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"Whew, what a crazy day," Kris hummed as he walked into the room that he and Adam shared.

Adam yawned. "Yeah, this whole thing is just crazy. I can't believe how busy we are all the time," he said as he lay down over his bed.

Kris plopped on to his bed, next to Adam's. "It's great though. Who would've thought? We're on American Idol, man." He smiled and ran a hand through his soft spiky hair.

"It's amazing. What an experience," Adam agreed, looking over to smile back at Kris.

Their eyes locked for a brief second, and Kris looked away shyly. "Yeah," he agreed. Adam smiled again.

Kris had been doing this for a couple weeks; he didn't know why eye contact with Adam made him so uncomfortable. It felt sort of intense, and he could never meet Adam's eyes for too long. It was almost like staring at the sun.

Adam leaned over to pull his laptop from the table onto his lap. Kris sat on his bed, untying his shoes as Adam started clicking around.

"So, my friends told me to google myself…" he began with a laugh.

"Are you serious? You really googled yourself?" Kris asked. Almost everyone he knew had warned him about it, told him not to.

Adam paused, looking at the computer. "I think I may get voted off soon," he finally said, biting his lip with a small smile and keeping his eyes on the screen.

"What? Why?" Kris sat up and craned his neck, trying to get a glimpse of what Adam was looking at.

"Some pictures of me on the internet," Adam said, turning his eyes to Kris.

Kris's eyes and widened and his mouth hung open dumbly. "Like what? Naked pictures?" he asked, shocked.

Adam burst out laughing. "No, no! Not like that. They're just… well," he said, giggling still.

"Just what?" Kris asked, trying not to sound so curious.

"Well… are you sure you want to know?" Adam smirked with amusement and lifted his eyebrows, still looking at Kris to judge his response.

"As long as it's not you naked or something, man," Kris said, laughing. "What is it?" He got up and walked over to Adam's bed, placing his hand on Adam's headrest.

"Okay," Adam said, smirking. He typed "adam lambert" into the Google image search.

Several pictures of Adam performing on American Idol loaded, and Kris looked at each, waiting to see something out of place. Then a few more loaded.

"Woah," Kris said with a laugh, taking a step back. "Is that you?"

Adam just laughed and scratched at his forehead. The pictures were of Adam kissing another man.

"Okay, okay," Kris said, laughing with Adam. He tried not to stare at the pictures, but his eyes were still fixed on the screen. "So you're gay, big deal. Now I bet America's probably gonna make a big thing about it…"

He'd known already that Adam was gay, he could sort of tell, but seeing pictures of it was something else. Adam closed the internet browser and Kris asked, "Do those pictures bother you?"

"Of course not," Adam giggled. "That's just me. I mean, I don't need to hide who I am, that's just… who I am! Yeah it'll suck if America freaks out about this, though."

He sighed, and then pointed up to Kris' face "I'm a little surprised you're not," he stated.

Kris chuckled again. "What? Why would I freak out?"

"I just thought you may not be as accepting since you're Christian," Adam said, still looking up.

"No way, man. Love is love, you know?"

"Totally," Adam said with an enthusiastic smile, obviously very pleased that Kris saw things his way. They stayed in that position for a few seconds; Kris standing by Adam's headrest smiling uncomfortably, and Adam beaming up at him.

After a short—and slightly awkward—silence, Kris walked a few steps to sit back on his bed. He leaned back on his elbows. "So you were like, really great tonight," he said, changing the subject.

"Thanks! You were, too!" Adam said sincerely. "Everyone here is just so talented."

"Yeah, but seriously," Kris said again. "That version of Ring of Fire blew my mind. You're so freakin' like… creative!"

"I really loved it too," Adam said, grinning. "I loved the judges' reactions." He let his jaw drop into a surprised face to mimic them, and then laughed.

"How do you perform like that, man? It's so incredible, and like…" Kris trailed off, looking at Adam in wonder.

"Like what?" Adam asked, lifting an eyebrow.

"I dunno, like it's weird to say. But kind of like… sexy. How do you do that?"

Both men fell into laughter. Kris put his hand over his cheek. "Sorry, man, I had to ask!"

