Authors' Notes: Co-written by doctorsdiva and lorelaisquared. We'd like to dedicate this final chapter to tardismate , our beta, for being so incredibly generous with her time, supportive of our efforts and enthusiastic about this project. We mean it when we say you are BRILLIANT. Thank you for everything. *giant hugs*

Fat Chance

Part Four

The three of them walked arm in arm, the Doctor leading them down the stairs, out of the building and into the Alleyway where he had left the TARDIS.

Rose and Donna both stopped dead at the sight of the TARDIS causing the Doctor to look from one to the other in confusion.

"What?" he asked.

"The TARDIS, I thought I'd never see it again," Rose whispered. She pulled a key out of her pocket and held it out to him. "May I?"

He grinned. "Certainly."

She beamed back at him, then turned and raced for the TARDIS, fumbling in her excitement to get back inside.

Beside the Doctor, Donna was standing open mouthed as though searching for her words.

Finally, she found them. "That's my car," she cried incredulously. "That's like destiny! And I've been ready for this!"

Donna grinned excitedly at the Doctor but her smile faltered a little as she saw his gaze slide to the TARDIS.

"She's wonderful," Donna said quietly.

The Doctor turned quickly to look at her sheepishly. "Donna...I"

"It's all right Doctor, I understand." Donna smiled, placing her hand on his upper arm squeezing gently. "You've been waiting for this for a long time, you should get in there."

The Doctor seemed to struggle with his emotions for a moment as he looked once again towards the TARDIS, but then turned back to Donna. "I missed you too, you know? Did you have adventures of your own after I left? Were you magnificent?"

Donna's smile was sad as she replied, "Oh I had such great ideas, plans for the future. Easier said then done. It's like I had that one day with you and I was gonna change. I was gonna do so much. Then I woke up next morning, same old life. It's like you were never there. And I tried. I did try, I went to Egypt. I was gonna go barefoot and everything. And then it's all bus trips and guidebooks and don't drink the water and two weeks later you're back home. It's nothing like being with you. I must have been mad turning down that offer."

Donna's voice was barely a whisper. Every hope she had for travelling with the Doctor again was rapidly disappearing. She knew he would want to be with Rose and the idea of being a gooseberry didn't appeal at all.

"Donna you could come, the offer still stands." The Doctor stepped forward and put both his hands on her shoulders. "Lot's of room in there." He nodded over his shoulder.

Donna shook her head. "But it's not just your decision any more is it? Doctor, Rose has been searching for you for God knows how long and been through so much. Did it never enter that huge alien brain of yours that she might want some time with you?" Donna flicked his forehead.

"Oww!" He rubbed at the spot while staring pensively into space. "If it will make you feel better, I'll talk to her, but I know she'll want you to come with us. She likes you."

Donna laughed. "Oh, I'm pretty sure she likes you more."

The Doctor grinned. "Tell you what, go do whatever you need to be ready to go and meet us back here in an hour."

"But --"

"Donna, we both want you with us." He held up his index finger. "Remember, one hour."

She strode to the car. "Right, one hour."

"Brilliant." He waved and disappeared into the TARDIS.

Donna rummaged in her pocket for the car keys, frowning when she couldn't find them. She checked her other pocket, before realizing that the Doctor must have nicked them. "Oh, very funny." She shouted at the TARDIS. "How do you expect me to get back here in an hour without my car?"

The TARDIS just stood there, unresponsively. Donna sighed in exasperation and checked her pockets again, uprooting a tenner she hadn't known she'd had. "Oh, Spaceboy thinks he's so clever," she muttered glaring at the TARDIS. "You'd better be kissing Rose right now!"


The Doctor closed the door behind him and swung Donna's keys around his finger with a smirk. He knew her well enough to know that she might just decide to go off and not come back and he couldn't let that happen. He swung round expecting to find Rose in the Console room but the room was empty and a little dart of fear clutched at his belly. The TARDIS hummed reassuringly and he sighed with relief. Pocketing the keys he set off a fast pace to look for Rose, knowing just where she would be.

