripped over.

Tiny stopped and stared at him.

"You''re I'M the killer..." Tiny quietly said. But her plain face soon turned in to an evil smirk. She slammed the axe down hard on Lemmy's head, which cracked it open.

" I'm the killer...........heheh....." Tiny said to herself as she dropped the axe. She had a weird grin on her face and slowly walked back to her condo/cabana.

Yep. Just a simple and quick chappy. Nothing special, but it's something.


So basically neither good nor evil side won as Tiny became mentally insane after the mass murders. She dumped the bodies in a nearby ocean and vowed never to speak of the words "Bowser" or "Koopa Kids" again. A year later, she was sent to the Mental Clinic/Hospital for believe that she was a ghost channeler of some sort. Weird, huh?