A/N: So, basically, I love Glee to death. Since I'm in Canada, my Wednesday nights are preoccupied with Bones, firstly, because Agent Seeley Booth is a freakin' Greek god (sigh, I'm off topic…) but also GLEE because not only is it an amazing, amazing show but Will and Emma are wonderful together. So therefore this little piece was born. Thanks go out to madAmeSaysWhAt for inspiring me! :)

Will Scheuster closed the door of the guidance counsellor's office as he stepped inside. "Hi," he said quietly, smiling at the woman who sat behind the desk a few feet away.

"Hey, Will," she replied, returning his smile. "I'm sorry I had to call you during your prep time, but-"

"It's okay," he assured her, continuing to smile widely, "what did you want to talk to me about?"

Emma's smile faltered, "Oh, I wasn't the one who wanted to set up this appointment. It was Principal Figgins. He – wanted me to discuss the fact that he found you asleep on the recliner in the teacher's lounge this morning."

Will's smile dimmed. "Oh."

Emma's heart instantly went out to him. Even without an explanation, she fully understood the reasons behind his actions. Will had been arguing with his wife of five years, Terri, and their arguments had escalated into a full-out battle between them; evidently, Will had lost, and had probably been banned from their apartment.

Daring to glance at her friend, she saw that his soft brown eyes were misted over with tears, and he was staring at the wood grain in her desk, attempting to conceal them from her.

"Will..." She whispered, taking a deep breath to prepare herself to talk to him. For some bizarre reason, his emotion affected her as well, and her throat felt constricted with oncoming tears. She blinked, desperately searching her desk to find something to distract her. Ah. The full bottle of Purell sitting only a few inches away would be perfect. She pushed down on the lever, quickly rubbed her hands together, and savoured the clean feeling it gave her.

Taking another breath, she looked up at him again.

He had his chin resting on his crossed hands, gazing at her intently. She felt her face grow hot under his scrutiny, and when she spoke, her voice wavered.

"I'm sorry about what happened. Have you … found someplace to stay?"

As soon as the words left her mouth, she realized it had been a stupid question. A dignified man like himself wouldn't be camping out in the teacher's lounge had he found another option. And, of course, being found there in the morning by his boss must have been the most mortifying thing in the world for him.

Will simply shrugged, grabbing the bottle of Purell and squirting some onto his own hands. In the back of her mind a nagging voice told Emma she would have to Purell the Purell bottle but she ignored it.

"No, not yet. Somehow Sandy found out and offered me his spare bedroom, but … anyplace would be better than Sandy's."

Emma laughed, and Will was surprised when he heard it. She had such a cute laugh, veritable music to his ears. He couldn't help but laugh himself at the thought of Sandy in the kitchen in a pink apron, pouring him a cup of tea; he relaxed a little, and focused again on the woman sitting across from him.

"I just hate feeling so helpless, I guess. Only a few weeks ago, I was getting ready to be a dad, I was so excited, and now, I – I'm alone."

Will felt tears sting the back of his eyes. God, he couldn't cry in front of her, she didn't need to be burdened with his problems; as these thoughts raced through his mind, she felt her heart break a little, and impulsively she reached out and took his hand.

His eyes flew open at the contact, and for a second, she panicked, before realizing that they had both safely been sanitized before touching. And besides, his hand was so warm and soft, so completely unlike Ken's big, calloused, altogether too invasive hand. He smiled when he saw her eyes widen and jump to the bottle of Purell, knowing exactly what was running through her mind.

"Thanks, Em," he said, his voice hardly audible. He glanced down to where her fingers were intertwined with his own. Her hand was so small and delicate, and he smiled again at the warmth she emitted. "Honestly, talking to you has made me feel a thousand times better."

Emma grinned, happiness welling up in her. "No problem, Will. I really didn't do that much talking, though…"

"Exactly," he replied earnestly, "you listened, which is something Terri never, ever did."

Terri? Oh, his wife … well, ex-wife, if her suspicions were correct and they were truly on the brink of a divorce. Suddenly though Emma had the horrible notion that she was doing something wrong and when she realized she was still tenderly grasping his hand, she felt guilty, and pulled her hand away.

Will didn't move his hand, however, and her heart melted a little to see the faint expression of hurt in his eyes. Apparently, he hadn't wanted to let go.

Emma coughed. "Well, maybe all you need is to get out. It might keep your mind off of everything."

"That's a good idea," agreed Will with a smile, "isn't tonight Homecoming?"

Emma's eyes widened with realization. "Yes, it most certainly is, and I think Figgins is still looking for some more chaperones. Why don't you be one? That could always be fun, I used to love Homecoming…"

In fact, that was a lie. After her accident, Emma became petrified of being locked in a gymnasium full of sweaty, germ-infested young men who were less interested in dancing and more interested in getting their filthy paws all over her. But, nonetheless, perhaps chaperoning might keep his mind off of his troubles…

"I might go," he agreed, "but on one condition."

"And what might that be?" she asked, her mind drawing a blank.

"That you'll come with me."

Emma could not believe that her heart leapt to the extent it did when said that simple statement.

"You're asking me to be your date to Homecoming?" She laughed, beaming at him.

He nodded enthusiastically, "It's only worthwhile if you're there with me."

Once again, Emma felt her heart melt as those sweet brown eyes of his saw through her; it was as if he somehow knew that she wanted to go with him more than anything else in the world.

"Will, I would love to go."

He shot her a genuine smile for the first time that day.

"Thank you, Emma, you have no idea what this means to me! I'll pick you up at 7:30 then? I guess that gives us time to get there before the kids do…"

"That sounds wonderful."

As Will got up from his chair and stepped towards the door, he could not believe what had just happened. His internal storm clouds had completely dissipated when she agreed to go with him to the dance. He felt like a teenage boy, which surprised him; he couldn't wait to show off his date, the beautiful woman he was taking, with her perfectly wavy auburn hair and enticingly soft brown eyes. He refused to admit that he was boasting to himself about this. Something new was beginning in him, a new feeling that he hadn't felt in a long time.

And that feeling was love.

So, overly cheesy? Out of character? Let me know ;) More is coming!

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