Part Three: Purge

Jill aimed her handgun, glaring at Wesker. Immediately, she fired three shots. The bullets were dodged easily with Wesker's speed. As Wesker dodged the bullets, Sheva tossed the syringe to Chris. Chris caught it easily, and yelled for Sheva to stay back. There was no way the African beauty could fight with her wounds. He turned just in time to see Wesker rush for Jill.

"Jill!" he yelled, reloading his weapon quickly.

Jill looked like a natural as she did a backwards somersault to avoid Wesker's lethal hands. As soon as she was face up, she was firing more bullets at her enemy. Wesker evaded as a blur of moment, suddenly reappearing behind her and thrusting his palm into her lower back. The force made her fly several feet until she crashed onto the cement floor. Chris was next in line as he took on Wesker. Each blast of his handgun echoed around the hangar. They were merely a waste. Chris watched as Wesker dodged, only to reappear right in front of him.

Chris's instincts kicked in, and he quickly ducked to miss the swing of Wesker's fist. On reflex, Chris gave a roundhouse kick to strike Wesker hard in the side. His nemesis only caught his foot and sent him flying like Jill. Chris almost lost his gun when he crashed and rolled.

Jill recovered enough to throw a knife at Wesker, hoping the blade would strike Wesker and distract him. Wesker threw up his hand, letting the blade strike his palm and become stuck. Jill didn't stop, she ran for him, aiming her gun. Wesker smirked to himself, tearing the knife from his gloved palm and throwing it aside.

He evaded each of her bullets, coming around and grabbing her by the throat. Wesker immediately brought up his free hand to thrust it through her chest, but he got shot twice. It distracted Wesker long enough for Jill to kick up her leg and strike him good in the throat. Wesker let her go, and Jill landed on her feet. Chris suddenly grabbed Wesker from behind, trying to restrain him so Jill could inject him. The serum fell to the floor as Chris fought Wesker.

"Do it, Jill!" Chris called.

Just as Jill dove for the syringe, Wesker elbowed Chris hard in the ribs, quickly flipping him over to slam him on the floor. He leaped back several meters with ease, creating distance between him and his former S.T.A.R.S members.

"Your pitiful attempts to stop me are amusing. Do you actually think that you will prevail?" Wesker scoffed, fixing the cuffs of his trench coat.

"I know we will!" Jill barked before Chris could say anything.

"Is that so? Such faith you have."

Chris saw a loaded RPG not too far from him. The weapon was lying up against a terminal that controlled the lights of the hangar. Chris clenched his jaw, glancing from Jill to Wesker and back to Sheva. Sheva was scooting herself along somewhere, and Chris hoped she wasn't up to something that could get herself killed. He went for it, rushing for the RPG just as Jill started shooting once again. He grabbed the rocket launcher, aiming it at Wesker just as he reappeared several feet from Jill. The weapon hissed loudly as he pulled the trigger. The missile flew straight for Wesker, but the tyrant was one step ahead. Chris, Jill, and Sheva watched in horror as Wesker caught the missile and quickly tossed it aside. The missile exploded upon impact to the ground, creating a small crater and several cracks along the cement.

"Dammit!" Chris cursed, dropping the RPG to rejoin Jill at her side.

Wesker chuckled darkly, straightening his sunglasses with a smug smile. "Nice try, Chris."

The former S.T.A.R.S captain suddenly rushed at Chris. Chris felt sever pain strike his throat as Wesker grabbed him and dangled him up in the air. Jill tried to come in and help, but Wesker easily kicked her several feet into another terminal.

"I am going to let Jill watch you die by my hands," Wesker growled, tightening his hold on Chris's throat.

A loud, thunderous shot rang out, much louder than a regular handgun's. Chris was glaring down at Wesker, only to see his nemesis's head burst in blood. The spray went all over Chris, and he was immediately let go. The shock made Chris fall onto his butt instead of landing on his feet. Wesker yelled out in pain, and it was then that Chris noticed the huge cavity in Wesker's skull. He looked over in surprise, seeing Sheva still aiming the heavy PSG-1. The sniper rifle was built to deal devastating blows. It was too bad that it failed to blow Wesker's head completely off.