Rose looked up at the tentative knock on her bedroom door. Her heart was beating hard in her chest and she felt a little breathless as she called, "Come in Doctor."

The door opened slowly and she smiled at the hesitant Doctor as he stood in the threshold. "You kept everything the same, all my books, clothes even my makeup. It's all here." Rose looked up at him, tears beginning to form in her wide eyes.

In one step he was in the room and kneeling at her feet. "I needed them to...Well I had to believe that somehow you would come back to me." He gazed up into her eyes, "You are here aren't you Rose, you are really here?"

"Oh yes," With a small cry Rose wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed kisses all over his face. He held her tightly to him, still afraid that if he let go for just a second she would be gone. Finally their lips met and the dark pain and loss of time past was forgotten in the bright light of their passion and love.

Rose broke the kiss, her hands coming to rest on his cheeks so she could study his face. The face that had been etched into her heart and mind since the last time she'd seen him. "I still can't quite believe that I've actually found you."

He smiled, "I'm glad you did." He looked down at his feet for a moment, shifting awkwardly. "Rose?"

He spoke so softly that she had to strain to hear him. "Yes, Doctor?"

"Did you mean it?"

She lifted his chin with her finger so she could see his eyes again. She thought she knew what he was asking, but she had to be sure. "Mean what?"

"That day on the beach, you said... you said..." There was a flurry of emotion in his eyes as he tried to find the right words.

She decided to help him out. "I said, 'I love you.'" She kissed him softly. "And yes, I meant it then, and I mean it now. I wouldn't have spent every possible moment of my life there trying to get back to you if I didn't. I love you, Doctor. With every fibre of my being." She was crying now, so overcome with the relief of being able to tell him openly how she felt.

"Oh, Rose." He gathered her into his arms and cradled her against his chest, blinking back tears of his own. Suddenly he was back there, on the beach that day, wanting to tell her how he felt, knowing that it might be his only chance, only to have her image ripped away from him again before he could finish. A sense of desperation filled him. He had to tell her, had to show her, needed to let her know that her searching had not been in vain.

He loosened his embrace and stepped back, taking in her tear stained cheeks, and vibrant blue eyes. His eyes bored into hers as he wiped at her tears with his thumb. "Rose Tyler," his voice broke and he choked on the words. 'No' he screamed at himself, 'You have to say it, you have to tell her.' He took a deep breath and tried again. "Oh, Rose, I love you. I've fought against it, I've tried to ignore it, I've even tried to forget. But I can't, you're in my hearts and in my mind and I can't seem to get you out. I love you."

Suddenly there were no obstacles between them; no white wall, no closed off dimensions, no naive fears, no foolish adherence to a tradition long dead. There was just a man and a woman, so very much in love and needing one another. Rose moved forward holding him tightly to her. "Doctor, I don't want to wait any longer. Please...make love to me."

Rose's words opened a floodgate of emotions in the Doctor's mind and soul. With a groan he claimed her mouth with his, those earlier tender kisses replaced by hot passion which made Rose tremble with their intensity. One hand swept through her hair and drew a line of fire along her cheek and onto her neck, whilst the other moved from her waist to sit under her breast, its weight cupped in his hand. He was frustrated by her leather jacket and began to fumble at the zip, his hands trembling. Gasping for breath, Rose broke the kiss and quickly had the jacket open and off her shoulders. There was no time for more than a breath before he claimed her mouth again, his cool tongue questing across her lips desperate for admission.

She gasped softly, and her lips parted, letting him in. He wasted no time in finding her tongue, enticing it to dance with his as they tasted and explored each other. Rose tugged at his shirt, loosening it from his trousers. As he continued to ravish her mouth, she worked at his buttons, unfastening them one at a time in rapid succession with deft fingers. Soon she felt his smooth skin beneath her fingers. She pulled on his tie until it was loose, then reluctantly broke the kiss to lift it over his head and toss it on the floor. Immediately her hands found the warm flesh of his chest and she swept his shirt and jacket up and over his shoulders, down his arms, her hands dancing over his skin in its wake.