"Well I don't know, it just comes natural to me!" Adam said, in between laughing fits. "But I'm flattered you said that, though. I love it when people think my music is sexy!"

Kris was still laughing when Anoop's head suddenly appeared in the doorway, and he knocked twice on the inside of their open door. "Guys, you're having way too much fun in here. We all need to sleep," he said, chuckling at the sight of them.

"Right, sorry," Adam said, still laughing slightly. "We'll go to sleep now." He looked at Kris. "You ready for bed?"

"Absolutely," Kris said lazily, stretching his arms.

Anoop left, and Adam walked to the light switch to flick it off before climbing under his sheets.

"Gooood-night," he hummed.

"Night, Adam," Kris replied.

Fifteen minutes slowly passed, and Kris was still awake. He usually didn't have any trouble falling asleep, but his eyes wouldn't stay closed. Adam shifted in his bed and turned over with a quiet sigh. Kris wondered if he was having trouble sleeping, too.

"You still awake?" Kris whispered, soft enough so it wouldn't wake Adam if he actually was asleep.

"Yeah," Adam said quietly, surprised. "You can't fall asleep?"

"I guess not," Kris said. He was just as surprised as Adam was; he never had a hard time getting to sleep. "What about you?"

"It's normal for me," said Adam with a smile. "I usually don't fall asleep for a while. I don't know why."

"Aw, that sucks, man."

Kris sighed sleepily and Adam looked over at him, thinking. "Do you get a lot of fan mail?" he asked suddenly.

"No, not really," Kris responded, chuckling lightly at the random question. "Why?"

"Really? I bet you'll get a ton of it soon." Adam said, smiling.

Kris drew his eyebrows together. "Why do you say that?"

"You're a good-looking guy. All the girls are gonna be crazy about you," Adam giggled.

Kris let out a quiet, airy laugh. "Yeah, sure. Nothing like you, though. I bet you get mail from girls nonstop."

"I get a little," Adam said quietly, thinking. "You think I look good?"

"Well yeah, I mean, look at you," Kris whispered, trying not to sound so serious. He didn't want to give Adam the wrong idea.

"What about me?" Adam asked with a small smile.

Kris thought for a few seconds in silence. He looked down and laid his hand over his head. "Let's not get weird," he said finally, his voice amused.

"It's not weird if you think a guy's attractive," Adam said. He sat up and propped his head up on his arm, making his sheet fall downwards a little, exposing some of his chest. He watched Kris closely to judge his reaction.

"Sure, I guess," Kris said, his eyes falling onto Adam's chest without his consent.

Adam ran his hand through his hair, very slowly, and let it travel down his neck, and trail over his chest, without much of a thought. Kris, almost fully under his covers and in the dark, assumed that Adam couldn't see him watching. He couldn't seem to look away.

Adam's hand still wandered around over his chest and shoulders, slowly rubbing and circling. He moved around a little more deliberately now, and Kris still watched breathlessly.

"Am I freaking you out?" Adam asked quietly.

"A little." Kris' shaky voice was lower than a whisper.

"Sorry," Adam said, letting his hand rest on the bed. More silence. "It's what I do," he added. "I'm good at freaking people out."

Kris looked at Adam's neutral expression before his gaze dropped to Adam's chest again. "S'all right," he said quietly after a few tense seconds passed.

"Hmm," Adam replied as he lay back down. "Okay, I think I'll go to bed now."

"I thought you couldn't sleep," Kris said quickly. He hadn't meant for it to sound like an objection, but it kind of did.

"We need to get up early tomorrow, so I need to sleep sometime," Adam said, yawning.

"…All right, goodnight, man," Kris said. He didn't move from his position, but he let his eyes fall shut, vaguely wondering what the hell just happened.


The next morning came too soon. Lil, Danny, and Anoop came to wake them up at the crack of dawn.

"C'mon!" Danny said, kicking Kris' bed. "You guys need to get up."

Kris rubbed at his eyes and Adam groaned loudly. "Too early!" Kris grumbled.

Adam soon rolled out of bed, saying, "I gotta paint my nails so they have time to dry…"

The other three contestants in the room laughed together. "That's the first thing that goes through your mind in the morning?" Anoop joked. "…Your nail polish? Really?"

