Chapter 21—The Power and Surprises

Harry's emerald green eyes fluttered open. He stared at the white ceiling above him. He knew this place; he was in the Hogwarts Hospital Wing.

If he was here then where was everyone else? Why was it so quiet?

Harry was startled out of his thoughts by a soft voice.

Lilly whispered, "Oh, you are awake."

Harry turned to see his mother sitting beside his bed.

Lilly said, "I was afraid that I would not get the chance to talk to you. Dawn is approaching and I will have to leave."

Harry asked, "Where are Jacob and Edward?"

Smiling Lilly answered, "They were reluctant to leave you, and Poppy thought that they were in the way." Amused Lilly told him, "She ended up levitating them out of the wing, kicking and screaming the whole way, and then she warded the doors and windows against anyone being able to enter."

Harry closed his eyes and sighed, "Then they are alright."

Lilly replied, "Yes, but they are not happy."

With his own smile Harry said, "I am sure they are not." Then Harry questioned, "Where is dad?"

With a sad smile Lilly answered, "He did not survive the battle. Remus told me that he saved him from Pettigrew and that he got his revenge on the traitor."

Harry nodded sadly; he could understand his father's need to exact revenge on the rat that had destroyed his family.

A white light appeared shining down for the ceiling.

With a sigh Lilly got up, slowly walking towards the light, saying, "My time is up…I must leave. There are so many things that I wanted to tell you. Know that we love you, that we are now and have always been proud of you. Oh, and congratulations, I am so excited about your…"

And she was gone.

Madam Pomfrey came over as Harry lay back on the bed.

Poppy asked, "How are you feeling dear?"

Harry answered, "I'm fine." Then, after receiving a stern look from the matronly woman, he added, "I am a little tired."

Fluffing his pillow and adjusting his blanket, Poppy replied, "That is to be expected, and I would imagine that it will continue for a while…perhaps a few months."

Concerned Harry asked, "Is there something wrong with me?

Sitting down in the chair that Lilly had vacated, Poppy reached over and patted Harry's hand and said, "I need to talk to you about something…"

Albus and Gellert stood at the far end of the corridor outside the hospital wing.

Gellert said, "It is nearly time for me to go. We must say our good-byes."

Taking his old loves hand, Albus said, "Not good-bye, more of until we meet again."

Shaking his head Gellert replied, "We will not meet again. People with hearts such as yours end up in a far better place than the likes of me. I am beyond redemption and you are destined for better things."

Albus whispered, "Your actions in coming to help us and your remorse for what you have done…have redeemed you in my eyes."

Gellert replied in whisper, "That is more than I have ever dared to hope for."

Movement caught Gellert's eye and he turned expecting the black cloud that he had arrived in, but instead there was a ray of white light waiting for him.

Gellert mumbled, "Why am I not surprised at the weight your opinion carries?" Turning back to Albus he said, "It appears that we will meet again, my love."

Gellert's hand slipped from Albus' as he moved into the light.

Albus said, "I believe that it will not be long until that happens."

Smiling Gellert replied, "Take your time Albus…I don't mind waiting."

Albus watched with sigh as Gellert disappeared. He was then startled from his thoughts by a voice.

He heard, "Professor Dumbledore?"

Turning around Albus saw the translucent forms of two of his former students. Both of these fine young people had been lost in the war.

Cedric Diggory asked, "Professor, do you know why I am here? I was not a ghost before."

With a sad smile Albus answered, "Perhaps, my boy, fate is finally going to allow you what you could not have in life." At the confused look he was given, Albus said, "It seems that fate is going to finally allow you to be together."

Taking Cedric's hand, Cho questioned, "Since we are here, do you think that it would be alright if we stayed?"

With his eyes finally regaining their twinkle, Albus answered, "Hogwarts was honored to have you both as students, and we shall be just as honored to have you remain here with us."

The great doors of the hospital wing finally opened.

Edward and Jacob raced forward, only to be met by Madam Pomfrey.

Poppy looked at Harry's mates and said, "You had better be on your best behavior, or I will remove you from the ward, and you will not be allowed back in." Then looking at the others that were gathered outside the doors, she announced, "That goes for the rest of you too."

The instant that she stepped aside, Jacob and Edward headed for Harry. Following right behind them where all of their family and friends.

Edward grumbled, "You would think that being a Vampire and a Werewolf would at least make her slightly intimidated by us."

Jacob responded, "I know!"

Laughing Charlie Weasley patted them both on the shoulder as he said, "You may be a Vampire and a Werewolf, but you have nothing on the Dragon Lady of the Hospital Wing."

Chuckling, the two mates moved to either side of Harry's bed. Harry was sitting propped up against a pile of pillows. Edward and Jacob sat on either side of him.

Everyone started talking at once. They all wanted to know that Harry was alright.

Albus interrupted saying, "I am confident that you are going to be alright, otherwise Poppy would not have allowed us in. However, before any of us can have the conversations that we want, I must conduct some official business. As Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, I have been ordered by the Minister of Magic to ask what spell you used to kill Tom Riddle." At the many confused looks directed his way, Albus said, "That was Voldemort's real name. You did not think his parents named him that did you?"

