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Cass found Joshua standing in the middle of an apple orchard. He was watching the sunset, a small smirk on his face. Castiel wasn't exactly sure what had happened, only that Joshua had attacked his fellow demon. What followed was twisted into several different versions, from three different sources. Cass had no idea who to believe, so he decided to go to the only person who did know.

"Ava was always going to end up getting herself killed," Joshua murmured, his back still to Castiel. The angel didn't respond, allowing the demon to continue talking, "Especially when she grabbed Dean the second time. If you hadn't of found him, I'm sure that brother of his would have."

"Sam would have been too late," Castiel said walking toward the demon. He stopped at his side, watching the same sun attempt to sink below the horizon. "She was going to shoot Dean."

"Either way, someone was going to kill her." Both were quiet for a moment, a light, winter breeze blowing their hair and clothes. Joshua crammed his hands in his pocket and said, "It was the screaming that broke me from her brainwashing. Hearing both brothers scream reminded me of Hell and why I left. I couldn't take the pain, couldn't take the lust filled eyes both my father and sister got when they had a new victim plunked down in front of them. And when I was free it all clicked. I had to help the brothers, had to stop Ava, had to do so much stuff…" his voice trailed off, brown eyes still watching the sun's struggle to go to sleep for the night. Let insomniac moon shine bright for a few hours.

"Thank you for breaking the sigils," Castiel said quietly.

"Alastair wouldn't even know about them if it wasn't because of me. It was the least I could do." Another long silence settled between them, neither one sure what to say next. Joshua was, once again, the one to break the silence. "How are Dean and Sam doing?"

"They're going to be fine. Bobby called up a doctor friend of his, he's going to be here tonight. Until then, Bobby has been doing everything he can to patch up Sam's leg."

"And Dean?"

"He's fine."

The sun managed to dip a few notches below the horizon, its gold light spilling across the snow filled ground. Tiny, dazzling crystals threatened to assault Cass's eyes. As happy as he was to have a vessel, small things still annoyed him. Like nearly being blinded by snow.

"You healed him, didn't you? I don't care, but I'm sure your angel buddies might." Castile, once again, didn't answer. He dug his own hands into his pockets, wondering how long the sun had until darkness took over completely. Joshua took a deep breath and said, "I need you to do me a favor, Castiel."

"What kind of favor?" Cass questioned giving the demon a confused look.

"I'll tell you if you promise to do it. Don't ask questions, just do it." Joshua glanced at the angel, giving him a pleading look.

Cass hesitated for a few seconds before nodding and saying, "Okay."

"Kill me," Joshua mumbled shifting his gaze back to the sun. "Just kill me, so I can't turn on anyone ever again. Can you do that?"

Taking a deep breath, watching the sun himself, Castiel said, "I can do that."

"Thanks, just let me finish watching the sunset. Let me finish just that." and they did. The sun managed to dip down completely, the sky a deep purple and orange before going dark. Joshua turned to Cass, spread out his arms, and said, "I'm ready."

"Good bye, brother," Castiel said quietly and placed his hand on Joshua's head. Bright light spilled from the demons eyes and mouth, making him looked like a lit up human tree, before he finally collapsed to the snow. Cass hung his head for a moment, letting the moment sink in, before looking up again. It wasn't exactly grief he was experiencing, but something close to it. He had worked with Joshua for years, came to see him as a little brother of sorts, and was very upset when he ended up in Alastair's clutches.

"Now you're free," Cass whispered. "Now you're free."


Dean woke up to quiet snores and a slight fuzzy sensation. His memory was scattered, confusing flashes making his head spin. Flashes of some red headed psycho wielding a knife; of a fight he didn't exactly see, of his brother trying to hold back tears for some unknown reason-flashes upon flashes, a reel that seemed to be out of order. One thing he was sure of though, was he had been in pain earlier but now wasn't. Why wasn't he in pain? A better question, where was he?

"You're back at the motel," a familiar voice said causing Dean to turn over. Cass was sitting in one of the motel's chairs, his elbows resting on his knees.

"That's creepy, you know," Dean said in a hoarse voice. "You watching me sleep."

"I have to show you something," Cass said ignoring Dean's comment.

"What?" Dean sat up, once again reminded of the lack of pain.

"I have to show you something," Cass repeated getting to his feet.

Dean was about to tell Cass he understood the comment, just wanted to know what was so important, but decided against it and, instead, asked, "What happened?"

Irritation crossed the angel's face in a flash, once again replaced by his emotionless mask. He took a deep breath and said, "What do you remember?"

"Flashes here and there, mostly jumbled stuff," Dean replied honestly.

