Discovering the Power the Dark Lord Knows Not

Summary: After Harry is possessed by Voldermort at the end of the battle at the Ministry in his fifth year. Minister Fudge decides drastic action must be taken to cover his lack of action over the last year. This is the story of Harry's life in the aftermath of Fudge's decision. This story will contain slash and may have lemons in later chapters.

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Chapter 1: The Journey Here—Part 1

In a perfectly normal house on a perfectly normal street in Forks, Washington lived a perfectly normal family. Or so they would have you believe. But, in fact this family had a secret that was not perfectly normal. And that secret was lying on a pallet in the smallest "bedroom" of the house, in the form of their nephew Harold James Potter. For you see Harold, or Harry as he preferred, was not perfect or normal. No Harry was a wizard. And worse he was a famous wizard, the Boy-Who-Lived, or at least he had been.

As Harry tried to find a more comfortable spot on the pallet that passed as his bed, he looked around his bedroom. Well his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon called it a bedroom. Really it was meant to be the linen closet, but Harry had lived in worse. You see his family the Dursley's had never really been nice to Harry and since his return from school at the end of his fifth year things had gotten much worse. But that was not what occupied Harry's thoughts this evening. He was thinking on what had happened to him that lead to his new life.


It was near the end of his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that Harry had another vision. Only this time it was a fake, pushed into his mind by the Dark Lord Voldermort, who was intent on killing him. This vision had led Harry and his friends to the Ministry of Magic in London. There he retrieved a prophecy about himself and Voldermort. But soon they were surrounded by Voldermort's followers, the Deatheaters. He and his friends defended themselves and each other, leading to a battle that was soon joined by members of the Order of the Phoenix. Two momentous things occurred in that battle. One was the prophecy was destroyed and the other was his godfather Sirius Black died. Sirius was killed when a curse from his cousin Bellatrix hit him knocking him through the Veil.

Harry had chased after Bellatrix in an effort to exact revenge, but that did not go as he had planned. In the end Bellatrix escaped at the same time Voldermort arrived in person. Dumbledore quickly arrived after Voldermort and the two battled. Truly Professor Dumbledore had tried to protect Harry and keep him safe. But in the end Voldermort had used the connection between them to possess Harry. Harry had been strong enough to fight and expelled Voldermort from him. This was when Minister Fudge arrived and saw Voldermort. When Minister Fudge found out about the battle and the possession he had Harry spirited away to his office.

Upon reaching his office with Harry Minister Fudge bound him to a chair, and retrieved a very old looking collar from his desk.

Percy Weasley having followed the Minister as usual and saw what he had been taken from the desk. And of course Percy being the bookworm that he is recognized the binding collar. In shock he asked the Minister, "Minister what are you going to do with that?"

Blustering as he approached Harry Fudge answered, "Come now Westerby you saw. He has a connection with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and we cannot allow him access to Mr. Potter's magic."

Stepping in front of Harry Percy held up his hands and said, "Minister I think that you should reconsider this before you take such a drastic step. Maybe talk to Professor Dumbledore?"

Using his girth Fudge shoved Percy aside as he said, "NO! Wimbley the Ministry will be accused of not taking action for a year this must be done to protect the public and to show the Ministry is trying to protect them. We cannot allow You-Know-Who to access Potter's magic." Having said that placed the collar around Harry's neck and snapped it closed with a click.

The instant that the collar clicked shut Harry screamed. It was like his skin was on fire, painful like he was burning up.

In that instant Professor Dumbledore burst through the doors of the Minister's office. Racing to Harry he grabbed his neck trying to get him to look at him. He had to find out what was happening to the boy. And that was when he felt it. Professor Dumbledore jerked his hand back as if burned. As Harry's screams eased the aged Professor spun around and faced the Minister accusingly and demanded, "What have you done Cornelius?"

Harry's screams finally ended as Percy got back to his feet. Fudge admitted to placing the collar on him and why. When he finished Professor Dumbledore collapsed into a nearby chair.

