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Normal speech "die you fucker!"

normal thoughts 'I'll kill you'

Demon speech "tacos!!"

Demon thoughts ' come back here with my taco you anal astronaut!'

Justu Demon art: Corpse Wall justu (original justu my credit!)

Naruto was on in the village about an hour and he already wanted to leave, the place did not change at all from the shit hole he remembers.

When he arrived at the academy he noticed a few things, first was the scared looks he got when he used his second favorite travel method (his bike is his favorite) Black fire shunsin.

It looked like half of the class pissed themselves, Second he noticed a very hot purple haired goddess and briefly wondered if she was single.

And lastly he noticed the hungry looks being sent to him from the king of brood Sasuke Uchiha that were actually aimed at his crotch, Naruto shuddered mentally.

Naruto having enough of the stares he said" team ten?" seeing the aforementioned team he turned and said " meet me and the goddess over there on the roof in 4 minutes, or else you fail"

Naruto while in motion disappeared in a column of black fire.

The Genin looked at each other for a minute before they started toward the roof, while their other sensei Anko blushed slightly at being called a goddess by a god himself. (kinda true) She shook her head and vanished in a swirl of leaves, and appeared on the roof next to Naruto before their team arrived.

Just as their team was walking on to the roof Anko spoke "Alright maggots its time to introduce your selves name likes dislikes blah blah blah. You piny your up" she said pointing at Sakura.

Sakura glared at Anko but she just returned it causing Sakura to shudder and look away.

"um Sensei? Why don't you go fist to show us how its done" Anko and Naruto shared a look that said " what is behind that huge ass forehead? And why don't she us it?"

Anko sighted this was going to be a major headache why did she take this job again? Oh yeah it was the free year supply of Dango the Hokage promised her.

"fine fine, ya brat , name's Anko Mitarashi you will address me as Anko-sama or else I like dango, sake, snakes and my job at the interrogation department, I dislike a certain snake pedophile, dreams for the future?hmm Kill aforementioned pedophile. Now you pinky"

"my name is Sakura Haruno, I like Sasuke-kun, I dislike Ino-bunta, my dreams for the future," Sakura's eyes glaze over, and she starts getting a nosebleed, while chuckling perversely and mumbling "ohhh Sasuke-kun harder"

Anko laughed and thought' fuckin fangirl great"

Naruto was having similar thoughts 'great a fan girl well at least its not mine, then again mine are all demons, hot demons, hot submissive demons, hot submissive female demons (A/N; its his status in hell he is the strongest demon ever, not to mention the adopted son of the lord of hell that lets him get all that poon.)

dammit now I need one of them I wonder if nibi-chan is sealed? If not theres all ways that vampress, Yeah I'll call her, later.' Naruto nodded to himself before he realized that the other two were done with their introduction so it was now his turn.

He scratched he head sheepishly and said "Name's Ookami no Ryuu or as I am better known as Naruto Uzumaki," Seeing Anko's eyes widen he turned to her and said "if you want to know more go and talk to the old man, any way either call me Ryuu-sama or Ookami-sama is that clear!" he barked they nod quickly,

"my likes are, my bike, pops, my uncle, demons, swords,guns,beer,money women,wolves,foxes, money blood, guns and Killing,

My Dislikes not having any blood, people who hate killing, people who hate wolves and foxes, not having any , Konoha, most fan girls, hippies, vegetarians, the civilian council, pessimists, gays and the Uchihas, My dreams None of your concern, My hobbies? Hmm I'll tell you some of them,

I like killing people with either my bare hands, my teeth, my sword which if your lucky I might show you sometime, and my guns,

I like blowing stuff up, drinking, and fucking" the Genin all blushed and turned their heads away from him Anko and the other hand was trying to be discreet while checking him out, Ryuu smiled then winked at Anko, who quickly blushed and turned around.

Naruto sighed and said " Alright you shit stains meet at training ground 44 at 5 A.M for the real Genin test, also if your late you fail and I will kill you myself!."

and with that Naruto vanished just like he did at the main gates minus the evil laughter.

Anko sighed and thought 'well this is gonna be fun now I gotta talk to the Hokage'

and with that she vanished in a poof of smoke.

(Time Skip next day)

Sakura, Shikamaru, and Choji were standing outside of the infamous "forest of death" half asleep, waiting for their sensei's, they did not have to wait long.

Anko appeared in a poof of smoke, after about a half hour of her team being their, they sat and waited for another five minutes waiting for their other sensei.

And in that five minutes they heard the sound of fighting not far away from the gate and the roar of a huge cat. Anko stood up and was about to run to the place the sound was coming from only to stop turn around and yell" heads up!"

needless to say the Genin quickly moved,

about a second after they moved a huge tiger came flying out of the forest smashing into the gates and through them, they looked at the body and were shocked at what they saw.

The tiger at a length of about 20 feet, weighting about 500 pounds, had what looked to be punch and claw marks all over it. It was completely destroyed.

