"When I'm in my final hour looking back, I hope I had a simple love like that." – Sarah Siskind

Always Giving, Never Asking Back

Some men give, forever focused on others. Never taking, never asking back.

Hesitant to accept what is offered, feeling undeserving. Refusing to acknowledge his own hurts and needs. Forever denying his own worth, that others would want to do for him as he does for them.

Not believing he matters. Only seeing the value in others, his brother and all the innocents saved. Fighting for their rights. Their hopes of a normal life ensured by his sacrifice.

His love for his family boundless, unencumbered by any expectations.

His heroic humanity the legacy of his life. His purpose, pure and unheralded.

The End


June 2009

All standard disclaimers apply.

Inspired by the beautiful recording of Simple Love by Alison Krauss.

Dean is the man that song brings to mind…and if any man deserves to look back on his life and know he had a simple love like that, it would be Dean Winchester. For he gave so much to so many…without ever asking back.

Thanks for reading, B.J.