His voice raged from the scream Harry asked, "Professor what has happened? Can you take this thing off?"

Turning to Harry, Professor Dumbledore whose eyes always held a twinkle now looked haunted. In a soft and defeated voice the Professor explained. "That collar the Minster put around your neck is a binding collar. The Ministry used to use them to sentence criminals. The pain you felt was your magic being forced back into your core, and your core being blocked. And neither I nor anyone that I know of can remove it."

Picking up Harry's wand Minister Fudge said, "You will not be needing this and HE will not have access to your magic to make him more powerful." And without a thought he snapped Harry's wand.

"MY WAND!" Harry shouted.

Professor Dumbledore spoke, "I am afraid that it would have done you no good anyway. The collar has bound your magic. It renders you a squib." Tuning to the Minister he continued, "And in doing so the Minister has doomed us all."

Blustering at the accusation Fudge demanded, "What do you mean?"

Rubbing the side of his head Professor Dumbledore answered, "Voldermort and his Deatheaters were here tonight for a reason. There was a prophecy kept in the Department of Mysteries. A prophecy regarding Harry and the Dark Lord…"

Harry interrupted, "But the prophecy was destroyed."

Nodding Professor Dumbledore said, "Yes but I know the prophecy, I was there when it was given. It held our hope of defeating Voldermort. The prophecy was, 'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies'." Turning to Harry he said, "You are the child of that prophecy." Then looking at the Minister saying, "And you have sealed his magic and with it our hope of defeating Voldermort."


Harry awoke at noon the next day, one look at the ceiling above him told him where he was, the hospital wing at Hogwarts. Sitting up and putting on his glasses he noticed that the wing was empty and Professor Dumbledore was setting in a chintz chair next to his bed.

"Is everyone alright?" Harry asked.

Nodding Professor Dumbledore said, "Yes, all of your friends are just fine. They have all been released and are getting ready to go home tomorrow." Then with a heavy sigh he continued, "Harry, my boy I must apologize. It would seem that I have failed you again; I fear that I have failed you more and to a greater degree that even I suspect. And I am sorry. I can only offer that I believed I was doing what I could to help and protect you. You see I never had any children and to me you were the grandson that I never had. But I have made mistakes and I fear they have cost you more than I know. I hope that someday you can forgive an old man his follies, I only ever wanted what was best for you."

After a long silence Harry asked, "What is going to happen to me now?"

With another sigh, which spoke of great fatigue, the Professor told him. "I will be taking you to Gringotts to get your affairs in order today. To make sure that your assets are properly taken care of and that you have access to them. Then tomorrow you will return home with the other students. As you no longer have access to your magic you cannot return to Hogwarts. And being that you have muggle guardians and no access to your magic, you will have to stay with them. You will have to make a new life for yourself in the muggle world. I am sorry."

Nodding Harry got up out of the bed as Professor Dumbledore let him get dressed in private. When Harry was ready he went over to the doors leading out of the hospital wing. Professor Dumbledore and Madam Pomfrey were talking quietly by the doors when he arrived.

Clearing his throat Harry said, "I'm ready Professor." Then standing straight and turning to Madam Pomfrey saying, "I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me."

And Madam Pomfrey, the Dragon Lady of the hospital wing, did something no one had ever seen happen. She pulled Harry into a hug and held him tight as she whispered in his ear, "It has been a pleasure Harry. May providence grant you the happiness that you have been denied."

When she finally released him, Harry and Professor Dumbledore exited the castle and the Professor apparated them to Diagon Alley.


It was late that evening that Professor Dumbledore and Harry returned from Gringotts. Harry was sure that he had never signed his name so many times. Sirius' Will had been ready and he had bequeathed everything to Harry. All of the Black and Potter properties and accounts were put in a lockdown state. Harry had given the Order of the Phoenix permission to continue to use Grimmauld Place. A bank account had been opened in the bank of England so that Harry had access to his monies, when he used the credit card attached to the account the monies would automatically be converted to muggle money and transferred out of his Trust Fund vault.

