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During the search for Voldemort's Horcruxes, Harry received a lead that a horcrux was being kept in a vault in Gringotts Bank. Deciding that he had no other choice, Harry decided to go to the goblin ran bank and see if the goblins would help him dispose of it. As he walked in, Harry spotted Griphook, the first goblin he had ever met, so he called to him.

"Griphook!!" Hearing his name, he spun around and noticed that it was a customer that he helped long ago. His face shows great surprise that a wizard of the boy who lived status would remember him when most if not all witches and wizards thought themselves above the goblins.

"Mr. Potter, what can I help you with today?" asked Griphook.

"I need to talk to the Goblin in charge because I need his help. Would you be able to help me out with that?"

Griphook's response is troubling for the teen. "The manager will only see heads of families and heads of businesses. Do you fit that description?"

With a frown Harry answers "No."

Griphook seen the look and started thinking if there was something he could do for him since this wizard never treated any goblin bad and seemed to be a genuinely nice person. Suddenly he got an idea. "Mr. Potter, there might be something we can do, please follow me."

Griphook led him thru the back corridors of the bank where the corridors were a virtual maze. While they were walking Harry asked, "Griphook, where is it that you are leading me?"

He answered, "Mr. Potter, I'm leading to your family accountant where all things regarding you and your family's business is handled. Here there is a test to see if there is anything can be done for you."

Nodding his accent, Harry continues to follow Griphook. After walking what seemed like an hour but was only twenty minutes, they reached a door that said:


Potter Family Accountant

Griphook knocked and entered. He returned several minutes later and motioned for Harry to enter. Griphook left, slightly bowing his head in Harry's direction. IronJaw motioned for the teen to take a seat "Ah, Mr. Potter, I was wondering I going to be able to get in contact with you. As I understand it, Albus Dumbledore was your magical guardian, and since he has passed away, the subject of your legal status has been raised. So we have that to discuss as well to whatever you need to speak about as well."

"What do you mean my legal status? The only thing we need to discuss is concerning an object here in the bank that is key to defeating Voldemort." Harry said.

IronJaw's eyes grew wide and took a sudden large breath. "Well since Dumbledore has passed away and he was your magical guardian, it was up to the ministry to appoint a new one to you. If they fail to do that within three months, you are legally eligible to be emancipated. The law is ancient and hardly well known but since Griphook speaks so highly of you and your family is one of the banks largest account holders, we have no problem of sharing this with you. Would you like to complete this ritual and become your own person?"

Harry's eyes grew wide. How did the goblins know so much about him to be able to tell that his life was so full of manipulations, half truths, and mis-directions. It took all of five seconds after that thought to answer with a resounding "YES!!"

"Ok Mr. Potter, the ritual you are about to complete will make you an adult in both the magical and muggle worlds. It will also tell us what vaults you have. What you must do is simple; you must sign this emancipation declaration with this blood quill. Then you must put the parchment in this bowl," IronJaw pulls a intricate golden bowl from a drawer, "and you must cut yourself and cover the entire thing in blood. Once that happens, the blood will catch fire and be come one with the parchment so that it can't be used in any other rituals. On the back of the parchment all the vaults will be listed for both you father and mother's sides, do you understand?"

"Yes sir I do, even though I'm not to happy about the blood quill but I'll be alright. Let's do it." said Harry.

As Harry signs the declaration, IronJaw pulled out an ornate dagger with a wickedly sharp point on it; Harry put the parchment in the bowl and took the dagger from the goblin's hand. Harry looked at the dagger, took a deep breath and sliced his palm. He let the blood pool in his hand before held it over the bowl and began to cover the entire parchment.

Once the paper was covered in blood, the paper flashed white. The next thing that anyone saw was the paper caught up in white flames. When IronJaw saw the white flames, he fell out of his chair in surprise. Once the flames disappeared, the parchment was floating above the desk surrounded in brilliant white flames.

The only thing that could be heard was IronJaw muttering to himself, "But, but…How can…Too to soon…Why…" Harry just looked at him like he was crazy. IronJaw rushed from the room without a backwards glance to the Harry.

All of a few minutes, the office door burst open and in walked six of the meanest looking goblins Harry had ever seen.

Behind them came a goblin dressed in golden armor with jewels in intricate patterns. This goblins aura reeked of a power that demanded respect. IronJaw followed this goblin in, in complete subservience.

The goblin spoke in a deep raspy voice that demanded ones attention.

"A pleasure to meet you Mr. Potter; my name is Ragnok, manager and chief of the goblin nation. It has come to my attention that you need a favor; something of great importance was discovered during your emancipation ritual. Now what is this favor you need?"

"Thank you for speaking with me. I have discovered that there is an object in the bank that we need in order to kill Voldemort for good. There is a ritual that can split a person's soul and store it in an object. This is known as a…"

Ragnok interrupted him with an angry shout, "Are you saying that there is a Horcrux in these hollowed halls!!"

Harry continued on, "Yes sir. Within Bellatrix Lestrange's vault is the cup that once belonged to Helga Hufflepuff. We need to destroy the Horcrux so that we can be one step closer to killing Voldemort. We have no need for the cup so you can keep it we just want to destroy the soul."

