Naruto: Rise Of the Kyuubi

Summary: Naruto Uzumaki on his 5th birthday encounters a mob of angry villagers and shinobi. The reason he's being chased? simple the people of his home village think that he is the demon that tried to annihilate them 5 years ago. The same demon known as The nine tailed fox, the strongest of the mighty bijuu.

The village hidden in the leaves, a boy is being shunned and attacked. The reason for the attacks? The people of the village despise him for something that he cannot control, the people are ignorant, the shinobi the ninja of the village either hate the kid as well and partake in the beatings or refuse to even go near him, he only has 2 friends. The first one is the third hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi and his teacher in the ninja academy Iruka Umino. The boy that is hated by the village is Named Naruto Uzumaki and this is his story.

October 10, 5 years after the fourth hokage Minato Namikaze sealed the Kyuubi into a newly born child. Said child is running away from then enraged and drunk mob of villagers along with some of Leafs own ninja, Naruto Uzumaki is the child's name he's running down the bright and festive streets of the leaf village trying to escape the mob, until he feels a sharp pain in his right calf.

Falling to the ground and landing in a heap breaking his left wrist in the process he looks down at his calf and sees a kunai lodged into it, tears start to streak down his face and over his whisker marks, struggling he manages to stand and starts to run away again only after a few steps he feels the same pain in his left calf.

The mob caught up with him, with no way of escape Naruto curled in to a ball, the ninjas go to him first they started to punch him in the side of the head, kick him in the back, making a little 5 year old kid scream in pain and cough up blood, the villagers soon joined in, 2 of them grabbed one of his arms and snapped it like a dry twig, Naruto screamed in pain.

One of the ninjas a chunnin pulled out a kunai and started to skin Naruto on his arms, his back and part of his chest while another chunnin started to stab him in non- vital areas, Naruto's voice was gone because of all the screaming he did, eventually he blacked out from the pain and blood loss. He awoke in to dark place that had yellow walls with pipes sticking out in every way, with ankle high water as well.

He heard an inhuman roar that echoed and he started to walk towards the noise in an attempt to find what was making the noise. After what seemed like hours but was only minutes Naruto walked into a massive chamber that was light by torches, and had a massive gate against the back wall. inside the cage was a man about 6'9 with long red hair, some what hollow cheeks, a square jaw, a massive chest, massive muscles covered his arms and legs, he was wearing no shirt, black finger-less gloves that had metal plates on the back of the hand that had the Kanji for demon on his right hand and on the left the Kanji for death, baggy black jeans with a skull belt buckle, large black steel toe boots adorned his feet, his eyes were a dark red color, like blood, his pupils were slits and he had an insane smirk on his face, on his back from what Naruto could see from his position was a handle a handle to what Naruto did not know.

The man also had several tattoos on his body, on his exposed chest was the Kanji for Slaughter, written in black ink and filled in with blood red ink. The man noticed Naruto and yelled in a low and gravely voice like a rock crusher

" So my Jailor has finally come to visit?" Naruto on a look of shock and confusion on his face, the man noticed and said " I see you did not know about me but that an wait until later, now if you want to survive rip half of the seal on the cage off that will make you a half demon, and give you access to more of my chakra and also give me a corporal body again"

Naruto did not move an inch trying to get what was going on, seeing this the name yelled again " Get your fucking ass moving kit! we don't want to die!"

hearing this Naruto ran and jumped up to the seal ripping it cleanly in half, once Naruto landed on the floor a large bolt of deep red flew out of the cage and slammed into Naruto making him wake up again this time back in the leaf village.

Still surrounded by the mob but with one addition to it the man that was inside th cage was standing in front of Naruto ,now he could clearly see what was on the manes back it was a large sword, about 8 feet long with a black hilt, a blood red and black blade. Naruto could make out on the hilt inscribed there was the name of the massive weapon which read "Army Destroyer" The man smiled it was not a nice smile it was one that said "If you come near me I'll rip you apart".

The mod of ninja and villagers were shocked at how this monster of a man appeared seemingly out of no where, but the ninja in the group quickly recovered from their shock and just chalked it up to a shunshin no justu (Body flicker Technique).

One of the ninjas this time much higher up them the chunnin a jonin said to the man " Who are you? are you a ninja? if so where is your forehead protector? do you know what that thing behind you is?!" at this point the jonin was waving his arms around like a chimp that had its food stolen in human terms an Irishman who had his whiskey stolen from him then kicked in the shin.

\ The man in front of Naruto turned his head form the group do look down at the jonin, who flinched at the mans gaze, his eyes were a dark red that seemed to be glowing, for the jonin time seemed to slow down, breathing became hard for him, his body started to twitch and convulse. He tried to moves his body but to no avail, it would not move,

it was like he was rooted in place by something, thoughts started to race through the jonins mind, he started to break out in sweat, not one did the monster in front of him blink, the jonin started to see a pair of eyes behind the man, the eyes were a dark red, glowing brighter and more ominous, those eyes were filled with wrath and death and it lacked the one thing that the jonin wanted most at this point. And that was mercy.

The stare the jonin received was on par with the kyuubi little did he know that the man in front of him was the supposed dead 9 tailed fox. The fox reached over his right should and pulled out his sword and in a lighting fast motion sliced the jonins left arm off his body, the jonin screamed in pain as a torrent of hot steamy and sticky blood shot out of what was left of his left shoulder, the mans cries continued for what seemed like hours, it was heard all the way across the leaf village,

The man known as the fearsome kyuubi Demon lord, ruler of the bijuu, stood their listing to the sound that was like the best piece of music in the world to his hears, was drenched in the mans blood while laughing like a maniac.