"Way to go, Sheva!" Jill shouted, running over.

Wesker was still yelling out in pain, stumbling about as the bullet hole in his head tried to heal. Chris saw this, and knew that they had to act fast while he was down. Jill knew this too, running directly past him to head for Wesker. Chris ran over, grabbing Wesker hard from behind just as the cavity was healing. Even though Wesker was still in shock, he tried to struggle with Chris. Jill wasted no time. She stabbed the syringe into Wesker's neck with force. The serum slipped into his veins

This made Wesker go into a berserk-like mode. Yelling out, he grabbed Chris and slammed him into Jill where the two of them crashed to the floor together. Wesker tried to run away, but the serum had already started to poison him. He slowed to a stop, gripping his head in pain. Chris and Jill got to their feet, helping each other in the process. They got their weapons ready and got in front of Wesker.

"Is it working?!" Sheva called behind them.

"Yes!" Jill cried, her tone filling with relief.

Hearing her relief made Chris feel relieved as well. Wesker's horrible cries of agony may have been the most painful sounds to hear, but it also seemed to comfort Chris at the same time. Suddenly, Wesker tore off his sunglasses, tossing them aside. They noticed that Wesker's veins were pushing to the surface on some areas, and his eyes were glowing dangerously. He glared up at the two of them like an animal that was cornered.

"This isn't over, Chris," he snarled. He was quick to spin around and run for it. Chris took a few running steps to go after him, but halted as soon as he saw Wesker do a powerful leap that closed the distance between them and the stealth bomber within seconds. He quickly disappeared upon landing on the jet.

"He's getting away! Hurry!" Jill yelled. She was suddenly running past him. The stealth bomber's engines came on, deafening their ears as they charged up. Chris went to go after her, but then stopped. He spun around to see Sheva still there on the floor holding herself.

"Sheva!" he called.

"Go! Go after her! I'll be fine! I can call for help!"


"Go NOW!"

Chris swallowed hard, turning and running after Jill. He looked back as he ran, seeing Sheva lean back on the pillar to finally relax. He turned back to see that the jet was already taking off. Jill easily leaped to grab onto the cargo door. He had very limited time before the door moved up and completely closed. Jill extended her hand as Chris caught up.

"Chris, hurry!"

He leaped, taking her hand and pulling himself up with her. Jill and Chris fell to the floor once safely inside. The cargo door came up, casting them into darkness as it completely locked.

"Sheva…please be careful," Chris breathed. He could feel the wheels of the jet leave land, and they were rising to the night sky.


They found Wesker in the belly of the stealth bomber. He was on his knees and near a wall, trying to catch his breath. Jill and Chris aimed their weapons. Wesker looked over, glaring at them, but not moving fast at all. Chris could tell a major difference now. Wesker was much weaker. Now they would see how much Wesker truly relied on his animalistic powers.

"It seems I may have underestimated you, Chris," Wesker seethed, looking like he was in pain.

"Save it, Wesker. There's no one left to help you now," Chris barked.

They saw Wesker clench his jaw. "I don't need anyone else."

He slammed his fist into the nearby wall, warping the metal like it was paper. He proceeded to get to his feet, where he was slow at rising; needing even the wall to help him do so.

"I have Uroboros!" Wesker growled. His reptilian eyes still glowing slightly from the overdose of serum. "In less than five minutes we reach the optimal altitude for missile deployment." He took a moment to catch another painful breath. "Uroboros will be released into the atmosphere, insuring complete global saturation."

Chris noticed his gun was shaking from his anger over Wesker's words. Jill was much calmer beside him, though her eyes were sharp with hate as well. Wesker took another deep breath. Chris knew this to be the time to take down Wesker once and for all. He was a cornered animal in his own game.