After getting back Harry was led to the Headmaster's office. Once they entered Professor Dumbledore waved his wand at one of the chairs in front of his desk and it transformed into a sofa. Pointing at the newly created sofa he said, "Have a seat Harry." He then took the other chair turning it to face Harry.

They could hear the revolving stairs leading to the office moving and the Professor called out, "Come in Severus."

Bursting through the door with his robes billowing around him Potions Master Professor Severus Snape said, "I have the potion you asked for Headmaster, although I don't know why you wanted it." Spying Harry he continued, "Potter, I should have known." Turning back to the Headmaster saying, "Surely you don't intend to waist a difficult potion on the whim of a child?"

With a sigh the aged Headmaster replied, "I fear that it may be needed, and as it may be the last potion you are required to supply Mr. Potter I would appreciate it if you gave it to him."

Handing the potion to Harry Snape asked, "I am sure you don't know what this is, do you?" Not waiting for Harry to reply he said, "It is the Nurture Replacement potion. It is designed to replace that which you have been denied in your environment."

Professor Dumbledore spoke up, "I fear that my decisions have cost you in your formative years. This is an opportunity to make that up to you. My only concern is how great a change it will bring. Please drink the potion and lay back on the sofa. I am afraid this may hurt."

Doing as he was told Harry swallowed the potion and laid back. True to what he had been told it was painful. Harry clenched his teeth and tightened his fists in an attempt to not cry out in pain. He grew in height to an even six feet. His shoulders and chest broadened and filled out, all the muscles of his body expanding to give him a swimmer's build. After the change was finished Harry sat up looking around, everything was blurry. The second he took his glasses off he could see better that he ever had with them. It was then he noticed the Headmaster, for the first time that Harry could remember he looked every day of his 150 years.

In a rage Professor Snape turned on the Headmaster and demanded, "How can this be? You promised me he was safe. Well taken care of. For twenty years I have done everything you asked. You promised. How could you do this to a child? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO LILY'S CHILD!?" Consumed in rage he stormed from the office.

With tears streaming down his face the Headmaster said, "Do not think too harshly of Severus. For while your father was his childhood tormentor; your mother was his best friend. I would even say that to him she was his sister in everything but blood. Much of what he has done was to protect you. I am afraid that I have failed him as well. Just as my fears of failing you have now proven that I underestimated the damage done, I am so sorry."

Seeing Dumbledore was lost in his thoughts Harry made his way out of the office and back to his dorm. His last vision of the Great Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Order of Merlin First Class and believed to be the most powerful wizard alive, was an old and devastated man crying into his beard.


The next morning Harry was joined by Hermione and Ron for the carriage ride to the train station. This would be his last trip on the Hogwarts Express. During the ride he had explained what had happened to him, both the physical changes and what Fudge had done to him. Hermione was in tears long before the story finished and the carriage shuddered to a stop at the Hogsmead station.

Once the carriage stopped completely Ron stood saying, "Come on 'Mione let's get a compartment before there all gone."

Confused Hermione asked, "What about Harry?"

Shrugging but never looking at Harry he said, "I guess he can sit with us."

Getting angry Hermione demanded, "Ronald Weasley how can you act like that Harry is our friend?"

Shrugging Ron answered, "He was but I don't really see the point in it anymore. I mean he doesn't have magic…he is a squib." Looking right into Hermione's eyes he said, "He doesn't have a place in our world anymore." And with a shrug Ron headed to board the train.

Hermione stood in shock starring at Ron as he headed to the train. Recovering slightly Hermione whispered, "But I thought that we would always be friends…I thought that these were the friendships that would last a lifetime."

Patting Hermione on the back as he guided her towards the train Harry said, "I'm sure everything will work out and you'll be friends for a lifetime."

