Birds and Bees: The Original

Chapter Title: The Lessons Aren't Over Yet


Story Start

Shizune hummed as she cooked a nice hearty breakfast. If anyone were to see her at that moment they would be able to tell she was possibility glowing. Shizune was wearing one of Naruto's T-shirt which barely covered her nether regions. Her mind was on the bliss that occurred last night. She heard the toilet flush meaning Naruto had woken up.

She set a plate of Eggs, Grits, Ham, and Hash brown on the table. During her travels with Tsunade, Shizune had to develop some sort of hobby. Her entire life couldn't be focused on making sure her master stayed out of trouble. She took up interests in food, particularly in western culture. Because of Shizune's rather reserved personality she didn't stick out as much despite this new skill set. A shame really, because if anyone got to know her like Naruto had recently they would know she was one hell of a cook.

"There we go!" She said happily as she finished setting the table.

''Morning Shizy,'' Naruto greeted, wrapping his arms around her and nuzzling his nose against her neck.

''Morning Naruto-kun.''

He took a whiff of the aroma in the air. ''Smells good...''

''Tastes even better,'' She said with a confident grin. With a quick peck the two sat down to enjoy the breakfast Shizune made.

''Last night was great, Shizy. I'm really glad we found each other.'' Naruto said taking a fork full of eggs into his mouth. He seemed calmer now all of a sudden.

''I feel that way too Naruto-kun,'' She said as she observed Naruto's calm demeanor in between eating her breakfast.'' know...there are...more things I could teach you...'' She said as she began to blush heavily.

He gave her a curious look. He swallowed a piece of the ham he was chewing on. ''Really?'' He asked, his eyes bright and curious.''Like what...''

''Like...different...'' Positions. She felt herself flush even heavier. The words not wanting to come out. ''People like to...'' Role-play.

''Are you ok Shizy? You're turning red? Is it something embarrassing?'' After the recent revelations Naruto decided to start paying better attention. Thinking a bit more about the situation before speaking.

''You could say that. People like to try 'certain things' to spice up their lovemaking so it doesn't become boring.''

''Really? But last night was wonderful! I don't think I could ever get tired of that!''

If Shizune wasn't such a practical and down to earth girl then her ego would definitely be inflated or in a different case or self-esteem would be an all time high. While in the latter case that was true somewhat she tried not to let things go to her head.

''Well after awhile people like to try new things. Sometimes these different things feel better for men, women, or both. Some like to do it in different places.''


''Well the atmosphere for one or their desire for each other becoming too much for them to handle and they can't wait. Some people like the rush of almost getting caught so they do have intercourse in public places. Some like to play games and act out little fantasies.'' Shizune began feeling herself moisten at the thought of doing something risque as in have sex in a public place.

Not too long after they finished their food.

''So people do it all kinds of ways and different places huh?'' He asked, licking the last of the grits off his lips unaware of the effect he was happy on Shizune.

'Hhm...I wouldn't mind having him lick my lips like that.' Her eyes widen at the sudden thought. Shizune chastised herself by not having better control of her urges. Her relationship was more then just having long passionate sex with Naruto. She didn't need to be thrust into by that long and hard...her mind started drifting off.


''Huh?'' Shizune replied as Naruto got her attention.

''What happened? I was talking and then your mind drifted off and you got that look that Ero-sennin gets when he goes to the Hot...springs.'' Naruto's thought process was finally beginning to catch up to his words. He started blushing a swell. ''Oh!'' Was all he could mutter.

''N-Naruto-kun, what do you feel like doing?" She asked, her mind split in two. Wanted take over by desire and the other her more reserved side. The latter was not going to win this fight.

Naruto wanted to say something, anything that would ease the tension. ''You..are you ok Shizy?'' Those last four words didn't come out though.

Shizune pushed Naruto back slightly, his chair moving back with him amazingly enough and sat on his lap. ''That can be arranged.'' She said and kissed him, feeling particularly brave. All this talk about fantasies spurned her on to try something. She always wanted to completely dominate a man once sexually. To be the one in control and sate her desires and whim. A younger and energetic man.

Naruto wrapped his arms around her as he kissed her throat. His hot kisses trailed down as he used his face to slightly pushed down his shirt she was wearing to kiss her breasts. She moaned in appreciation as he nipped and kissed at her bosom. Naruto started to smell it. The honey like smell that filled the room from last night. He moaned out in delight as Shizune ground her sex against his boxer clad pelvis. The thin piece of fabric being the only thing that separated them from heaven. Lifting her up Naruto placed her on the table as he ground himself against her.

Shizune, consumed by her lust decided she would have to fulfill that other fantasy another time when both were in their right minds to discuss it. Naruto's hands went up the shirt and found her gloves. While his handling of her breasts was still a bit rough due to his inexperience he was still a bit more gentler then last time.

''Naruto...please...'' She whimpered,a thin line of her juices seeping from her pelvis. Pulling down his boxer Naruto gripped her hips as he slowly pushed inside. They both gasped as last night's sensations found them once again. This was different. This was more primal...dirtier.

As Naruto stretched her out Shizune couldn't help but arch her back at the sense of fulfillment. She began massaging her breasts and rock her body against Naruto's as the echo of slapping skin filled the room.

''H-Harder!"' She cried out, seeking to have the sensations that had plagued her since this whole thing began to quelled.

Naruto picked up the pace as Shizune's warmth seemed to send a shiver throughout his body. As on auto-pilot his body kept doing it's predestined motions of repeatedly thrusting into her tight core. Her breathlessly faces making him hot, her magnificent breasts bouncing up and down each time their pelvis's slapped together.

A cry of pleasure resounded throughout the room as with each passing moment, his thrusts became faster and faster. And each time, they just barely brushed against her g-spot and sent spikes of electrified bliss throughout her system.

They both gave a cry as once again they came to a unified high. Naruto collapsed onto Shizune's bosom as his pelvis made mini-thrusts, expelling his seed that Shzune's wall were squeezing him dry for.

''Kami...I hope we celebrate every night with a morning like this,'' Naruto said as he nuzzled against Shizune's chin.

Shizune moaned in agreement as her and Naruto stayed attached at the hip. Maybe it was time to call in all those sick days that she had saved up. Much to Shizune's displeasure she would have to leave Naruto so she could go do her rounds as a nurse for the day before she could see about getting some days off.

Her head was in the cloud most of the morning, something which would be unusual if you ask anyone who knew Shizune. As she began thinking about how to make the next step in this little development she caught site of a book store. Her face began to heat up as an idea came to her mind. She knew that she was the type of person that one would refer to as a 'Vanilla' as she had normal tastes when it came to sex and didn't really partake in any fetishes so maybe it was time for her to expand her knowledge a bit.

Quickly glancing around to see if anyone she knew was in the area or could see her before she began to make her way to the store to buy some material for some new ideas.