All of its bones were broken it had a large gash running down its side, its organs were all ruptured.

Anko looked at the tigers body in wounder, trying to think of anything it the forest that could do something likes this to the Apex predator of the forest.

The three Genin were off to the side loosing all of their breakfast, dinner and their meals from about a week ago.

That's when they felt IT, the blood lust, the killing intent, it reeked of evil. Power, and Death, the chakra was ominous it felt like it was crushing them, Anko paled the only thing that came even close to this level of power and evil, was the Kyuubi, but she knew from what Naruto to them was that the Kyuubi was not sealed in him any longer.

While Anko was thinking about what possessed the chakra and the killing intent, the three Genin were passed out from the pressure and she was fairing little better.

Out of the forest walked a shirt less, bloody, insanely grinning Naruto, his sunglasses were nowhere to be seen showing off his Black and amber eyes and slitted pupils, he stalked over to Anko and upon seeing her reaching for a kunai and wanting to use it on her self,

he quickly replied his Chakra suppressing seal, the only one he released, (A/N; Hes got about 10 of them one for each tail.) seeing Anko relax a bit he reached over and put his hand on her left cheek while saying "its alright Anko, I'm sorry for scaring you" he then points to the passed out genin with his free hand and says"Them not so much. "

That brought a smile to the snake mistress's face and making her realize the fact that she was nuzzling the hand holding her cheek, she quickly smacked the hand away and turned around blushing up a storm, while thinking how she could have done that and

what was that feeling she got from that simple gesture? .

Anko and Ryuu (A/N; Going to call him Ryuu from now on) sat waiting for their Team to wake up, after about an hour, Anko was seething, so she stood up walked over to the Genin and proceeded to use her snake summons to wake them up,

Sakura was having best dream ever (for her anyway) she was in a kitchen cooking dinner waiting for the love of her life to come home,(Care to guess who?) and after a minute he did and said "Sakura your forehead is so sexy, it makes me want to kiss it" she blushed and replied in a stutter "r-re-really Sasuke-kun?' "yes Sakura really" he proceeded to lifter up on the counter getting ready to fuck her,

"ooh Sasuke-kun when did you get scales?"

'wait? When did Sasuke-kun get scale? Wait SCALES!!?'

as she came to the conclusion Sasuke was about to kiss her she opened her eyes only to blink,

because right in front of her face was a large, purple snake with its tail in between her legs rubbing it against her panties.

Needless to say Ryuu lost his hearing for awhile, Shikamaru woke up screaming " POCKY!" and fat boy Choji woke up saying, "Get out of me way their after me lucky charms!!"

Anko was rolling on the ground holding her sides, crying , from laughing to hard.

Ryuu sweat dropped because A) He could not hear B)Because of Anko's sense of humor, and C) the thought of being the only insane person on the team was quickly dashed.

After the yelling ended and his hearing returned he stood up still bloody, and shirtless and bellowed " alright you worthless fucks!, you pinky front and center!" Sakura growled at being called pinky but none the less complied.

Ryuu stared are her for a minute, then he said just like a military drill Sargent, " listen up you worthless maggot your weak, you have no stamina, nothing on your worthless excuse for a mind except Sasuke fucking Uchiha, now let me tell you something,

The Uchiha are worthless, they are not the best, they rip off their comrades, they are nothing but lazy, spineless cowards!! do you understand me you worthless pink WHORE!!?" Sakura in all of her fangirl-ness, forgot some every important facts,

Ryuu is a Jounin, 2) she felt 1/10th of his real power and passed, 3) he Killed a monster fucking tiger with his BARE HANDS!!, and lastly he was pissed off.

But despite all of these obvious facts she still tried to attack him

Keyword tried

Just as her tiny fist was about to hit his jaw he grabbed it, twisting her arm around her back he tripped her making her land face first onto the ground, he leaned down and whispered harshly into her hear,

"listen to me you bitch you DO NOT want to FUCK WITH ME!!, I can and will kill you if you don't learn to get over this obsession you have with the fucking bastard, I will kill you if you threaten any one on this team, I will Kill you if you insult Anko or myself, I will Kill you if you conspire with the Uchiha for anything! I will not have you undermine this team or what we stand for. IS THAT CLEAR!?"

Seeing Sakura nod, and hearing the sound of sobs, he lifted up her arm quick and hard braking it.

Ignoring her wails, he get up off of her back and turned around to face the rest of his team, Shikamaru was tense, Choji had his mouth open, wide eyed and he dropped his bag of chips on the ground.

Coming to Anko he stopped and looked her in the eye trying to see if she was pleased with his course of Action, She nodded slightly and smiled seductively then she looked over at the other 2 Genin and said "Alright Maggots, seeing as our final teammate has suffered an injury training will be postponed , you tubby carry her to the hospital.

Meet back here tomorrow at noon, regardless of any injuries." at that point she was glaring at the blubbering form of Sakura.

The other two nodded with Choji growling but complying none the less.

End Chapter

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