Wesker suddenly used a burst of speed to close the distance between them in a blink of an eye. They were caught off guard, thinking Wesker was too weak to use his powers. He tried to slam his fist into them, but Chris and Jill were able to jump back and dodge the attack by milliseconds.

Jill aimed her gun as she saw Wesker go for Chris. The tyrant grabbed Chris's gun, jerking it up to prevent Chris from an accurate shot. Wesker slammed his fist into Chris's ribs, and then slammed his fist up, striking Chris's jaw. Jill couldn't shoot her weapon for fear that she might accidentally hit Chris in their scuffle. Wesker brought Chris to his knees and then kicked him so hard that Chris flew several feet through the air until he crashed to the metal floor.

Just as Jill was going to fire, she saw Wesker pull his gun on her. He fired multiple shots, making her have to take cover behind a slim pillar. He continued to shoot in that direction while his eyes remained on Chris, who got to his knees to aim his own gun at Wesker.

"Your feeble attempts only delay the inevitable," Wesker stated darkly.

Chris started firing all of his bullets. Wesker dodged each one as a blur, getting closer and closer at each shot. Wesker continued to shoot his own gun towards Jill, keeping her in hiding. Wesker dodged one more time, and then he suddenly reappeared in front of Chris, his gun barrel centimeters from Chris's forehead. Chris kept his own gun aimed, but didn't fire. He glared up at his nemesis, thoughts swirling in his mind for next actions. Jill peeked out from behind the pillar.

"The entire world will be infected. A new Genesis is at hand," Wesker growled, glaring down at Chris with red eyes. "And I will be the Creator!"

Before Chris could make a nasty retort to Wesker's words, Jill came rushing out from behind the pillar with a knife ready. Wesker sensed her at the right moment, and leaped out of harm's way and away from them, missing her blow. He spun his body around, doing a backwards somersault. He leaped to the ceiling, hanging on like an insect as he aimed his gun again to shoot at Chris and Jill. Chris was quick getting to his feet. He fired a single shot that hit home on Wesker's chest. Wesker fell from the ceiling, striking Chris as he did so, and kicking the BSAA agent back onto the floor.

Just as Wesker landed on his own two feet, Jill was on him again with the knife. She went for his throat, but Wesker put up his forearm to block. Jill stabbed the blade into Wesker's wrist instead, spurting blood from the wound. Wesker gave her a wicked smirk, shaking his head slightly.

"I don't think so, Jill darling," he seethed.

He grabbed Jill by the throat, choking her hard there on the spot. Jill's instincts kicked in and she vaulted her lower body up, wrapping her legs around Wesker's neck and taking him down with her. Chris recovered just in time to see this, and rushed to grab Wesker while he was down. He took the syringe and stabbed Wesker in the neck once more.

"I've had enough of your bullshit!" Chris spat.

Wesker yelled out in pain again, running forward only to stumble onto the ground again. He stayed there for the moment as more serum rushed his veins. Wesker grabbed the injection spot, breathing heavily.

"You're just another one of Umbrella's leftovers," Chris growled venomously.

Estimated time for deployment…three minutes, came the soft female voice on the intercom, warning them that Uroboros's release was upon them

"You know what we have to do," Jill murmured after hearing the words. The two of them looked over, seeing the override lever almost twenty feet away.

Chris nodded, hearing that the voice on the intercom was now repeating itself. He gave Jill a long stare. "Alright, I will go for the override lever. Cover me."

Wesker was struggling to get to his feet. He saw Chris running for the lever. Wesker forced himself up, rushing for them with another burst of speed. Jill aimed and fired. She didn't know if she hit him or not, but Wesker leaped for the ceiling. Jill followed him with her gun, trying to shoot him more as he dodged to get to Chris.

Just as Chris pulled the override lever down, Wesker slammed into the wall, missing Chris by inches as he dodged. The lights went out, and the intercom stopped speaking. They were cast in darkness. As Chris moved away, he could see the red orbs of Wesker's eyes in front of him. The cargo hatch started to come open once again, sucking out air and creating a strong wind within the hold.