The Doctor was galvanised by the touch of her hands on his bare skin, and he marvelled at the sensations that raced over his nerve endings. He yearned to touch the soft warmth of her breasts but was prevented by the flimsy cotton of her shirt. Hooking his fingers into the open neck of her blouse he pulled down sharply, sending the tiny buttons flying across the room. He heard Rose gasp in surprise as he plunged his hand inside her bra and scooped her breast into his hand. He groaned as he felt the warmth of her flesh and slid his thumb across the hardening nub of her nipple. The high moan that came from Rose shot straight to his groin, making the pressure there almost too much to bear. He pressed himself hard against her leg, desperate for friction to relieve the growing ache.

Rose had shivers up and down her spine as she felt him press against her. Suddenly she could wait no longer, she wanted the last vestiges of the barriers between them gone. She groped for his fly, missed and accidentally stroked the very bulge she'd been trying to release. The Doctor emitted a growl that increased her desperation. She found the zip, and within seconds his trousers were pooled at his feet. He quickly kicked off his Converse and the trousers with them. Any questions Rose may have had about the Doctors anatomy were answered in that instant and she found herself chuckling. "I never would have pegged you as the commando type, Doctor."

Lust fogged his brain as the Doctor tried to decipher what Rose was saying. He could see her mouth moving, her beautiful soft wet lips forming words but for a moment his synapses refused to understand them. "Wha...?" His eyes grew wider as with a laugh Rose bobbed her head forward and enclosed the end of his erection in her mouth, swiping her tongue across the head before just as quickly letting it go. Oh, but he wanted that again. He wanted to feel the moist heat of her mouth wrapped around him. His whole body shook with anticipation and as he looked into her eyes he heard himself breathe, "Oh yes. Oh Rose...Please..." His hands moved to her hips but he was frustrated by the denim that was still a barrier to her skin. He took a step back as Rose pressed gently on the centre of his chest. His breath caught in his throat as she stood and began to unzip her jeans, oh so slowly. Every movement of her fingers over her body was like a thrilling cadence to the growing excitement in his belly and groin.

She unfastened the button and he caught a glimpse of the pink fabric of her knickers. His groin tightened and he swallowed hard, fighting to stay in control. She worked her jeans over her hips in slow motion, the Doctor's gaze following her every movement. Finally, after what seemed like hours, she stepped out of her jeans and tossed her knickers to the floor, revealing long, smooth legs and a tantalizing triangle of curly hair. He growled again, and Rose felt herself practically melt inside. There was something about that sound that made her pulse quicken and she knew she wanted to hear that sound again. She stepped toward him, placed one hand on his bare chest and propelled him backward toward the bed. She pushed him down gently, so he was lying on his back, his legs slightly parted. She took in the slender perfection of his body as he lay there breathing heavily. His length was stiff and pulsing, pre-come dampening his belly. She longed to taste him again but could see that he was perilously close to the edge. Too much stimulation and this could all be over before it started.

The Doctor could feel his control rapidly waning. The sight of her naked in front of him was almost too much. He thought he might come just looking at her, if that were possible: was it possible? His mind began to take him down more and more fantastic avenues before he realised that Rose had stopped moving and was simply looking down at him, her beautiful naked body bathed in the warm golden glow of the TARDIS. Only a supreme effort of will prevented him from leaping up and taking her, from burying himself inside her and feeling the ecstasy that was so tantalisingly close.

"Doctor...Doctor?" Rose's voice was tight with desire, "We need to slow down a little, otherwise..."

He swallowed and nodded his head. Of course she was right, they had waited too long for him to spoil everything by being too eager. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment, fighting with his traitorous body, needing to shut out the intense visual stimulation that was Rose Tyler naked. After a few moments he felt more in control and allowing his eyes to settle on her once more, the Doctor reached out a hand to Rose.

