Birds and Bees:Hinata
Story Start
Naruto and Hinata have been enjoying a blissful honeymoon in the hidden hot springs village. After finally arriving to their hotel room the couple wanted to do nothing more then unwind and enjoy their wedding bliss.

''I love you Hinata.'' Naruto whispered as he gently caressed Hinata's cheek.

''I love you too Naruto.'' Hinata whispered back and took the initative. Wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck and brought him down for a kiss. Ever since their relationship finally came true Hinata became a lot more confident in expressing her desires for Naruto and how she acted over all. Her tongue forced its way through Naruto's teeth, their tongue brushing against each other as the heat built up between them.

The two of them maneuvered their way to the bed as they discarded their shirts, falling to the bed. As they laid their he couldn't help but marvel at the size of Hinata's was definitely the bustiest girl of their generation not to mention they were remarkably soft. The last few days of heavy petting had allowed him to grow more confident in his ministrations.

Though on their way here by horse Naruto still couldn't believe what Hinata told him. It wasn't that he didn't believe her when she told him when pregnant mammals develop milk in their mammary sacs to feed their newborn, but more along the line that Hinata's breasts would grow bigger then they were now if she were to get pregnant.

Naruto could feel the excitement along with anxiety mix in his stomach; in fact he felt almost out of his skin as he feared the prospect of disappointing Hinata. But Hinata's loving face ebbed away some of those fears.

''You really are an angel.'' Naruto mouthed as he tried to undo Hinata's bra, but found himself struggling quite a bit. Hinata giggled again and sat up to help him. She was nervous, but she knew Naruto was too, and that's what made tonight perfect.

As his hands gently cupped her breasts, his cock twitched involuntarily, and Hinata let out an audible moan. She captured her lips with his as she began to unbutton his pants, pulling them down as he continued to softly stroke her breasts resulting in her nipples hardening.

Naruto kicked his pants revealing his strained cock against his boxers. Naruto gently laid a trail of kisses along Hinata's mounds as hr hand rubbed along his cloth erection. Both slowly taking their time to get used to the other's body.

Laying their they continued soft kisses showered along the jaw and neck of their lover as bliss continued to fill them.

Hinata soon became filled with arousal as she slipped her hand into Naruto's boxers and wrapped her hand gently around his member. He jumped and his crotch twitched in her hand but she held on firmly.

Naruto broke the kiss with a hiss of pleasure as Hinata she squeezed tighter and move her hand up and down, above his boxers, rubbing her palm over his stiff piece.

Naruto took the opportunity to slid off her pants to the middle portion of her thighs as she continued to jerk him off. Naruto hips jerked against her hand as he felt himself about to explode.

Hinata stopped to place a kiss on Naruto's lips and wrap her arms around him to pull him on top of her. ''You remember what I told you Naruto-kun? You don't have to worry as today is a safe day.''

Naruto nodded as he slipped off his boxers and Hinata slipped off his panties. The previous night Hinata had given him the birds and bees talk he was so curious about learning. Then a substance called semen would ejaculate from his penis when he climaxed and when he climaxed inside a woman it would go into her womb and fertilize an egg creating something called a fetus which over the course of nine months would develop into a baby.

He was sort of glad Hinata told him about that stuff ahead of time as talking about it at the current time would have resulted in such a weird mood.

''I'm ready.'' Hinata said nervously as Naruto positioned himself at her entrance.

''I love you...'' Naruto mouth and stared at her shivering body as he slowly pushed forward. Hinata winched and bit her bottom lip as Naruto's large girth began stretching her as a sensation shot through her lower abdomen. Hinata let out a groan and her eyes began to tear.

Naruto softly kissed her cheek and held her as her muscles began to relax and allowed Naruto to slowly make his way into her. He made sure to be as gentle as possible as the pain slowly subsided and gave way to pleasure.

Naruto began to move, their pelvis began to slowly grind against each other as their movements sped up; slowing coming to a sync. Their faces contorted into pleasure as their slow love making gave birth to moans and groans that filled the room.

Since both of them were virgins they both soon came to climax and laid there on the bed, satisfied and connected as the hip as they enjoyed the warmness of their lover as their fluids dripped onto the sheets. After a few more kisses and with a moan they separated as Naruto rolled over onto his back and Hinata laid her head on Naruto's chest.

"I love you, Hinata," Naruto whispered into her ear.

"I love you too, Naruto," she whispered back. Who would have thought the Birds and Bees talk would be the thing that brought them together.