Ashley!!! Screams Candice

Ashley! Run for your life! He's after you!!! Says Candice with a scared tone.

Ashley was running as fast as she could. But eventually tripped on a log and stumbles head first into the ground.

Candice comes running up screaming Ashley are you okay?!?!

DDP Ashley's long time boyfriend comes running up Baby are you okay? Ashley gets up and screams Guys behind you!! And runs for the house. When she gets inside she calls the police but no answer. She keeps trying but…again no answer. So she steps out of the house and sees Candice grabbing a hold of her cars door. Candice gets into the car and tries to start it but it died.

Candice then heard this weird deep long bell ringing on her phone.

Candice…is that your actual ring tone? Asks Ashley more scared then ever.

No…it's not…I…don't even know whose calling me. She answers her phone Hello? Says Candice cautiously. All she heard is silence. Then a voice….of a man came on and said…Hello Candice I know what you have been doing today.

Oh my gosh! Says Candice

What? Asks Ashley

I just got this strange man on the phone that said I know what you have been doing today. Do you think that it could be…something more than that?

It sounds like you have a stalker says DDP.

They all went silent except for Candice.

Candice was thinking in her head… Maybe I do have a stalker…Just maybe…

Candice then goes rushing inside to find a picture of her sister in law that she lost 5 years ago. And says I promise that whoever did this..I will find them..and I will kill him.

Ashley then came in and says Candice what do you want for dinner?

I'm not hungry says Candice

Ashley then comes in and says Candice you have got to be hungry. Come on were making… who is that? Ashley noticed the picture that Candice was holding.

It's nobody just my ex-sister in law that died 5 years ago by her ex boyfriend.

Whoa! Exclaimed Ashley.

Candice then goes into detail about what actually happened.

She sighed and continues into the story. One morning she came over and had breakfast with me but she didn't stay long. Her then husband comes over and gives me an evil glare.

Is he okay? Asks Candice

Yeah he's fine why do you ask? Says Lita

He sure does act like he doesn't like me at all. Says Candice

Well Candice I know for a fact that he likes you because he would do anything for you says Lita

Okay if you say so Lita. Says Candice.

The next day Candice goes over to Lita's house only to find her dead on the floor with a blood puddle surrounding her.

Oh my god!! Screams Candice

She then calls 9-1-1 on her cell. Yes…hello?...yeah I would like to report a murder…okay thanks!

Who did this to you Lita? God I wish I was here sooner…

Candice finds a note on the floor next to Lita it read

Candice if you don't want to end up like your sister in law then I suggest that you don't tell people what happened got it.


Mystery Man