She knelt beside him, batting away his hands as he tried to pull her to him. It was time to show him just how much she loved him. She kissed him first, slowly and tenderly, revelling in the texture and feel of his lips gliding over hers. She committed the sensation to memory as she drew his bottom lip into her mouth and nipped at it playfully. The Doctor moaned and wove his hands in her hair, crushing her to him. He arched his hips and Rose pulled away, worried that his tenuous control would break.

She positioned herself between his legs, then leaned back on her heels, frowning. "Um, Doctor?"

The hesitation in her voice caught his attention and he managed to tear his eyes away from his languid study of her body. "Rose? What is it?"

She blushed, looking down slightly. "Do you, um, have, um..." she trailed off awkwardly after gesturing to his straining erection.

The Doctor frowned, puzzled by her garbled question. Did he have what? An erection? Well he thought that would be obvious. "What Rose?"

The look on his face was priceless and she couldn't help laughing. Of course he had no idea what she was talking about. Suddenly feeling more comfortable, Rose said, "I was trying to ask if you had any condoms."

The Doctor reached up and pulled on his left ear, desperately trying to cover his embarrassment. "Ah, oh, right,yes, well...Actually Rose we don't need them. The TARDIS can regulate your ovulation and my fertility, if that's all right?" He stuttered to a stop, knowing that interference with her body was one of Rose's pet hates with regard to the TARDIS. He felt a flush of relief as a slow, sultry smile spread across Rose's face.

She tucked her tongue between her lips and rose to straddle his hips. Her hand gently grasped the base of his cock and they locked eyes as she positioned him at her slick entrance and slowly eased herself onto it.

The Doctor had been so distracted by Rose's tongue that it was a moment before he realised what she was doing. The hot, wet sensation of her sliding onto him made him gasp and his hips bucked slightly. Rose kept the downward pressure steady until he was buried completely inside her and he thought he might not hold it together. But Rose's clever slowing of the tempo had given him just enough time to get back in control and now she sat on top of him, moving her hips very slightly; her eyes tightly closed as she too allowed the extraordinary sensation to overwhelm her. Her breasts bobbed gently with her soft movements and the Doctor was mesmerised. Reaching out he caressed her breast, rolling her hardened nipple between his finger and thumb. He was rewarded with a low moan from Rose that made him repeat the move on her other breast, desperate to hear that sound again.

Rose was finding it awfully hard to breathe. The feel of the Doctor's hands on her breasts was sending ripples of delectable sensation to the core of her body and she could wait no longer. She sought his gaze and watched him carefully as she began to move above him in a slow and steady rhythm. With each downward motion, she felt him rub against her tight, slick walls and her pace began to quicken slightly, encouraged by the upward thrusting of the Doctor's hips.

Every slide of Rose's body over his sent shocks of sensation through the Doctor. He could feel the heavy burn of his orgasm intensifying with every lift and bounce of her flesh on his. The Doctor knew it would not take much more before his strength of will would no longer be enough to hold back the overwhelming tide of ecstasy building in his belly and balls. He looked desperately at Rose who seemed to recognise his losing battle and moved her hands down her body to the apex of their joining. She slid her fingers through her curls and pressed down on the pulsing nub of nerves that held the key to her own completion. The sight of her pleasuring herself whilst riding his cock made the Doctor's hearts pound and his balls contract. Knowing that he was too close to stop, he reached up and pulled her hand away, replacing it with his own, rubbing his thumb in tight circles around her clit, begging her to come for him.

The touch of his hand on her clit set her entire lower body on fire. She screamed his name and threw back her head as her muscles began to contract around his cock. He continued to thrust into her as her orgasm burst forth. She screamed again, her whole body shaking as she bucked and writhed wildly completely relinquishing all control.

The rhythmic squeezing of her internal muscles around him propelled the Doctor into his own orgasm. His cock pulsed and jerked as he came hard, shouting her name as each cool jet left his body and he spasmed inside her. As she collapsed on his chest the warm, trembling weight of her pressed to his body felt so right, so perfect that tears ran down his cheeks.

