Birds and Bees: Anko style
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Story Start

Virgin or not when Anko wanted something she got it. That was the conclusion Naruto came to considering he had a half-naked Anko straddling his lap. The moment she woke up she pounced on him like a bum if a steak dinner was presented before his eyes. Over the years Naruto found himself able to get a read on people just by their facial expressions and Anko's facial expressions were very commanding, but surprisingly passionate and mischievous.

With veiled whispers from her sultry lips passing into his ear he was instructed on what to do and how to do it to get her ready for the next lesson plan. Her passionate kisses sending tingles down his spine as her laced panties ground against his hardening crotch; which put the rumors that Anko didn't wear panties to rest. She was vivacious and sexy, but all those stories about her being some sadistic bi-sexual master and corrupter of virgins were obviously false.

He could sense it, feel it; under her bravado a sense of nervousness similar to his own. Not as much as his own considering he was trying to learn how babies were born only for it to be derailed into a sexy and voluptuous older woman gyrated on him; not that he was complaining of course. No matter how much will power he had, at the end of the day he was still a young man. A young man while under the whims of Anko did not deny or try to stop her when she used a kunai to slice him free of his clothing. A good thing they were at his apartment after all.

Getting a bit bold Naruto reacted and grabbed her breasts. A hiss tore through Anko's mouth as she held down her head, a rather predatory looked gaze down on him with lust glazed eyes and eagerness. Reaching up, Anko undid her hair tie and let her hair loose; dropping to mid-back length and almost giving her the appearance of a completely different woman.

She claimed his lips once more as Naruto instinctual kneaded her breasts. Once or twice Anko stopped him and chided him for his roughness, giving him a helpful tip or two and easing him into doing softer and longer caresses. Understandable seeing as he wasn't experienced in handling a woman's body too well.

When Anko gave Naruto the command to lick her breasts he followed without hesitation. The mewing from her lips egged him on as Anko's lust filled moans and hardening nipples seemed to bring her higher and higher. Before Naruto could react Anko had pushed him on his back and slid out of her panties.

''Making babies is rather simply,'' she lectured as she placed her hand on his cock. ''This here is your penis and when you get aroused blood flows here and it hardens!'' If there was one thing that was always consistent with Anko then it was the fact she was blunt; always straight to the point as she saw no use for long speeches, flowery words, or a bunch of medical terms. ''And your balls produce what is known as sperm of semen. When your cock is stimulated enough you shoot that sperm into a woman. Now your dick here goes into here,'' she said, using her other hand to point to her vagina. ''You got to stimulate a woman to get a pussy nice and ready before you just stick it in or its painful and chances are you aren't getting laid again. After a bit of fucking the guy cums and shoots his baby making juice into a girl. Now the sperm swims up the cervix and into the uterus
until they come across an egg and fertilize it. Now as a result of a union of sperm and egg a new life is born over the period of nine month as the fetus grows in a woman's uterus. Come a little over nine months later a boy or girl is squeezed outside of the Vagina and tada, new life!''

For once Naruto was glad Anko wasn't as detailed as she could have been. ''Since you got me worked up you have to take care of me stud. Don't worry though I'm on a contraceptive, meaning I can't get pregnant as it's call.'' she said giving his cock a squeeze and causing Naruto to moan. ''Now get down here and give my pussy a good licking!''

When Anko got off him Naruto let out a small breath of relief. One part of his curiosity was finally quenched in a rather odd and brash way. When Anko got on her back and spread her legs Naruto looked her. The pinkness of her vagina was very welcoming and the scent was driving him wild. So he repeated what he did with Anko's breasts and she seemed rather please.

Though he himself was growing to almost painful levels of excitement as he continued tasting her. He was startled when she hooked her legs around him, but he didn't let that stop him from going down on her until a rush of warm wetness splattered on his face followed by Anko's scream.
semi-sour taste of it. He didn't think too much about what the liquid was, being in too much in a haze, and continued licking away at anko's precious area. He could feel her shudder with each lick and for the second time, he felt a liquid enter his mouth. After taking his time to swallow and revel in the taste, he went back to licking... but he licked nothing but air. Opening his eyes, he propped himself on his elbows and noticed anko laying next to him, seemingly exhausted, but with a content look on her face. Though that face didn't last long as Naruto found himself once more on his back. That seemed to be happening a lot lately. He watched as Anko hovered above him, using her the finger of her hand to hold her lips apart as she slowly slid down his poll.

Naruto let out a moan as the sensation of Anko's fold swallowing him up. His body couldn't help but jerk as he was sheathed inside the older woman who was always groaning at the sensation of being filled. Naruto couldn't help himself and bucked forwards, burring his entirety in Anko resulting in her hissing and chewing him out. Naruto could only apologize as Anko informed him how painful it is for a virgin and how you couldn't just force your way in without causing a tear or discomfort for your partner. Naruto apologized endlessly until Anko snapped at him to be quiet so she could concentrate.

The feeling of Anko around him and watching her sexy lips as she breathed in and out almost caused Naruto to loose it right then and there. After a few moments she began moving, rocking back and forth on him resulting in a feeling at the pit of Naruto's stomach. More pleasure then pain tickled his senses as his member stretched Anko out a bit more as sensations of wetness built up. Not able to hold himself back any longer Naruto's hand came a rest on Anko's rear as he began thrusting up into the woman.

Instead of chewing out the blond Anko moaned even louder as Naruto's pulsating tool began hitting all her spots as she began moving to the sides and all around. Under his touches Anko became sexually charged under his touches as she began riding him like a woman possessed. So lost in the moment everything went silent in her mind as she slipped a finger between her fold and began rubbing her clit. With a roar all of her pent of sexual energy through the years exploded as she came, her walls squeezing around Naruto causing to let out a roar and slammed his crotch into Anko as his seed spilled into her, his hips bucking a few times erratically as his cock pulsating and he came several times.

Letting out a breath of relief Naruto dropped down; Anko still united with Naruto's cock still inside of her head fell forward, her breasts smothering Naruto's face as she rested her chin on Naruto's head and let out a content sigh. ''Now that's what I call Birds and Bee: Anko style.'' she said as she stroked his head. ''You got fifteen minutes to rest Uzumaki! I heard all about how you're a stamina god and I plan on making up for lost time.'' she said as she eased herself up and licked her lips.

Seeing Anko's grin Naruto began to wonder if maybe he should have asked someone else like Shizune. While this was nice something told him now that Anko had her hands on him he was never going to get away.