Canderous stretched his legs idly and shook his head. With a slight yawn, he climbed rather stiffly out of the bunk.

Bored, he headed out of the dorm to see what was going on. It looked like the crew was on night cycle, with T3 at the bridge. The Hawk wasn't entirely deserted, however – Mission sat at the middle console, tapping and flicking at the keys in a drowsy manner. He could tell without looking at her face that she was half-asleep.

"Hey." She gave a groggy moan and glanced back at him. "Kid. You need to sleep sometime; you're no good to us dead on your feet." She made a sound halfway between a yawn and an agreement, and stood shakily. She almost fell, and he had to step forward and grab her arms.

"Hey ki- oh." She blinked blearily at him, yawned, and then turned towards him, gripping his shoulder slightly. He sighed and hefted her – the Twi'lek was far too light for her size – and started towards the woman's side of the ship. With any luck he could slip her into bed without waking the Jedi, and go back to whatever he'd been doing before.

Mission turned even more into his chest, smiling slightly. She raised sleep-rimmed eyes to him for a moment.

"You're….snuggly…" she informed the Mandalorian, and then turned the other way and started to doze. Before he could even react, Canderous caught sight of a livid brown mass. Two words entered his head.