After a few minutes, their bodies relaxed and the Doctor gently rolled to the side, gathering Rose into his arms and pressing gentle kisses to her hair.

"I'll have to get sucked into another dimension and fight for three years to get back to you more often, if that's the welcome back I get," Rose giggled, as she ran her fingers gently across his back. She was surprised when he pulled her to him in a fierce embrace.

"Never again Rose, I'm never letting you go again."

Rose felt the splash of hot tears on her shoulder as the Doctor reacted to her words. She realised that he really had missed her just as much as she'd missed him. Kissing him gently she whispered the same words she had used so very long ago.

"I made my choice a long time ago, and I'm not leaving you. Forever, remember?"

She felt the Doctor relax against her and she sighed with contentment that she was finally here in his arms.

As the Doctor's skin cooled to its normal temperature Rose shivered, and reached out for the corner of the sheet. As she rolled away to reach it, she stopped suddenly, grimacing in pain.

"What is it?" the Doctor asked, concerned.

Rose slid her hand behind her and came up with a set of keys, dangling them in front of the Doctor. "What are these?"

The Doctor's eye's widened. "Oh no, they're Donna's!"

"How'd her keys get in our bed?"

The Doctor's mouth quirked into a very smug smile. "Our bed?"

"Yes, Mr 'I'm so pleased with myself.' Our bed." Rose raised her eyebrows waiting for an answer.

"Oh! I took them, to ensure she'd come back in an hour. She'll be here any minute." He sprang out of bed and started to pull on his clothes.

Rose followed suit and picked up her bra, fastening it as she spoke. "Calm down, I'm sure she'll wait. It's not like she doesn't know what we've been doing."

The Doctor dropped his tie and gaped at her. "What?"

"Come on, she's been stuck between us and our sexual tension all day. She's not blind. Besides, I'm pretty sure she'd want this for us...for you. She loves you Doctor."

He grinned. "She does, doesn't she? She loves you too, you know? Has ever since I first mentioned you." He tucked in his shirt and picked up his jacket. "Look, Rose. I think Donna should come with us. I know we just found each other again and I'm thrilled about that, but I invited Donna once and she turned me down, now she wants to come and I don't want to turn her away. Besides, she's amazing and I think she'd be really useful to have around. And you two seem to get a long and I thought... what? What?" He realized Rose was staring at him, unreleased mirth etched across her cheeks. "What?"

Rose laughed as she put on the last of her clothing. "Shut Up, Doctor. Of course she's coming with us. I wouldn't have it any other way. She's meant for amazing things that one."

The Doctor smiled, relieved. "She is, isn't she?" He strode over to Rose, firmly taking her hand "Come on, let's go tell her."


In the alleyway outside the TARDIS Donna was leaning against the boot of the car. Her posture was relaxed but inside her head her thoughts were racing. She had done it, she had actually found the Doctor. That initial exhilaration was quickly replaced with a heavy dose of realism, engrained in Donna's psyche courtesy of her mother, who never let her dwell on her successes for long. Yes, she had found the Doctor, but she had also unknowingly found Rose too. The one person in the Universe the Doctor really needed to see. As much as she wanted to get back inside the TARDIS and travel with that wonderful, infuriating alien, she knew the probability was low that she would be wanted there now. Three's a crowd, that's what Nerys had always said, usually when running off with the man that Donna had picked up. Donna shook her head: she would just be in the way. She decided that she would ask for her keys and say goodbye.

It was starting to rain and her coat was locked in the car. "Oh isn't this wizard," she griped as she looked up at the night sky. She was just debating whether to knock on the door of the TARDIS when it swung open and the Doctor and Rose stepped out onto the street. She could see immediately what had happened in the hour while she had been gone. Happiness for them both warred with disappointment that she had been right about what her future held. They were lovers now and really didn't need a third wheel to get in the way.

Donna planted a broad smile on her face and walked toward them. "If you'll just give me my keys, Doctor, I'll be on my way." She held out her hand for the keys. "It was good to see you again Doctor, and wonderful to meet your Rose."