Ragnok was visibly shaking with fury. If looks could kill everyone would be dead. Finally after reigning in his anger, Ragnok spoke through clenched teeth. "I don't even want to know how you came across this information but rest assured that this abomination will be dealt with before you leave the bank."

Ragnok looked at IronJaw and gave a small nod. Seeing the nod IronJaw left the office with a sinister look on his face. With IronJaw gone, Ragnok turned to Harry and said, "It is being destroyed as we speak, now about the ritual you have just underwent.

"Now Mr. Potter, we goblins knew that this day would come but thought that it would happen years down the road. But I am getting ahead of myself. Look at this parchment and tell me what you think of it." Ragnok made a gesture towards the floating object, which Harry turned to look at.

Harry took the parchment and was shocked at the tingle that resonated throughout his body. As he studied the parchment, he noticed that there was more than one name on the parchment and was shocked since he was only expecting one.

From Father

Potter #30

Gryffindor #5

Myrddin #2

From Mother

Evans #75

Le Fay #3

From Other

Slytherin #6

Black #35

Alterran #1

After reading this Harry promptly fainted. The next thing he realized, he was awakened by something that tasted worse than skelegrow. He heard someone clearing their throat and turned to see Ragnok smirking at him with an empty vial in his hand.

As Harry stood up, Ragnok started to speak. "My apologies Mr. Potter for startling you awake with the potion, but we need to keep you awake since we have a lot to discuss. The potion will allow that and has the side affecte of waking a person up due to the taste, now if you would please take a seat."

Harry took his seat and asked, "Can you please explain all this; I mean I can't possibly be in charge of all these vaults/families. I mean I'm just Harry, how can this happen? Why wasn't I told about this beforehand? Is this some kind of joke?"

Ragnok smiles and says, "Well like I said we knew the day would come that someone would be coming to claim the Myrddin and Le Fay Vaults at the same time and when that happened, the Alterran Vault would be theirs as well, we just didn't expect it so soon or that it would be you. That's why the parchment had flashed white. As for the others, you either the blood heir, as is the case of the Potter, Gryffindor, Myrddin, Evans, and Le Fay Family Vaults, or you are the heir thanks to a will, as is the case of the Black Family Vault thanks to Mr. Sirius Black's will. Now the Slytherin vault is yours due to the nature of what happened the night you lost your parents. Are you with me so far?"

Harry shook his head in confirmation so Ragnok continued on. "Now as to why no one told you is simple really, its something your magical guardian should have told you." Harry's head snapped up at this and was visibly angry. This is just another thing to add to the list that Dumbledore should have told him. After a few calming breaths he nodded for Ragnok to continue.

"As for your last question; no, this is not a joke and it is a matter of utmost importance. What I'm about to tell you will change your life forever and will also change the world as you and everyone else knows it. Since you are now legally an adult and can visit all the vaults in your possession. Would you like to go to one that will answer all of your questions as well as receive your birthright?"

Since he was brimming with curiosity, Harry responded was a quick and decisive shake of the head yes.

Ragnok led Harry out of the office and back thru the twisting and turning corridors that make up the bank. After several minutes of walking Harry saw what looks to be an entrance to the carts that led to the vaults. As they got closer, he saw that it is just a cavernous room with bare walls and dim lighting. In the center there appear to be a set of rings in the floor.

"This, Mr. Potter is how we get to the oldest vault Gringotts has. It was entrusted to us for safe keeping long-long ago and is actually how we got into the banking business. Who knew that it would be so profitable?"

"I don't get it sir; there is nothing in this room. Are we apparating or taking a portkey? I thought you couldn't do that here in Gringotts because of the wards?"

"We will be doing none of those things Mr. Potter. If you could, please step into the center of the rings and we will get to where we need to go."

With a little trepidation Harry step into the center of the rings with Ragnok right beside him. Before he could ask what happens next, Harry heard a woosh for the four rings that surround him from head to toe. Next thing Harry knew he is in a different room of gigantic proportions, if you can even call it a room.

"This can't be right…This place looks to be completely muggle." the room is filled with science fictional devices and machines and the biggest shock of all was on the far side of the gigantic room were some windows and thru the windows was the most magnificent city Harry has ever seen. It was in the shape of a snowflake with tall spires gleaming in the light that was somehow getting thru to shine on the city. Harry had never seen anything so beautiful in his life and something deep inside of him rumbled with happiness and only one word left his lips, "HOME."

"Now Mr. Potter, the next step you must do is to step up on this platform."

"Ragnok what does this do? And why is chilly in here?"

"You Mr. Potter are a full blooded altering but unfortunately the genes that make you that are dormant and they must be activated, that's what this machine does and is set up to do this automatically, at least that's what the instructions says should happen. Its chilly here because we are actually in Antarctica."

With his mouth hanging open all Harry can do is to nod his head and step up on the machine. Even though he doesn't know what genes are he figures he's come to far to quit now.

As soon as he stepped on it, the machine came to life and after several seconds an image appeared in front of him of what he guessed were his genes; pieces of the image that were a dark color changed and lit up. This happened to more and more of his 'genes', after several minutes of this there was another flash of a bright white light, but the light doesn't disappear for several minutes. When the light finally disappears Harry and Ragnok can only gasp.

Harry had changed. When he woke up that morning, he was a measly 5'6" and scrawny, now he stood at 5'11" with a build of an athlete.