Author's Note: I do not own Harry Potter. I wrote this because she killed off all my favorite characters (they'll have a * next to their name) and because it sounded cool to write. I did invent some of these characters. This one is a short one.

Chapter 7: Flashback: Kendra 1862

"Eat something, please sweetheart." I begged my daughter. Arianna turned her nose up.

"I don't want soup." She said. I sighed. It had been like this for eight years. For three of those years I'd had it easy. Aberforth was the only she would eat for. He was at school now so he couldn't help. He didn't want to go to school, but an education was important. If only Percival were here…

"Arianna, if you eat your soup we can go visit Bathilda." I said. Arianna loved the batty old woman and her vast knowledge of wizarding history.

"Do I have to?" she asked.

"Yes, if you don't eat bad things will happen to you." I said. She didn't like the word die. It nearly always set her off and with Albus off at school, I couldn't afford for her to lose control of her magic. He was the only one who could contain it.

"Fine," Arianna sighed opening her mouth obediently.

When we came home from our walk over to Bathilda's the boys were inside getting settled. Arianna cheered and ran to hug Aberforth. Albus didn't even seem to notice us, so immersed in a letter he saw nothing else.

"How was school boys?" I asked.

"It could have been better." Aberforth said. "They're still calling me…well, it doesn't matter."

Albus slammed his letter down on the countertop.

"He won't let me help him. He let's people bully him and when I try to help he shoves me away." He said angrily.

"I don't need your help," Aberforth spat. Albus rolled his eyes.

"You need me as much as Arianna needs Mother." He said. "You're just too prideful to admit it."

"Boys, stop fighting." I said warily. Ever since Arianna was attacked the two had fought more and more. More often than not, it was their bickering that set off their sister. "I merely asked how school was. Aberforth, I don't see why Albus can't help you. He obviously cares that you're getting hurt."

"No he doesn't, he just wants to show off." Aberforth snapped.

"Don't use that tone with me." I snapped.

"And I don't need to show off." Albus said. "Everyone knows how good I am. If we were closer people wouldn't bully you."

"If we were closer I might have a seizure." Aberforth said.

"Aberforth Cornelius that is an awful thing to say to your brother. Apologize this instant." I shouted. When had the two come to such hostilities?

"No, I won't," Aberforth said folding his arms. "Did you know he's planning on traveling the world until next spring with his sidekick?"

"Friend," Albus corrected. Aberforth ignored him.

"He doesn't plan on coming home either. He wants to be Minister for Magic and Merlin knows what else and he's going to pretend like we don't exist at all!"

"I will not!" Albus countered. Arianna looked on the verge of tears. Time to intervene.

"Aberforth, I want you in your room this instant! Until you can be civil with your brother you are hereby banned to your room. Do you understand me?"

"You always take his side!" Aberforth retorted. "You can't ban me to my room. Who will watch Arianna? And if he leaves, who will be able to stop Arianna's panic attacks? Why don't you see I'm not the bad guy here?"

"Neither one of you are, there is no bad guy. Now get to your room!" I shouted. Arianna began to cry and shake.

"Stop…stop…" she begged.

"You have to punish him too!" Aberforth said. "He's one of the bullies!"

"Don't be ridiculous!" Albus argued. "What cause do I have to bully you? You aren't worth it."

"Albus!" I gasped. He had said anything so hateful before.

"It's the truth! I've tried for years to stop the fights, but Aberforth just won't quit. He doesn't even want me here so why he's so upset Elphias and I want to travel is beyond me…"

"You're just friends with him to make you look good! No one else would go near him because he had those marks from his dragon pox. It's an image thing!"



Suddenly the room shook violently. We all fell over. I crashed into the pantry. Aberforth flew under the dining room table and Albus was tossed into the back door. Aberforth was quickest to get up.

"Arianna, calm down! Stop!"

"She can't hear you!" Albus called over a strange roaring sound like fast moving air. "She's already in her trance. She doesn't know what she's doing!"

"Then stop her you prat!" Aberforth snapped.

"Stop fighting! That's why she's in this state!" I shouted. I stood and tried to get to her but something like a force shield kept flinging me back. Albus got out his wand and started trying to penetrate her shield to no avail. Aberforth kept charging it and getting flown farther and farther away.

"Aberforth, stop before you get hurt!" I called.

"Arianna!" Aberforth shouted. Suddenly, all the cutlery flew out of their drawers. They hovered in the air a moment before they flew at all of us. Albus waved his wand and the cutlery dissolved before it hit any of us.

"We need to get to her to calm her down!" I shouted over the whistling air that started blowing our hair everywhere, making our robes flap. All three of us got as close as we could. Then, it got worse. Arianna seemed to know Albus was the biggest threat. Some sort of white lightening struck him before he could react flinging him against the wall and knocking him out cold.

"Brilliant, now what?" Aberforth roared.

"Distract her!" I shouted. "I'll try to penetrate her defenses!"

Aberforth nodded. "Arianna, look at me!" he shouted picking up broken wood from the broken drawers and scattered cutlery. Arianna's glazed eyes turned to him. A cupboard behind Aberforth's head opened up.

"Aberforth. Look out!" I warned but too late. The door whacked him hard causing him to sprawl across the floor knocked out too. Then Arianna turned to me.

"Baby girl, don't do this! You hurt your brothers! What would Papa say?" Arianna paused for a moment, but just a moment. Then a rush of air sent me flying out the back door and into the fence. There was blinding pain as the fence splintered from the impact. My leg had been impaled by a part of the now broken fence. I couldn't stand. Arianna came outside. She looked at me and glared. My wand was inside; I had no way to protect myself. I knew little wandless magic, nothing protective.

"Arianna, it's Mama! It's Mama, stop!" But Arianna didn't recognize me. The glass in the house exploded into a million little shards, some embedding themselves into me. Surprisingly it all missed her, which meant her shield was still up.

"Arianna!" I shouted one last time. The air began to crackle and hiss and the ground began to burn beneath me. "Arianna! It's Mama!" A bolt of electricity struck me in the chest. The voltage was enough to stop my heart. When I blinked my eyes open I sat in a white meadow, my leg no longer impaled, no glass cuts on me, no injuries whatsoever. Knowing what must have happened I cried.