Title: Seeking Comfort

Author: Karmyn

Rating: PG

Prompt: Lover's Rock prompt 23 Comfort

Characters, Pairing: Dean/Bela, Sam

Disclaimer: They belong to Kripke and company. I promise to return them mostly unharmed.

Summary: Missing Scene from "Red Sky at Morning". The spirit vanquished, Bela seeks comfort and Sam worries that Dean is getting in over his head.

The spirits were vanquished, the ritual had worked and Bela would live another day to no doubt piss off Dean yet again. But for now she was soaked to the bone, cold, and shivering in his arms. And for a moment, Dean forgot how he wanted to hate her, to make her suffer. Right now Bela wasn't some thieving, murdering bitch who made his life hell. She was someone who needed his help to stay alive. Someone who needed to be comforted after her terrifying ordeal with the spirit.

Dean pulled Bela closer to him, trying to warm her up even though they were both soaked from the brief rain. He forgot how cold and wet he was and the pain from where the spirit had flung him into a tombstone. His focus had narrowed to just the woman in his arms.

Dean pushed a wet strand of Bela's hair off her forehead and looked down at her. She was pale and trembling, whether from the cold or her ordeal with the spirit, he couldn't tell. It disconcerted him, seeing her like this. Bela was always in control, always planning her next move, always doing something to throw him off. Vulnerability was something he never thought he would see in her.

"It's okay," he told her. "He's gone. You're safe now." Bela said nothing, just rested her head on his chest and wrapped her arms tighter around his waist. She was alive and safe. Nothing else mattered.

Sam turned away from the scene before him, decidedly uncomfortable with the intimacy of it. Something was definitely happening with his brother and it scared him. Just an hour or so ago Dean had been ready to kill Bela. Now he was comforting her. Maybe it was because he was dying. Or maybe because they hadn't been able to save anybody else on this case. Whatever it was, Sam had a feeling that Dean was in way over his head when it came to Bela.