Laughing, Harry asked, "Why does Fudge want to know?"

Albus answered, "No one, including myself, has ever seen a spell that color. I am curious as to what it was, and, I believe that Minister Scrimgeour is concerned this it is something that Aurors have not been trained to defend against."

Harry questioned, "Who is Minister Scrimgeour? What happened to Fudge?"

Remus asked, "I assume that you have not seen the Daily Prophet?"

Harry shook his head, and Remus handed him the morning edition.

As Harry read the headline and the many article titles, his smile grew.

Boy Who Lived Returns to Save the Day

Prophecy of Dark Lord's Defeat Revealed

Minster Binds the Chosen One's Magic

Minister Knew of the Dark Lord's Return a Year before He Did Anything

Minister Threatens Muggle-born's Parents

Deputy Undersecretary Sends Dementors after Our Savior

Former Hogwarts Professor Tortured Students

Illegal Interrogations at Hogwarts under Ministries' Watch

Dark Arts Used as Punishment by Former Professor

Minister and Undersecretary Forcibly Removed from Hogwarts

When Harry laid the paper down, Albus questioned, "Some, but not all, of what is printed there is word for word what happened in the Great Hall. Would you happen to know how Rita Seeker learned of that?"

There was a stifled giggle, and everyone turned towards the La Push Pack.

Seth had his hand over his mouth trying to hide his laughter.

Leah accused, "It was you."

Removing his hand and with a big cheesy grin, Seth nodded his head.

Their attention was drawn back to Harry when he said, "I sent Seth to get her and bring her to the castle. I also sent a letter with the other information in it. I wanted the Wizarding World to know what those two had really been up to." Then with an evil grin Harry added, "I might have also told her in the letter that something bad would happen if she did not report the stories, without her usual spin."

Minerva asked in shock, "Harry Potter, did you threaten her?"

Before Harry could answer, Hermione spoke up, "Oh, Harry let me!" With a nod from Harry she said, "I would imagine that Harry told her that if she twisted the story that he would expose her secret."

Draco questioned, "What secret?"

Hermione answered, "She is an unregistered Animagus, a beetle actually. That is how she got many of her stories, but if news got out people would take precautions against her getting in to hear things."

Everyone then turned back to Harry, who nodded. Harry then asked, "But, what happened to Fudge."

Neville answered, "I think that your plan to expose them may have worked more than you expected."

Nodding his head Dean said, "After the morning Prophet came out, an angry mob stormed the Ministry."

Blaise added, "No one tried to stop them. Not even the Aurors."

Harry questioned, "What happened to them?"

Minerva answered, "Minister Fudge and Madam Umbridge were dragged, literally, from their offices and the building."

Blaise said, "Yeah, but apparently they could not keep their mouths shut."

Harry asked, "What do you mean?"

Dean answered, "Fudge started spouting off that you were out to get him. This was part of your plan to take over the Ministry."

Neville interrupted saying, "Then Umbridge used her line of 'naughty children deserve to be punished'. That did not go over well."

Harry looked at them all, they seemed uncomfortable. When no one finished explaining he looked to Professor Snape.

Severus calmly said, "The crowd stoned them to death on the street in Diagon Alley."

Shocked Harry replied, "I had not expected that, but I can't say I am sorry. They got what they deserved for all the stuff that they did."

Deciding that a change of subject was needed, Albus questioned, "I cannot say that they did not get what they deserved. However, I must still ask, what spell did you cast?"

Harry answered, "I did not cast a spell, well I did but it was only a disarming charm." Shaking his head to try and clear his thought of what happened, he said, "But our magic locked again, just like it did when he was resurrected." Then looking at Professor Dumbledore he questioned, "You said that it happened the last time because we had brother wands, but I did not have the same wand, mine was snapped by Fudge."

Then turning back to the others he continued, "I was surprised because I had a new wand, and did not think that this could happen. I looked down at my wand and suddenly my mind was flooded by images of what it stood for. The wood represented by dad, the core my mates, and the oil to treat the wood represents my mom. When I looked up the magic coming from my wand had changed to the metallic gold color."

Albus asked, "So it was not a spell that you cast."

Harry shook his head, it was not.

Roland interrupted, "I believe that the images that Harry's mind conjured may have triggered his magic to respond to his emotions."

Minerva asked, "Are you saying that Harry cast an emotion as magic?"

Roland nodded.

Cedric questioned, "What emotion is a strong enough magic to do that?"

Remus said, "If the prophecy printed in the Daily Prophet is correct, then, Cedric, you are asking what the 'power the Dark Lord knows not' is."

All those assembled turned to Harry.

Softly Harry answered, "Love."

Severus scoffed responding, "Love is not a magic."

Harry replied, "Yes it is." Harry looked at Professor Dumbledore and said, "You told me that it was my mother's love that protected me from the killing curse." When Albus nodded Harry continued, "Love can stop the killing curse."