"You'll pay for that!" Wesker hissed.

Sirens started going off, joined by flashing emergency lights. Wesker tried to walk for Chris, but was suddenly starting to get sucked away from the force. Chris grabbed onto one of the pillars as the wind became stronger. He found Jill not too far away.

"Hold on!" he called to her.

Jill grabbed onto a pillar just as the force became even stronger, trying to suck them out through the cargo hatch. Wesker didn't have time to grab a hold of anything, the force swept him away. He crashed along the floor, and then flew up and struck the pillar that Jill was holding onto. Just as Chris thought Wesker was going to be sucked away, the tyrant was able to grab onto Jill's leg.

The stealth bomber shuddered. Chris could feel the momentum change. They were going down, and they were going down fast. Jill tried to kick Wesker off while she held on for dear life. Wesker wasn't letting go, glaring up at them with hatred.

Chris watched, trying to think of something to do. He saw Jill look up at him, saw some kind of emotion flash in her eyes. He knew what she was thinking, and he panicked. He didn't want to lose her again. Chris wasn't there to protect her the last time, he failed doing so. This time he wasn't going to allow it to happen. He would sacrifice himself over her. He felt pain constrict his heart as he watched her.

"No!" Chris cried just as Jill let go. The force sucked him in, but Chris was able to grab onto the next pillar and grab onto Jill's arm. The bomber shuddered again, and Chris struggled to keep a hold of his partner's arm.

"I'm taking the two of you with me!" Wesker yelled.

Jill drew her last gun, the others having been sucked away. She aimed the small pistol down at Wesker's face, glaring in hatred and disgust. She could feel that it was here that it was going to end.

"Like hell you will!" she shouted, and fired the weapon. The bullet struck home in Wesker's forehead. The sudden wound made him let go of her. They watched as Wesker was sucked away, and disappeared outside the hatch door into the darkness.


Chris awoke in a stupor. He could hardly breathe from the thickness of heat that was present in the cargo hold. He could smell fire and melting metal, and wondered what happened. He knew they had crash landed, that being the force that knocked him out. He realized he was holding onto Jill, who was still out cold. Worry flared through him, and he was suddenly awake. Ignoring the pain that was starting to wrack his body, Chris focused on his partner. He shook her gently, whispering her name.

"Jill? Jill, please wake up."

She started to cough, but then was coming to. Chris felt relieved to see her breathe. She opened her eyes, sitting up with him. Chris took the time to look around. He could barely see outside, but he saw the orange glow of lava, and the dark presence of molten rock. Chris wondered how long they were out. Knowing that they were in some kind of pit of lava, they knew they had to move out of here.

Chris helped Jill to her feet. They were both tore up and sore. Chris took the time to dust Jill off a little. Before he could say anything about them getting out, she was suddenly wrapping her arms around him. He was caught by surprise, but then he smiled lovingly and hugged her back.

"We made it. We're okay. Now all we need to do is get the hell out of here and wait for someone to find us," Chris said soothingly. "I'm sure Sheva has already called for help. C'mon."

"Yeah," Jill whispered.

They walked together at a slow pace out of the cargo hold, both of their bodies sore and weak. Jill kept a hold of Chris's arm, keeping quiet as Chris helped her down from the hatch. She thanked him afterwards. They came out onto a cliff that overlooked a lake of lava. Chris looked around, realizing they had landed in the pit of a volcano. He felt Jill's hold on his arm tighten, and he hoped that help would find them soon. The heat of the air made it hard to breathe and see.

"I should have killed you two years ago."

The voice made them spin around, though their bodies ached from the sudden action. They looked up; saw Wesker on top of the ruined bomber. He no longer had his shirt or trench coat on, only his pants and boots. His body was littered with scrapes and burns, but Chris saw that they were already healing quickly.