"Ava is dead," Cass started and Dean had a flash: fist hitting flesh, a loud crunch echoing through the room, a piercing scream and a familiar voice saying, "Good-bye." Ava's eyes glowed white before she crumpled to the ground.

"Y…you killed her? For real?"

"Yes, after she tortured you and your brother."

"Sam? She actually had Sam? Where is he? Is he okay?" Dean looked around the room, eyes landing on his snoozing brother lying on the other bed. He also spotted Bobby, feet propped up on Sam's bed, resting in another motel chair. Dean knew the older hunter's back would hurt in the morning.

"He's fine. His leg will take time to heal, but Doctor Palmer assures him it'll heal faster than your own."

"Wait, his leg? What's wrong with his leg?" Flashes of Ava's torture session kept flying back to him, each one only showing him getting physically hurt. All emotional pain was reserved for his brother, Sam was never touched.

"She stuck a knife in his leg," Cass replied as Dean looked back at him.

"If she wasn't dead I'd kill her myself," Dean mumbled. He would cause her as much pain as she caused them, maybe even more, especially after the curling iron. Curling iron? Another flash hit, Ava smiling as she held up the instrument, "I wonder if this thing can stop a wound from bleeding?" pain had followed, burning pain that had caused Dean to scream, as she pressed the curling iron to his arm. Almost unconsciously he glanced at his bare shoulder, finding nothing wrong with it.

"I had been burnt…" Dean started.

"And stabbed," Cass interrupted causing more mental flashes to hit: A knife slamming into his shoulder, going straight through and pinning him to the wall. She had pulled it out moments later; both times the pain was almost unbearable.

"How am I not hurt?" Dean asked looking Cass in the eyes.

"I healed you."

"Just me?" it was weird to be healed and not be confused by it, or wonder who had to die to get him healthy.

"Who else would I heal?" Cass asked and Dean resisted the urge to slap him in the back of the head. Instead he said, exasperated, "Sam was hurt, too. He could have used some of that angel juice."

Cass decided to ignore that, too. He took a deep breath, stood, and once again said, "I have to show you something."

"Yeah, so you've said," the hunter replied sounding annoyed. "What's so important that you felt the need to heal me?" Instead of answering, Cass grabbed his arm and hauled him up. Dean tried to fight but stopped when he realized the motel room was gone.

They were standing in a warehouse, a very familiar warehouse, one that sent chills down Dean's spine before he could stop them. He pulled out of Castiel's arm, doing a complete 360. He took in every detail in seconds: the broken devil's trap, the cart full of a few particular items he had used to torture an unlikable demon, him lying, unconscious, on the floor covered in blood, and two people fist fighting. Two people who looked very familiar.

"What's going on?" Dean asked glancing back at the other Cass. He merely put a finger to his lips and gestured for Dean to continue watching. So he did.

He watched as Cass got in a few good hits before finding himself slammed into a piece of metal sticking from the wall, he watched as Alastair said, "Well, like roaches, you celestials. I really wish I knew how to kill you. But all I can do is send you back to Heaven." Latin began spilling from the demon's mouth, words that Sam would know in a heartbeat and would take a bit for Dean to figure out.

Light was spilling from Cass's eyes and mouth, white light that reminded Dean of Ava's death. But it was different, Cass wasn't a demented psycho-bitch hell bent on killing him or his brother. He was an acquaintance that Dean so wanted to help. But he couldn't, and he really didn't need to. Castiel was fine, the other one standing next to him whole and well. He was about to ask how that was possible, the words freezing on his lips seconds later.

Alastair seemed to choke on his words, the Latin getting caught in his throat. Out of nowhere he was thrown into a wall, slamming into it with a bone jarring thump. "Stupid pet tricks," Alastair muttered sounding annoyed

Dean wondered which demon would turn against Evil Al, which demon had the balls to go up against a heavy hitter like the torture god of the underworld. The voice he heard made him go instantly numb.

"Who's murdering the angels? How are they doing it?" he turned to see his brother, all six-feet-four inches of him, standing not far from Alastair, hand held out holding the demon effortlessly against the wall.

"You think I'm gonna tell you?"

"Yeah, I do," Sam replied and Alastair was pushed further into the wall, Sam still using nothing but his mind. "How are the demons killing the angels?"

His words strained from pain, Alastair managed to say, "I…don't…know."

"Right," Sam replied sarcastically and shoved Alastair deeper into the wall.

"It's…not…us. We're…not…doing…it."

"I don't believe you." Alastair was shoved a third time into the wall, real pain flashing across his face.

