Author's Note: A one shot fluff set in a time where the Doggett and Reyes relationship is just beginning.


John Doggett grunted as the mobile's piercing ring tone cut through the sleepy haze of his mind and he was awake instantly. Reaching over the naked form in the bed next to him he reached for the phone and placed it to his ear with a 'John Doggett'.

'Agent Reyes?' said female voice on the other end and Doggett swiftly pulled the phone away from his ear as he realised that the phone he had picked up and answered was not in fact his. 'I've got Assistant Director Follmer on the line for you.'

Disguising his voice as he mumbled something along the line of an understanding, he set about waking up Monica Reyes – a task in itself. Brad's voice came over the line as Monica finally entered the realm of wakefulness. He thrust the phone into her hand as he made a move to get out of bed, but Monica's hand flew out and put a stop to his plan as she nestled her head into his chest and yawned as she placed the phone to her ear.

Unable to move, he contented himself with propping his head up on one hand against the headboard, running his fingers through Monica's hair with the other as he listened to her conversation half-heartedly. His ears perked up when she began responding to what was clearly some probing questions from the Assistant Director aka her ex-boyfriend. 'What I am doing now?'

He couldn't see her face, even when he tilted his head, but he swore that she had a grin plastered on her face as she responded. 'I'm lying in a bed well and truly satisfied,' said the daredevil currently resting on his form. 'After all, it's a beautiful morning.'

He had to resist the urge to snort.

There was no shame as she ended the call and sat up, reaching over his form to place the phone on the bedside table nearest to him as his hand now rested on her lower back. She turned her head to him and the hair fell over her face as she placed a kiss to his mouth. Pulling back, she climbed over him and headed toward his ensuite in all her naked glory. 'I'm going for a shower,' called Monica over her shoulder as he remained propped up against the headboard. 'Want company?' he called in a semi-joking tone which she responded to in a teasing voice. 'You offering?'

He wasn't sure he'd ever moved out of bed so fast.


I love these two characters. They were a brilliant addition to the X-Files franchise.