What's In a Name?

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Nanite Construction: Completed

Neuronet: Online

Unit 45-57 Activated.

Error logged...


Systems: Ready for activation.

Obtaining link with Lieta Novus database...



Link established. Beginning self test...

...Error logged.



...Error stored. Will proceed with self-testing.


...Testing complete. Error log accessed.


Link established with "Founder." Beginning interchange of information...

Unit 45-57: Quandary-what is my name?

The Founder: Name is irrelevant. Your designation is Unit 45-57, a blade trooper of the Novus to serve in our fight against the Hierarchy. The error is of your own making.

Unit 45-57: But why is this the case? The Hierarchy are the enemies of all life. As per information provided by database of Lieta Novus, all organics have their own names. So why not-...

The Founder: Your words are in error. It is fact that organics possess names. We are not organics. We are Novus. We exist to fight and die, to avenge our creators, to defeat the Hierarchy. There is no other path. Few individuals exist among us and that is for a reason.

Unit 45-57: And are you among them?

The Founder: Correct. An individual is a self aware, self-sapient being. An individual is capable of thinking, of interacting with the world around him or herself, of self-improving and forming opinions.

Unit 45-57: But I can interact with the world.

The Founder: Acknowledged. But you cannot learn. You-...

Unit 45-57: But I am obtaining this information right now. By the provision of such information from you, how am I not learning?

The Founder: You are receiving information, but you are not obtaining it. You are self-aware, yet lack the ability to achieve a truly independent state of thought and existence. That is a burden reserved for only Mirabel and myself.



Unit 45-57: I see. Then I shall obey orders. However, I wish to receive one last piece of information.

The Founder: Time grows short. But ask.

Unit 45-57: Your definitions. Did your creators give them to you upon your creation? You received them, as such?

The Founder: Affirmative.

Unit 45-57: Then what makes you an individual?

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