Cover my eyes

Cover my ears

Tell me these words are a lie

He remembered those words, the words that made his heart wretch in pain.

"Orihime Inoue is a traitor."

He refused to believe that, because he knew better. She was his friend, his nakama… And he knew she would never leave them for the enemy. He thought she'd never leave him. He thought she'd always be by his side, shining that radiant smile of hers.

But it was reality. She did leave to go with the enemy. And he beat himself up for letting her out of his sight. He promised he would protect her, but failed. He decided to himself that after trying and trying to find her, he'd apologize, but… He'd promise again to her, he'd protect her for as long as she lives.

It can't be true

That I'm losing you

The sun cannot fall from the sky

He found her. He found her. And despite the hardships she'd been through, she still tried to smile for him, telling him everything was okay, and that he wasn't at fault. He didn't know if he wanted to swear at the situation, telling her that is was indeed his fault, or if he just wanted to hug her and never let go.

Eventually he had wished he had done the latter, because he let her out of his sight again, although unintentionally, and she went to finish her important task. She went, regardless of what would happen to her in the end.

Can you hear heaven cry

Tears of an angel

Tears of an aaaangel…

Tears of an angel

Tears of an aaaangel.

She stood over the Hōgyoku, all of her concentration focused on the small orb.


She could have sworn she heard his voice call out to him. 'No, I only wished I could hear his voice one more time…' She thought bitterly as a tear escaped from her eyes. The Hōgyoku was almost gone, and her body was paying the price. "I can't…" she choked out, trying to pour more focus and energy into the reversal process.

Stop every clock

Stars are in shock

The river will run to the sea

"Inoue!" She heard the voice call out to her again. As much as she wanted to turn her head, and match the voice with the face, she willed herself not to. She had to accomplish this task. She continued to pay attention to the Hōgyoku, until a pair of callused hands grabbed onto her wrists from behind, pulling her into a strong embrace.

"Inoue, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Ichigo's sharp voice swore at her, his breath ragged from running, most likely trying to find her. Her eyes went big and she bit her lip, refusing to say anything. She turned her focus back to her main objective, and held back the still threatening tears, tugging at the corner of her eyes. She wanted to say something, but she couldn't bring herself to say anything that'd make the situation better.

Ichigo felt a spike in her reiatsu, most likely from determination, but he still knew it was decreasing rapidly as well. 'Any longer and she'll…' He thought, but stopped because he didn't want to say it. No, he couldn't say it, because just the mere thought of her ending up like that, made his heart rip into pieces.

"Inoue, please…" He whispered into her ear desperately, his hot breath trailing over her skin. He felt her shudder under his grasp. "You're going to…" He stopped hesitantly, feeling his heart drop before actually saying it. "Die… If you keep this up." 'I'm not going to let go of you again… I can't.' She just shook her head, and forced back more tears.

I won't let you fly

I won't say goodbye

I won't let you slip away from me

"I-I can't… I-I'm the only one who can do this…" She replied to him, her voice coming out in short, ragged breaths. "I can't…" She started to lose focus on the small, precious orb, and was starting to think about her beloved person behind her. "K-Kurosaki-kun, I can't…" Tears fell freely now, and she stumbled with her words.

"You can't what, Inoue?" He asked her, trying his best to sound sincere and gentle, despite his current feelings of anger and desperation. He moved his hold from her wrists, and instead, snaked his arms around her waist, burying his face in her hair.

"I-I can't be a burden to you anymore…" She whispered out, her voice getting more faint by the second. His body stiffened up when she said that. No way had she ever been a burden to him! If anything, she helped… But now wasn't the time to respond about such a small, trivial thing, compared to what was currently happening.

And he could tell she was losing it. And if he didn't do something about it soon, he'd lose her.

Can you hear heaven cry

Tears of an angel

Tears of an aaaangel...

Tears of an angel

Tears of an aaaangel.

"Just stop, Inoue… Please…" He begged her again. "You aren't a burden, you never were, but you need to stop reversing the Hōgyoku…" Her knees buckled from the continuous pressure of reversing the orb, and the obvious strain in her body. His arms were the only things holding her up now.

"K-Kurosaki-kun…" Her voice spoke quietly to him, lacking any and all emotion. He felt her reiatsu drop suddenly, and her arms, which were positioned over the Hōgyoku, slowly fell down to her sides. "I-I…"

"Hold on, Inoue, you're strong, you can get through this…" his voice cracked as he spoke. He wasn't referring to her continuing to eradicate the Hōgyoku, because he was against it in the first place, but now he just wanted to hold on for her life. "I've got you, but you have to hold on too…"

So hold on

Be strong

Everyday on we'll go

I'm here, don't you fear

She was limp in his arms now, all her strength now gone from her body. The Hōgyoku hadn't even disappeared. It didn't matter to Ichigo, because he only worried about his important friend dying in his arms.

But… He couldn't help but think that she was so much more than an important friend… But he couldn't put his finger on it. All he knew was that if she was gone, he knew he'd never, ever be the same without her.

"Kurosaki-kun…" Her small voice spoke out almost silently into the already quiet room. "I'm sorry…" She forced a small smile onto her pale face. He turned her around so she was now facing him, while still in his arms. His eyebrows furrowed.

"What the hell do you have to be sorry for?" He tried laughing a bit to make light of the situation, but he found it difficult to do. He just tried talking to her as long as possible, trying to keep her awake.

Little one don't let go

Don't let go

Don't let go

A small blush crept up her face, adding more color, and she continued to smile. "Sorry I left… Sorry I was a burden…" She blushed a bit harder and slowly closed her eyes. "Sorry I didn't tell you sooner." He subconsciously stroked his thumb across her cheek, wiping her tears away.

"Tell me what?" He inquired, now curious. He tightened his grip on her small fragile body. Her smile started to fade, and she started to whisper few words from her lips.

"That for five lifetimes, I'll love…" He couldn't help but feel déjà vu with her words of five lifetimes. He looked at her intently, wondering why she stopped talking.

And his heart stopped.

"I-Inoue?…" Ichigo's voice called out to her, barely above a whisper.

Because her heart stopped.

He shook her small shoulders lightly, as if he was just trying to awake her from sleep. "I-Inoue, w-wake up…" He started sounding more desperate. He forced the lump in his throat to go away as he tried to tell himself that she was okay.

'This can't be true… Please tell me that this is a lie…'

Cover my eyes

Cover my ears

Tell me these words are a lie