SPOILERS for Reunion.

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Tony realizes something about himself as Ziva returns to her place on the team.


He didn't realize he'd been holding his breath; been holding it for a long time. Months he'd been holding his breath. How was he still alive? Then as he watched her walk toward them, carrying a potted plant with her hair down and curly and wearing a girly blouse instead of a t-shirt, he realized he hadn't really been alive only faking it like so many other things in his life.

She looked at him and Tim and raised her eyebrow, a twinkle in her eye and gave a slight, patented Ziva smile. The first one he'd seen in a long, long time, almost forever. She sat down at her desk and powered up her computer.

Without a word Tony crossed to his own workstation. Sitting down he couldn't keep from staring at her. She was there. She was really there, working. The memories from when he'd believed he'd never see her again began to recede a little. She looked up at him and smiled again. That's when he took a deep breath and life began anew as he picked up the phone and began to dial.