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Suddenly, amid the silence of the frozen world, Peter heard footsteps and looked up...

A woman with wildly spiked platinum blonde hair approached him and dropped down next to him on the park bench.

"Daphne?" he asked, stunned.

She grinned. "In the flesh! How've you been, Peter?"

Peter glanced at himself, trying to see if he'd somehow shifted back, but no, he was definitely still Sylar. He looked up at Daphne in confusion. "Wh- How did you know I'm Peter?"

Daphne rolled her eyes. "Um, duh, you walk like Peter? That's something I pay attention to. Sylar walks a lot slower than you do. So tell me, why are you walking around looking like the Number One on America's Most Wanted?"

It was too much. Peter threw his arms around Daphne, sobbing, only a few random phrases audible amid the babble of noise he was emitting. "Shapeshift... I just wanted... fun of my hair! And then... Claire tried to... and Sylar, he..." Daphne stared at the hysterical empath in her arms and patted him awkwardly on the head.

"Um... there there?"

Peter sat up very suddenly, smiling brightly. "Sorry I spazzed," he said. "It's been a really bad day."

"I can tell."

"Anyway, now I have you here! You can help me figure out how to get my own body back!"

Daphne shrugged. "Okay, sure, whatever. I'll help you."

They stood up off the park bench. "Daphne, thank you," Peter said earnestly. "You're the first person who's actually been helpful. And... I'm sorry I didn't trust you, at first. You were the only person who cared when Sylar's son died in the future, you were the only person who cared when my father power-raped me, you were the one who rescued Hiro... you're a true hero, Daphne, and I was ready to dismiss you as just another villain."

She shrugged again, but it was obvious she was pleased. "Eh, it wasn't that big a deal. And really, it was all thanks to Matt. He's the only reason I became good."

Peter didn't believe that, but he let it go and restarted time. Suddenly, a bullet whizzed through the air and struck Daphne in the chest.

"Wh-what?" Peter gasped. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" He caught Daphne as she started to fall, lowering her gently to the pavement while casual passers-by screamed at the sight of the bleeding woman. "WHO DID THAT??"

Suddenly, a man wearing a baseball cap with a pencil stuck behind his ear and a script in his hand wandered past. "Oh, that would be me," the man said.

"Who are you?"

"Oh, I'm one of the writers of Heroes," the man replied. "We had to kill Daphne off, I'm afraid. Brea Grant's contract was up, and god knows there aren't any other ways of writing characters off a show."

Peter glowered at him. "Daphne was my last hope of getting my body back! Couldn't you have waited long enough for her to help me?"

The man glanced at his script. "Oop, now Peter, that's out-of-character for you! So selfish! Not typical. But then again, you're going through an emotional crisis."

"Aren't I always?"

Suddenly, something occurred to Peter. "Hang on, Daphne's so fast she can literally outrun time. How would she not see the bullet coming and dodge? She shouldn't even have been hit!"

The man shrugged. "Eh, well, details, details."

"SHE SHOULDN'T BE DEAD!! SHE WAS AWESOME!!" Peter screamed. The man staggered back a little bit.

"Whoa, there's no need to get defensive, young fella," he said sharply. "Hey, Tim, why did we kill Daphne off?"

The voice of Tim Kring echoed from somewhere off-screen. "It's 'cause we needed a plot device for Matt. And their relationship wasn't tracking well because we did some really crappy writing for the start of it, so we had to nip that thing in the bud anyway."

The writer nodded and waved in the direction of the voice. "Oh. Okay." He turned back to Peter. "Sorry, Matt. I know it sucks that your girlfriend is dead, but--"


The man suddenly got a thoughtful look on his face. "Ooh, hey, that's not a bad idea, Sylar." He turned and walked away, yelling, "Hey, Tim? How long can you wait before Claire's blood isn't a viable resuscitator?"

Peter stared down at the body of Daphne, tears coursing down his face. This was bad. Matt would be devastated. He would, he decided, inform the telepath himself.

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