Kris got out of bed, too. "Need to shower," he said sleepily.

Adam walked to the bathroom to grab his nail polish, and Kris followed him in soon after.

"You wanna paint your nails, too?" Adam asked playfully. "You'd look so hot."

Kris laughed, his eyes still half-closed with tiredness. "Yeah, I don't think so."

Adam laughed, too, unscrewing the cap to the bottle as he walked out of the bathroom. Kris closed the door behind him and turned the shower on before undressing. After a few minutes, Adam came back to knock on the bathroom door.

"Yeah?" Kris half-shouted over the sound of the shower.

"Can I come in for a sec?" Adam asked.


Adam opened the bathroom door and put his bottle of nail polish down on the counter. He took out the polish-soaked brush and ran it over a fingernail.

"So…" the older man began. "I forgot to ask you this earlier."

"What's up?" Kris asked from the other side of the shower curtain. Talking to Adam like this was easier since he didn't have to worry about eye contact.

Adam paused, and dipped the brush back into the bottle, examining his left hand at the same time. "Could you not tell anyone about last night?" he asked, just loud enough so Kris could hear.

"Sure, man," Kris answered automatically, and then stopped. "Wait… what about last night?" Flashes of Adam the night before, shirtless and staring at him while his hands trailed over his own skin, flew back into Kris' mind. His heart pounded a couple times.

"You know, those pictures I showed you. I just don't want everyone looking at me differently," Adam said.

"Oh," Kris answered, relieved. "Yeah totally. That's fine."

A minute passed as the Kris rubbed shampoo into his hair and Adam finished painting the nails on his right hand. "How come you told me?" Kris eventually asked.

"I'm not sure," Adam admitted honestly. "Not like I want to hide that I'm gay from everyone or anything like that. I just hope they don't see the pictures and get freaked out about them.

Kris suddenly felt the need to reassure him. "You know I don't look at you any different, right?"

"Aww, thanks!" Adam said, appreciatively. "Was it a big surprise to you, though?"

Kris thought for a second. "No, not really. I was more surprised at the pictures themselves, not at the fact that you like guys…" He trailed off. "Now that I know, it doesn't seem too surprising."

"Cool," Adam said, and Kris jumped a little; Adam's voice was a lot closer than it had been before.

"Yeah," Kris added.

"Okay, I'll get out of here before I stink up the whole room with this nail polish." Adam said, and Kris could hear the smile in his voice. Adam screwed the cap shut, careful not to let anything touch his wet fingernails, and slowly opened the door.

"Okay," Kris replied slowly, before he heard the door open and close with a thud. Surprisingly to himself, he suddenly felt very alone without Adam in the room.

A few minutes later, Kris turned the shower off and dried himself with a towel, before wrapping it around his waist. He was about to walk out, but he stopped in front of the mirror first. He fixed his hair around, putting a few strands in his face and spiking some of it a little. He wasn't sure why, but he wanted to look good in front of Adam. He walked out of the bathroom without much of a second thought about it.

"Yo!" Adam cheered as Kris walked into the bedroom. He was dressed in a fancy black coat, and tight leather pants. Kris felt somewhat struck looking at him, like he was face to face with a gorgeous celebrity. He even blushed a little, before turning away so Adam wouldn't see.

"You mind if I get dressed?" Kris asked, looking over at the wall. He turned back and caught Adam looking at his body. Adam looked away quickly, and Kris' felt his face heating up again.

"Yeah, sure," Adam said, smiling. "I'll go do my hair." He walked towards the bathroom, and Kris turned around to get another look at him. Surprisingly to them both, Adam had turned around at the same moment. Kris smiled awkwardly, but Adam deliberately let his eyes wander over Kris' upper body for a brief second, before grinning back. He turned around and walked off, leaving Kris feeling frozen in place.

Things were going to be a little different now, Kris admitted to himself. Adam was joking around with him, pretend flirting. But he couldn't help but to feel excited about it; he wanted to play along. He decided he would flirt back a little, too, as long as it doesn't lead anywhere dangerous. As long as Adam didn't get the wrong idea. Adam had let only him in on his secret, and Kris felt like he needed to prove that he wasn't at all bothered by Adam's orientation. And he could have fun with it, too, he decided.

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