Dammit! He just won't die!

"Your mistake! It's over, Wesker!" Chris barked. He saw a handgun lying on the ground. Chris hoped it was still good. He picked it up and aimed it at Wesker. Jill looked about, seeing no other weapons. All of their bullets and supplies had been lost to the crash. She did see a knife though, and it seemed to be her only option.

She let go of Chris to slowly bend down and pick it up. She glared up at her former captain, wishing that he would die already. He was like a cat with nine lives, playing with them like mice in his deadly claws.

"Over?" Wesker scoffed. He chuckled evilly. "I'm…just getting started!"

They saw Wesker strike his fist down into the Uroboros containers. His fist broke through the metal like it was nothing. Chris and Jill watched in horror as Uroboros burst from its container, wrapping its tentacle body around Wesker's arm and shoulder, covering him with its black oil. Part of the parasite went on to wrap around Wesker's other arm and upper torso. The main part kept to Wesker's right arm, and it even tried to absorb part of the ship's metal, creating lethal blades amongst its mass.

Wesker smirked down at them as he let Uroboros take over his body. Chris and Jill took a step back, still appalled by the scene. Two large metal blades became wedged to his shoulder, towering over his head to make him look like a demon. Wesker laughed down at them, his face getting covered with splotches of oil.

"Time to die, you two," he growled.

Wesker leaped down onto land in front of them. He started to walk slowly for them. Chris and Jill could no longer back up. The edge of the cliff was only feet away, and they couldn't risk it giving way for them to fall to a grim demise.

Wesker whipped out the tentacle arm. They gave it a wide berth, but watched as it struck the rock and made part of the cliff gave away. Chris saw the small stone bridge that led over the crater of lava. He pointed at it, his eyes darting from a laughing Wesker to a worried Jill.

"Across the bridge! Go, now!"

Jill didn't hesitate. She held onto the knife, even though it would prove to be useless on this form of Wesker. Chris fired a couple of shots at Wesker, but the bullets did nothing to stun his enemy. Once Jill was safely across, Chris went next. Just as he was halfway across, Wesker struck his massive arm down near the center of the bridge. The pathway crumbled out from under his feet. Chris fell a whole story to an island of rock below, missing the river of lava by inches. His body screamed in pain, but he kept going. He saw Jill watching on in horror on the other side of the cliff above him.

Wesker leaped the gaping distance to the other side to go after Jill. Chris saw this, and he panicked. He waved his arm, trying to get her to go on.

"I'm fine! Move!"

His words snapped her out of it. She saw Wesker coming for her. She bolted for the other way. Chris followed the pathway, noticing it would lead down to another island of rock just feet across from his island. She could join him with no problem is she just continued. Wesker was coming up on her fast. Chris ran to the center of his island, aiming his gun and shooting Wesker. Jill kept moving. She leaped over a cliff, slipping and almost falling to her death. Chris watched as his partner was able to pull herself up and continue. It was then that his gun clicked empty.


He checked himself, praying to God that there was another clip on him. It seemed the Lord was watching over them, because he found one last clip attached to his belt. He quickly reloaded the weapon, knowing these bullets were his absolute last.

Jill was able to join him not long afterwards. The rest of the way was easy, and the jump from island to island even easier. Wesker recovered on the top of the cliff. Chris watched as he leaped across the river up above them to land down in the center of the island.

"This ends here," Wesker snarled.

"I was just about to say the same thing," Chris retorted, aiming his gun.

Jill got the knife ready, even though it would do her no good. Her eyes were sharp as she watched the monster form of her captor walk slowly for them.

"Your true form comes out. It fits you perfectly…a monster," Jill hissed.

"Maybe so," Wesker chuckled. "But the power is well worth it."

