Authors Note for The Aftermath!

Alright. Hey. It has been a long time. Wow. I can't come up with any idea's for this story. So I have made a decision. I am going to….. Re-write this story. Giving it up is not an option because it's a sequel and I really love this story.

I will accept any ideas and suggestions regarding The Aftermath or for that matter if you like my other stories suggestions are welcome just review or PM me whatever works.

Sorry for the wait. There are a lot of changes I want to make. For example. I want to change the Edward pairing. I don't like the way I did that……. There is one of my thoughts.

For the fans of my other stories that are on hold and waiting for those at the moment this is the only one that is off hold for now.

Thank you for your patience with the longest writers block ever. I will be posting the new chapter either tonight or tomorrow at some point.

Yours truly,

MyxTourniquet or Caitlyn