With the same frightening speed as before he sliced the man apart, starting with his other arm, them working on his legs, one piece at a time, at the while the rest of the mob stood there with looks of shock and horror on their faces.

One the jonin fell the kyuubi decided to use a power that he had not used in 5 years, he turned to the rest of the mod and started to channel killing intent into his eyes, they started to glow brighter, the red becoming darker, he group of people started to scream like the jonin did when he had is arm cut off, though the group had no apparent injury on their bodies with the exception of 4. suffice to say those 4 had their head explode from the inside out sending blood, brain matter, flesh and bones flying, the blood fell around the man in a fine red mist, coating his entire body, he stood their and stuck his tongue out of his mouth and started to catch the seat coppery taste of it, it started to run down the sides of his mouth, and was dripping from his chin.

He sheathed his massive sword, while the rest of the mob was crying, pissing them selves, shiting them selves, and screaming at the top of their lungs in non intelligent words. The man turned to Naruto who was cowering in fear, and said " I'm not going to hurt you kit, come now lets head to the old man, also I have a proposition for you and him would you like to hear it?" Naruto still afraid of the titan, shakily nods his head how would you like to come with me to a place where you can get real training so you can obtain your goals?"

Naruto upon hearing this started to jump up and down, and started to nod rapidly in agreement. the man smiled and said "good kit now lets get to the old mans so you an get leaned up, and I will try to talk to him about the training, and by the way I am the kyuubi, but do not be afraid kit, I will not hurt you or any of your precious people so long as they don't anger me, or attempt to kill you or my self. for now though only you and the third can know about my identity so for now on in public call me Gatts."

Naruto started nodding again and said " hai Gatts-sensei." Gatts picked up Naruto and places him on his right shoulder and started walking towards the hokage tower in hopes of finding Sarutobi still doing paper work. True enough Sarutobi was still stuck in the tower doing paperwork, and was just about to head home for the night while cursing the monster that is the bane of every man in power.

When a knock disturbed his musing granting the person permission to enter he was confused to see Naruto walk through the door way and was shocked to see a very large man with an even larger sword came in soon after with a smirk on his face.

He just stared at Gatts as he motioned for Naruto sit in a chair while he withdrew his sword and rested it against the wall leaving a crater in the call where the pommel hit it, he sat down in the chair opposite Naruto's and crossed his legs left leg on the right knee and started to address him " hello Sarutobi been a long 5 years has it not?"

Sarutobi simply looked shocked and his face contorted into a look of absolute rage before he quickly schooled it back into an emotionless husk but to the trained eye you could see the rage threating to break free of his hold .He replied with enough malice to make Naruto shiver " yes it has you monster I thought that Minato dealt with you back then?"

The kyuubi chuckled darkly before continuing "he did, but that is enough talk of days long passed the reason I am some what free is because Naruto ripped half of the seal off, now before you get all pissy know that with out my intervention he would have been killed by a mob of your villagers AND your accursed ninja, I counted at least 3 chunnin and at least 2 jonin."

Sarutobi lost control of his emotions and slammed an old wrinkly and liver spotted hand on his desk and yelled " Those GODDAMNED FUCKERS! I swear if I ever see any more people weather it be ninja or villager attack Naruto again I will rip out their intestines and strangle them with it!"

Naruto started to press deeper into his chair while kyuubi just chuckled before talking again " I took care of the mob and healed his injury's and the reason I have come here besides informing you of what they did is propose to you the same thing I did Naruto" Sarutobi was looking some what wary at the man kyuubi took notice of this and continued " I have offered to train Naruto, but what I failed to mention"

he added as he looked at Naruto who was sleeping "is that I was also planing to visit an old friend of mine he was the one Minato called to seal me" Sarutobi paled at what the man was implying Kyuubi took great glee in stringing the old man along" yes Sarutobi I plan on taking Naruto here to the lair of the shinigami to train him not only in my knowledge but in that of the death god as well."

he looked at the pale form of Sarutobi and smiled Sarutobi quickly awoke him self from his day dreaming and started to look at the fox in a hole new light he nodded and said " Alright you may take him and train him but he must be back in time for the genin test for his class in the academy seeing the man nod his continued also how the fuck are you a human?"

kyuubi smiled and said in a monotone voice "well you old coot I am the strongest of the bijuu besides that all of us have to power to create a human body for us its just I did not use this form when I attacked, Oh and just not in my right mind then by right mind I mean my right insane mind, I was tricked into attacking you by a man that looked like a snake and who is also on shinigami's to torture for all of time list right after the hippies that die."

Sarutobi nodded and sighted at this and was about send them on their way when kyuubi spoke again " mind summoning the Rashomon gates for us I can't use chakra right now because its been 5 years since I last used any and also because Naruto can limit how tails I can use, by default I can only use one for right now as I am not fully out of the seal and because Naruto needs it until his own demonic chakra coils and chakra develop and until he gets used to it, if you wondering on how long I will be like this that is until hee is a bout 19 years old, by then the seal will dissolve and I will be free with out killing him because he will no longer be human but one of my kind."

Sarutobi was at the risk of an understatement gobsmaked at what the fox man was saying. kyuubi started to finish his brief overview on what was going on but Sarutobi only caught the last part" ... yes Naruto is turning into a demon slowly but when he is 19 he will be a full fledge demon albeit a weak one at first, now stop wasting time and some the gates already old timer its time to get the show on the road!."

Sarutobi just nodded and started making the hand seals required for the justu and molding his chakra for it to only make a man sized gate, the fox demon in human form stood up sheathed his sword picked up the sleeping Naruto and said kai ( open I think)

and calmly walked through the gates and into hell. leaving a dumbfounded Sarutobi to just mutter "fuck me" before falling asleep in his chair.

Chapter end

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