He whipped out his tentacle arm. Chris and Jill dodged to opposite sides, careful not to slip off the side of the cliff and fall the short distance into the fiery, melting death. Wesker stabbed the same arm into the ground. Thousands of tentacles burst from the ground, whipping around and creating a strange, warping whirlwind. Chris and Jill avoided the lethal swarm. When Wesker pulled his arm out, they saw a large, circular orange sphere spill out from his chest from under the tentacles. Chris immediately recognized the glowing sphere like the pod heads on the flower of the Uroboros creature they fought on the ship. That had to be parasite's weakness, and if that was true, it was Wesker's weakness as well.

"Do you see that?!"

"Yeah! Just like the flower heads!" Jill called.

"That has to be his weak spot!"

Wesker slashed his arms about. Chris and Jill went in for it. Chris shot several bullets into the glowing orange sphere. Wesker yelled out in pain. Jill went in even closer, and so Chris was forced to shoot Wesker's face to distract him. Jill stabbed the knife directly into the sphere. Wesker was quick to react. He grabbed Jill hard by the throat. Chris went in to help her, but was slapped away by Wesker's tentacles.


Chris aimed carefully, shooting his final four shots into the sphere. The pain made Wesker drop Jill. Jill moved away before Wesker could slash at her again. Chris tossed the useless gun. He would have to use his bare hands now. The sphere disappeared below Wesker's tentacles on his chest. Wesker slashed at them with his arm. They barely dodged the tentacles and metal blades that broke the rock easily around their feet.

"The next time that sphere comes to the surface, I will run in and hold him. Jill, you need to try and stab him as many times as you can with that knife. It is the only way, I have no bullets!"

Jill nodded. "Alright!"

Wesker slammed his fist into the ground again. The tentacles burst out of the ground again, becoming frenzied and whipping around to create the lethal whirlwind. Chris slowly moved in to get ready just in case the sphere came back up. He was struck by a tentacle that burst from the ground, hitting him directly into the whirlwind. He barely heard Jill yell out. Chris was thrown around like a rag doll, getting cuts and slaps every second until he was thrown to the ground and Wesker stopped.

The tyrant pulled his arm out from the ground. They saw the orange sphere resurface. Chris jumped to his feet, ignoring the extreme pain in his body. He ran for Wesker, jumping on his back to restrain him. Jill came in just as Wesker got distracted. She stabbed and stabbed at the sphere, Wesker yelling out in pain. He flipped Chris over, making him slam into Jill. They fell to the ground together. Wesker was stunned, losing control of the tentacles.

Chris noticed how close Wesker was to the edge. They needed to push him into the lava. He leaped to his feet, rushing Wesker like a football player. Chris slammed his whole body weight into the tackle, shoving Wesker backwards. He started to fight Wesker's weight. Jill realized what Chris was trying to do. She joined him in the shoving contest. Within a minute of what felt like forever, they were able to make Wesker slip and fall into the lava.

Lava splashed up, and Wesker cried out in pain as his legs went under. Jill and Chris immediately backed away. They heard helicopter blades. Looking up, they saw a BSAA helicopter lowering into the volcano pit. Wesker was trying to crawl out of the lava, but he kept slipping.

"Sheva!" Chris called, relief filling his voice.

They saw Sheva in the passenger hold of the helicopter. Her left arm was in a makeshift sling, while her ribs were wrapped with some old cloth. Smiling down at them, she tossed down a rope ladder.

"Hurry! Climb up!"

They jogged over to the ladder. Chris made Jill go first, watching as she climbed the rope ladder to the top. Chris looked over at Wesker, saw that he was starting to climb out. Just as Chris started to worry though, the cliff broke under Wesker's weight and forced him back down into the lake of lava.

"Chris! Hurry!" Jill called down to him.

Chris jumped onto the ladder. He waved for them to go up. Sheva yelled at the pilot to rise. As the helicopter started to lift higher into the air, Chris started climbing to the top. Jill helped him climb into the passenger hold. A much needed breath came out of Chris's lungs.