Stopping abruptly and turning to Harry she shouted, "DON'T YOU LISTEN TO HIM…YOU ARE MY FRIEND AND YOU ALWAYS WILL BE!" Taking a deep breath to calm down Hermione continued, "You have been my friend for a third of my life, which is not going to change."

Smiling Harry said, "No, that is not going to change, we will always be friends."


In the compartment on the train that Harry and Hermione had occupied, they were deep in discussion about ways to keep in touch. It was decided that they would write and call and if Hermione could find a set of two way journals then they would use them to communicate.

There was a knock at the compartment door that drew them out of their conversation. Both were shocked when the door slid open to reveal Draco Malfoy. More shocking was that Malfoy did not have is cronies with him.

Visibly gathering himself Malfoy asked, "May I come in?"

Hermione was on her feet and said, "Malfoy if you have come to gloat or cause problems…"

Malfoy interrupted her by raising his empty hands and shaking his head saying, "I just would like to speak to Potter for a minute…in private if possible."

Harry took Hermione's hand getting her attention as he said, "It's alright Hermione, why don't you go get us something from the trolley. I am sure everything will be fine." Then turning to look at Malfoy he gestured to the seat across from his saying, "Have a seat Malfoy and say what you came here to say."

Hermione grudgingly left and the minute the door shut behind her Malfoy looked at Harry and said. "I have done a lot of thinking. And I would like to say that I am sorry."

"Sorry about what?" Harry questioned.

Smirking Malfoy answered, "Everything, Umbridge, the Ministry, fighting with you and just about everything I have said to you."

Looking questioningly at Malfoy Harry asked, "What brought about this change?"

With a deep sigh Malfoy said, "Well like I said I have been doing a lot of thinking, well that and a lot of researching. I guess I should start by saying that I bought into all the blood supremacy crap, just like you thought I did. Not that I really had a lot of choice, I mean it was preached to me for as long as I can remember. But then in forth year, when HE came back and Diggory died."

Harry interrupted asking, "Wait, you believe HE is back?"

Looking at Harry like he had grown another head Malfoy asked, "You have met my father right?" At Harry's nod he continued. "He made it perfectly clear that his Lord had returned and that I would receive the honor of serving him. Like a Malfoy bows to anyone. Then I started thinking about Diggory, he was a pureblood you know. From a very old family, and he was not an enemy he was just a school boy like us. And they killed him; you said they called him "the spare". That just doesn't add up with the whole preserving magic propaganda that I had been feed my whole life. So I started researching…"

Malfoy went on to share what he had learned about magical lines, the inbreeding the "pureblood" families were practicing and the results of it. He also talked about what he found out about muggleborns and their treatment.

When Malfoy finished Harry said, "I would say that I am surprised that you discovered all that but you always were one of the smartest in our year. My question is why tell me all this, what is it that you want from me?"

With another deep sigh Malfoy answered, "I want help. With my father being arrested HE will be coming after me to join him. HE will not want to be separated from the Malfoy power and more importantly the Malfoy money." Looking Harry straight in the eyes he said, "I don't want to be a part of it, can you help me get out?"

Standing and stepping in front of Malfoy Harry asked, "Do you know what a binding collar is?" At Malfoy's nod he took Malfoy's hand and placed in on the side of his neck so that he could feel the collar. Then sitting back down he said, "I am not sure what I can do for you, really I am out of the fight now."

Shocked Malfoy asked, "But what about Gr…What about the Muggleborns who will fight for them?"

Shrugging Harry answered, "I guess the wizarding world will have to stand up for themselves." Thinking for a minute he said, "The only thing that I can do for you before I go is write to Dumbledore, and tell him that I grant you permission to stay in my house. If you ask him for help that will give you a safe place that no one can get to you. But you will have to share it with the Order of the Phoenix."

Shocked that Potter would offer sanctuary in his own home Malfoy asked, "What is the Order of the Phoenix? And I cannot leave my mother; she has no part in this and she would be easy prey for them."

