Yeaaah, I decided to make a second chapter, mainly about Ichigo reflecting. Here you go!

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Five minutes.

Five days.

Five weeks.

Five years.

Five lifetimes…


It didn't matter how long ago she died… To him, it felt like it had been eternities.

It wasn't like when Rukia left. Everybody remembered her. Everybody remembered her, and it pained him inside. Especially when he saw her. His childhood friend. The best friend of his dead friend.

'Why does the word 'friend' sound so bitter in my mind…?'

No words were said. His eyes showed all. And her tears showed her sadness.

"Ichigo, do you know where Orihime-chan is?"

"Where is Inoue-san?"

He heard those questions over and over again. He never responded to them, almost as if he didn't want to be involved in her disappearance in the first place. When asked the question, only a twinge of sadness flashed across his eyes as he gave them a bitter and painful smile.


Five minutes was the amount of time to watch her die.


Five days was the time to get back to the World of the Living. As soon as the rescue team met up the group in Hueco Mundo, he didn't say a word. He silently handed off her limp, cold body to them, and left.


Five weeks was the amount of time it took to convince him that it wasn't all a dream. It had really happened, and he wasn't at fault. When they told him, "You aren't at fault," he remembered her sweet voice, tinged with bitter sorrow, as she said the same words to him.


Five years would be the time it took him to learn the true meaning behind her words… Her true confession. The one she spoke of as she died in his arms.


And five lifetimes would be the number of times she would fall in love with him, the amount of times he would promise to give his life for hers. He would definitely protect her.

And five lifetimes would be how many times he vowed to fall in love with her in return.

'It's interesting…' Images of her beautiful and radiating smile flew into his mind. 'It's interesting how you never, ever realize what you have…

'Until you lose it.

He thought he was dreaming again when those words escaped from her fragile lips on that eventful day. He tends to think of that day as the one that changed his life.

"For five lifetimes, I'll love…"

It made him remember the dream – No, the nightmare, he had the night she was taken away to Hueco Mundo. Unfortunately, he remembered it as if it was yesterday.

"Ahh, I wish I could have five lifetimes! I could be born in five different towns, have five different jobs, eat five different lifetimes worth of food, and…"

He could clearly see her cheerful face and hear her angelic voice as she excitedly spoke of her wish of five lifetimes. But her expression grew soft, and her voice was now lowered significantly.

"And for those five lifetimes, I would fall in love with the same person…"

"Thank you Kurosaki-kun…" He extended his hand, trying to reach out to her and prevent her from leaving.

'I promised I'd protect her, dammit!' His thoughts rushed through his head. 'I'm not letting her go!"


"Thank you… Kurosaki-kun…"

"It wasn't your fault, so please don't apologize to me, nor look at me with those eyes."

"Don't die Kurosaki-kun!!"

"I'm sorry…" 'For what?' "Sorry I left, sorry I was a burden… Sorry for not telling you sooner."

His memories twisted her face into a painful grin, with sad eyes exposing unshed tears.