Before the three of them could relax, a strong force struck the helicopter, making it shudder and jerk. They look out to see that Wesker was using the extension of his Uroboros arm to snag the legs of the helicopter. Wesker was yelling out at them, but Chris was thinking too fast to hear what he was saying. If they didn't act fast, Wesker was going to take the chopper down, right into the lake of lava.

"CHRIS!" Wesker yelled down below.

"Chris, Jill, use those! Hurry!" Sheva ordered.

Chris saw the rocket launchers hanging up on a rack. He was quick to get to his feet and grab them. Jill took one, and he took the other. They aimed down at their former captain. In a flare of anger as they remembered the darkness and death he had brought upon them, they readied the weapons and fired.

The missiles flew straight for his form. Wesker jerked, still yelling out at them. The missiles missed their mark, but exploded directly behind him. The wave of lava splashed over Wesker and the remaining land. The explosion did major damage, enough to make Wesker let go of the helicopter.

"Go, Josh! Now!" Sheva yelled.

The helicopter immediately started to rise again. They heard Wesker's agonizing cries echoing across the air. Chris, Jill, and Sheva looked down into the pit of hell as they rose higher and higher.

"Burn in hell, Wesker!" Chris called down to his nemesis, hoping that Wesker heard those final words before he succumbed to his demise.


Chris sat there looking out of the window to view the ocean that seemed to go on forever. Dawn was finally starting to come upon them. The sun was peeking up from the skyline, looking as if it was rising from the ocean waters itself. He listened as Sheva and Josh talked softly as Josh piloted the helicopter. The humming of the chopper's blades and engine seemed to sooth his shattered nerves. He forgot where Josh was flying for. He said something about Johannesburg, but the African BSAA capital was in Nairobi.

Chris slowly lowered his eyes. Jill had her head against his arm, sleeping silently. It brought him back ten years ago from when they very first survived the Spencer estate. She fell asleep against his shoulder back then as well. The small thought brought a smile to his lips. It was good to see her relax like this. A couple of hours ago, she was lost in dark thought, her eyes dim and her form detached. Chris blamed Wesker for Jill's tortured soul. Chris had no idea what Wesker made her do for the past three years against her will, but knowing him, he didn't want to. It would take a long time for Jill to recover emotionally, and even then, it would always stick with her forever. She lost three years of her life serving as Wesker's puppet.

Chris was just relieved to see that his Jill was still there. As detached as she became when she would think back, when she wasn't thinking, she was fine. Just like now, how she slept against Chris. Chris smiled down at her, stroking her face for a moment and moving a strand of hair from her face.

He used to ask himself if it was all worth fighting for. He had no idea why he kept going, especially when a part of him had died when he lost Jill three years ago. Now he understood why he kept going, why he kept fighting. He wasn't alone acting as Protector. He fought for a future without fear…a future that would not be in shadow, but be in the light instead. He fought to purge the world of the horrors and uncertainty he had come to live with.

Jill stirred beside him, but didn't quite awaken. She wrapped her arms around his arm. Her hand found his hand, and they laced their fingers together. Smiling softly, Chris bent over and kissed her on the forehead. They had survived yet again. And they would continue on surviving, just as they had done together since the beginning. Chris knew that Wesker was far from the ending, but at least he could feel a big weight being lifted from his shoulders. There was one less devil in the world now, and Chris could finally take a relieved breath after ten years.

The innocence of the world may still be broken, but we can fix things…I know we can…

At this thought, Chris closed his eyes and smiled, tightening his fingers around Jill's.


Ah, yes!!! COMPLETE! Ta-dah!! Sorry, I just had to get that out, lol! It feels good to end this story like this! You can't go wrong with a little ChrisxJill, right? I am proud of this one, if I do say so myself! So how did I do? Did all of you enjoy it? I think this would have been a much better ending than the original for Resident Evil 5! I like Sheva a lot, but Jill should have been the one to help end Wesker. She has been with Chris since the beginning, and has gone through so much more with Wesker than Sheva has. That is why I was compelled to write this! Thank you so much for reading! It really makes my day!! XD