She squeaked when the Doctor suddenly pulled her into an embrace. "Don't be daft, Donna, you're coming with us."

"But --" Donna pulled away and looked to Rose.

Rose grinned, "You're a part of the team now. No chance of escape. Besides, we want a mate."

Donna looked appalled. "You want to mate?"

Rose and the Doctor exchanged shocked glances at Donna's horror.

"Donna! Rose and I...well we've just found each other but we need you too." The Doctor explained carefully.

"Oi! I'm not into threesomes sunshine, especially not with long, thin streaks of alien nothing." Donna was backing away now, not really sure what to expect next.

Rose began to laugh and Donna thought it was probably the loveliest sound she'd ever heard.

"A friend Donna, what the idiot Timelord is trying to say is that we need a friend. We need you Donna," Rose stepped forward and linked her arm with the Doctor. "I need another girl on board and he needs someone to keep him in line. We'd love it if that was you."

The Doctor nodded enthusiastically and then frowned at the implication of Rose's words.

"I'll have you know I am not an idiot, in fact..."

"Shut up Martian boy, Rose is talking." Donna suppressed a smirk as Rose grinned at the Doctor's expression. He was beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea after all.

Rose rolled her eyes and handed Donna her keys. "You might need these." Donna grinned and after taking the keys from Rose, grabbed her arm and yanked her over to the boot of the car. She opened it, revealing a massive pile of suitcases.

"I packed ages ago," Donna started to say, "Just in case. 'Cause I though, hot weather, cold weather, no weather..."

She started to lug them out of the car as she spoke, thrusting them into the arms of a very stunned Doctor, who had followed them over.

"... he goes anywhere, I've gotta be prepared."

Rose laughed. "Well, the TARDIS wardrobe room will provide you with whatever you need, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared."

"Why didn't hetell me that?" Donna asked, thrusting a thumb toward the overloaded Doctor and tossing a striped hatbox on top of the rest.

"You've got a...a... hatbox?" the Doctor said incredulously.

"Planet of the Hats, I'm ready!"

Rose burst into hysterical giggles at that. "Oh, Donna, it's going to be great having you around. And don't worry, I'll make sure you're filled in on any details Mr 'I know Everything' here forgets to mention."

The Doctor snorted from behind the giant mountain of luggage in his arms. "Oh, I don't know, Rose. There are some details I'll never forget!!!"

The Doctor dumped the pile of bags just inside the TARDIS door and turned back to Donna. "So, this is your first official trip in the TARDIS. Where do you want to go?"

"Oh I know exactly where to go," Donna replied with a smile, "Two and a half miles that way." She pointed over to her left. The Doctor frowned and opened his mouth to ask why when Donna gave a sudden cry.

"Mum's car keys! I can't go without leaving them." She fumbled in her pocket for her phone and dialled her mums number. "I'll be back in a minute, don't leave without me." She grinned over her shoulder as her mum answered the phone.

Rose looked fondly at the Doctor. "It's been a while for me too you know."

"Oh I know Rose," the Doctor breathed into her ear, "and I'm going to take you to places you could never imagine in your wildest dreams"

Rose shivered with the dark promise that his words conveyed and fell willingly into his passionate kiss.

Donna found a waste bin on the street, placed the keys in it and told her mum where she could find them. She rang off before Sylvia could question her any further, but just in case she walked over to a blonde man who was leaning against the barrier watching the clean up operation in the street.

She tapped him on the shoulder, "Listen, there is this woman that's going to come along, a tall blond woman called Sylvia, tell her that bin there. Right, it'll all make sense. That bin there." Then she turned and ran back up the alley.

The blonde man did not flinch when seconds later a grinding, groaning noise filled the air. He simply stared straight ahead, his cold blue eyes emotionless, completely still except for the tapping of his unusual signet ring on the metal barrier under his hands.

Ta Ta Ta Tap.

Ta Ta Ta Tap.