"Lilith…isn't…behind this. She wouldn't…kill seven….angels." Alastair was fighting the mojo Sam laid on him; he just wasn't doing as well as he wanted. But still he managed to say, "Oh, she'd kill a hundred…" his voice becoming a whisper he continued, "…a thousand."

Sam let up on the, what Dean could only describe, 'impact Alastair in the wall' power, leaving the demon and himself breathing heavily. Alastair looked Sam in the eyes and said, almost tauntingly, "Go ahead, send me back…if you can."

"I'm stronger than that, now," Sam started and followed up with four words that would haunt Dean to his dying day, "Now I can kill." And without breaking a sweat, a few blood vessels but a not a sweat, Sam raised his hand and killed Alastair. It was almost efficiently as Ruby's knife or The Colt, just not as quickly, but it got the job down.

The power alone didn't scare Dean; it was the looks on both Cass and Sam's faces. Cass looked, honest to God, scared and Sam… Sam's face was void of all emotion.

"That's enough," Cass said and the motel room surrounded them once more. Dean was breathing heavily, in denial with what he had just seen.

No, Sam couldn't kill demons. He couldn't do that. He wouldn't do that. He was Sammy. The thought of killing anything remotely human repulsed him, and to kill a possessed bastard without looking remotely guilty wasn't possible. That emotionless monster wasn't his brother, it couldn't have been. It just couldn't.

Dean glanced over at his brother again, his eyes burning with unshed tears. That Sam was a stark contrast to the demon killing Sam, yet they shared the same body; shared the same mind.

"Dean," Castiel said quietly, sounding unsure.

"Leave me alone, Cass," Dean replied not even looking at him.

"Dean, I had to show you."

"Just go," Dean snapped and flapping wings filled the room. Several seconds later he jerked awake, again, sunlight spilling in through the curtain.

"You gonna sleep all day," Bobby asked from the small kitchenette crammed into the corner. The older hunter stood in front of the stove, frying bacon, glancing back at Dean before returning to his task.

Dean let his eyes sweep across the room, finding Sam's bed empty. His gaze turned back to Bobby and he said, "Where's Sam?"

"He was gone when I woke up," Bobby replied sounding as worried as Dean felt, albeit a little irritated, too. If Dean was right, Sam was with his hell buddy, quite possibly learning how to kill an army of demons in one swoop. Sam's face flashed across Dean mind, the way his face was void of any and all emotions. It sent an involuntary shiver up his spine.

Bobby was saying something, but Dean couldn't hear him. His brain was just too preoccupied to really listen to the older hunter. What has that bitch done to my brother? What did Azazel do to my brother? Am I about to lose Sam, really lose him? Dean didn't know the answers to his questions and a part of him didn't want to know. But the other part, the more dominant part, had to know. Had to know before it was too late.


Ruby pressed a towel to her arm, the bleeding slowing down. She glanced over at Sam, who was standing with his back to her. His hands were crammed in his pockets, his left hip leaning against her mustang to keep pressure off his right leg. He looked tense, probably pondering over something that didn't need much over-analyzing. She had told him several times he over thought things, but he just never listened.

"What're you thinking," she asked checking her arm. The knife wound would be closed up soon, demons never taking long to heal.

Sam sighed, "Nothing." He pushed away from the car, limping toward the passenger side, "Can we just go back to the motel?"

"Sure," Ruby replied walking to the driver door. Sam opened the door, sliding painfully into the seat. Ruby opened her own door, getting behind the wheel. Instead of starting it she said, "Ava's dead, you should be relieved."

"It should have been me," Sam replied sounding bitter, "I should have killed her."

"Who cares as long as she's gone?"

"I do," he mumbled glancing out the window. "After everything she did to Dean, after all the pain she put him through…"

"What can you do? Castiel got to him first, he took care of her. It's done. Now, with Alastair and her out of the way we can concentrate on Lilith."

"Do you have a lead on her?" Sam asked meeting Ruby's eyes. Green-hazel eyes burned with a determination that always made Ruby's heart skip a beat. It wasn't love she felt for Sam Winchester, just attraction. It could have something to do with the demon blood pulsing through his veins… maybe.

"Um, I have a few contacts I need to call. I'll let you know something when I do," she replied after snapping herself out of those thoughts. She had to concentrate on the task at hand; it was biggest job she had been given in a long time. She couldn't screw it up when they were so close to the end.

"Good, because I will kill Lilith. No angel will beat me to it."

"No angel will beat you to it," Ruby confirmed wondering if Sam caught the double meaning. He hadn't, his gaze shifting to the window again. Ruby started her car and pulled away from the abandoned stretch of road they had used. Nothing will stop you, Sammy, she thought as she began speeding down the road, nothing.