Nodding Harry said, "I will make sure that he offered protection to you mother as well. As for the Order well…that is an organization that was created to fight Voldemort…"


The first month of summer holidays was pretty much like it always was at the Dursley's. Harry was overworked, underfed and got knocked around a little. He did manage to make it to a payphone near the park and call Hermione a few times and they had been writing back and forth through the muggle post. The day before his birthday he had received a journal from her that was connected to one that she had, this would make it easier to stay in contact.

It was a good thing that the journal had come early, so that Harry could hide it under the floorboards with his other most cherished possessions. You see Harry had not told the Dursleys that he would not be returning to Hogwarts, and he was concerned about their reaction. So when he had sent his thank you note to Hermione with Hedwig he had asked her to keep his beloved owl.

The evening before his birthday his Uncle had asked when and how his freak friends were coming to get him, as they always did after his birthday. Harry had been left with no choice but to tell them that his friends would not be coming and that he would not be returning to Hogwarts.

Discovering that Harry no longer had the protection of his friends resulted in the most spectacular beating that Harry had ever received. With his new size he tried to fight back, which only enraged his Uncle and Cousin, but he was no match for their size. Dudley weighed twice what Harry did and Uncle Vernon was easily three times his size. He was no match for the two of them and had been beaten into unconsciousness.

The next morning he was awakened by his Uncle who dragged him literally downstairs and outside, to where his Hogwarts truck had been taken in the back yard. Dudley held him and made him watch as his Uncle burned everything. His school books, his robes, his Weasley jumpers and even his trunk all burned in front of him. Everything that was not in his hiding place that connected him to the wizarding world was gone.


It was the week after his birthday that Hermione had wrote him telling him that Malfoy and his mother had joined them at Grimmauld Place. Ron of course had thrown a fit about Malfoy being there to spy on them till Professor Dumbledore had shown the letter from Harry granting sanctuary to the Malfoy's.

Hermione had let him know that Malfoy and his mother had been polite and civil to everyone. And that in dealing with her Malfoy had been a perfect gentleman and had not said so much as one word out of line.

Unlike Ron who tested her temper at every turn. It seemed that Ron was upset that she would study in the same room with Malfoy. They had both taken to using the library to complete their summer assignments. And once they finished both seemed to gravitate to the library for research and reading other things that were not required learning. It seemed that they shared the desire for "a little light reading".

She also informed him that the students were to be told that his family had removed him from Hogwarts.


Aunt Petunia had enrolled Harry in the local muggle school and thrown Dudley's old books into his room so that it "would not be obvious what a freak he was".

On the first of September Harry had missed making the trip to Hogwarts as he instead started Muggle School for the first time since he was ten. But this was his new life. And things settled down into a routine. He went to school, worked around the house, was fed very little and beaten regularly. There were two things that he leaned during this time. First was that the potion that Professor Dumbledore had given him continued to compensate for his environment. Hermione had done some research and discovered, through Malfoy's knowledge of potions, is that it would continue to compensate till he was eighteen. Secondly, that the collar's glamour would also cover bruises, if you did not know that Harry was covered in bruises you would not see them.

Things continued along the lines of Harry's routine that is until Boxing Day. On Boxing Day the Deatheaters had attached number 4 Privet Drive. The blood wards from his mother's sacrifice had been able to hold the small group of Deatheaters until the Ministry Aurors had arrived. After the Deatheaters were taken into custody, the Minister decided that Harry and his family needed to be relocated for their protection. So they had been moved to the "end of the world", as Harry considered it, Forks, Washington in the United States. They were now living in a house that the Ministry had forced Harry to pay for out of his trust fund vault. This of course resulted in the rather comprehensive beating Harry was trying to recover from when his Uncle found out that he had money that they could not get access to. And best of all tomorrow he started his first day of Muggle School in America. Surly it would not be that bad, what could happen in a little town in the middle of nowhere?

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