4. a two fer, such a deal

Days later…

"One more lap, Princess, " Dean growled roughly. He sat back on the Impala and opened another bottle of beer as Sam staggered around the open field.

"Dean," Sam huffed. "Come on…"

"You're out of shape. Two more laps, then. Move it, Samantha!"

Castiel smiled as he faded into view. "You're doing well?"

Dean shrugged. "I'm golden, dude. Friggin' gold plated, actually." Dean's eyes flashed golden.

"I see."

"You got something on your mind, Cas, say it."

"Michael smiting Lucifer? That I understand. But, Zachariah too?"

Dean smirked a little. "Two dicks for the price of one. Not bad."


Well, this is the way I would like for the showdown to go, but I think Kripke has other ideas. Thanks for reading. Please review!