Then looking across the hospital ward, to where Ron and Percy Weasley were, Harry watched Molly Weasley alternate between fussing over and scolding both of her sons. The rest of the Weasley family stood around them, as if they were afraid that they would disappear. Harry said, "No matter what you say or do a parent's love is unconditional. Love can hold families together."

Harry then turned to Professor Severus Snape and said, "Love can make you protect the only son of your childhood tormentor."

Turning to Blaise and Dean, Harry smiled saying, "When staying out of the fight and being neutral would keep you safe. Love can force you to give up safe, and make you fight to protect what is important."

Harry's smile grew larger as Blaise tightened his arms around Dean.

Then turning to Draco and Hermione, Harry said, "Love can make you rethink and turn against everything that you have ever been taught. Love can make you into your own person, someone that your love will be proud to be with."

Draco and Hermione nodded to him as Draco's arm snaked around Hermione's waist.

Looking at Neville and Paul, Harry continued, "Love can calm the beast within us. It can balance our strengths and weaknesses. It can bring stability into our lives."

With a sad smile Harry said to Cedric and Cho, "Love can be strong enough that even the grave cannot still it."

Harry's eyes watered a little as he turned to the Cullens, they were his family now. Harry smiled at them saying, "It is not blood that makes a family. Love can bind people into a strong family, one that nothing and no one can separate."

Looking at Roland, Harry said, "Love can make you stay with those who need you. Even, when you would rather be with those that you need."

Then Harry looked at the La Push Pack. These were those that had protected his mates, and accepted him into the tribe. Harry continued saying, "Love can turn a group of friends into something much more. It can make them siblings and family."

Harry then took the hands of his mates and pulled them up, kissing each of them saying, "Love can make you lay down a two thousand year old feud."

Then turning to Severus Harry said, "So to answer you Professor, yes love is a magic. Love is the ultimate magic and love was the one magic that was never shown to Tom Riddle."

They all stood shocked at Harry's explanation. Then Harry yawned and Madam Pomfrey sprang into action.

Madam Pomfrey demanded, "My patient is tired. You will have to leave. In Harry's condition he needs lots of rest."

Nearly every one present shouted the same question, "What condition?"

Poppy had not meant to expose Harry's condition to everyone, it had just slipped out. She sent an apologetic look to Harry.

Harry smiled at her before he said, "I had intended to discuss this in private with my mates, before anyone else was told."

Edward said, "Harry you have to tell us what is wrong. Carlisle has been a doctor for three hundred years. I know that he can help."

Carlisle's heart swelled with pride at the confidence his son had in him. He stepped forward and said, "I will be of any assistance that I can."

Jacob added, "Yes, you have to tell us. Roland has had passed down to him, thousands of years of healing knowledge. I am sure that he can help too."

Roland stepped forward saying, "Of course I will do anything I can."

With a sigh Harry nodded to Madam Pomfrey.

Clearing her throat Madam Pomfrey said, "Mr. Potter is pregnant."

For a moment they were all in shock. The entire Hospital Wing was completely silent.

Then Jacob whispered, "You're going to have a baby.

Harry mumbled, "More like a litter." Then turning a scowl to Jacob he added, "Which, I hold you to blame for."

Edward mumbled, "Oh." He then started to stand.

Harry grabbed Edward's hand and asked, "Where are you going?"

Edward softly answered, "You said that it was Jacob's fault. I thought that you would want time to talk to him about this."

Harry replied, "You are not going anywhere." Harry then pulled on Edward's arm. It was not like Harry could actually pull the Vampire back into his seat, but it made his intention clear, Harry wanted Edward to stay.

When Edward did not retake his seat, Harry hissed, "Sit down!"

With a sigh Edward sat.

Harry told Edward, "We apparently still need to work on your self-esteem." Then Harry eyed both his mates saying, "You are both my mates and in my condition I am allowed to say all kinds of things to you, and you just have to accept it. That is how things work." Then looking at Poppy, he asked, "It is like a rule or something, isn't it Madam Pomfrey?"

The women in the room giggled as Poppy rolled her eyes answering, "Yes Harry, it is something like that."

Paul finally recovered enough to ask, "Litter?"

Poppy answered, "I believe Harry was referring to the fact that he is carrying triplets."

Nodding Harry looked at Edward and pointed to Jacob saying, "Wolf." Then he pointed at his stomach and said, "Triplets…litter." Pointing back at Jacob Harry finished, "His fault."

Emmett interrupted asking, "How that even possible; you're a dude?"

Nodding Carlisle said, "Males cannot get pregnant."

Albus answered, "That would normally be the case. However, Young Harry is a Wizard, and he is mated to two magical creatures."

Carlisle questioned, "So, you're saying that male pregnancy is possible through magic?"

Roland answered, "Yes, especially when the mate, or in this case mates, is a magical creature."

Esme asked, "Then which of them is the father?"

Paul answered, "Jacob."

Rosalie demanded, "How do you know that?"

Paul shrugged and answered, "Jacob is alive." Then he looked at Edward and said, "No offence."

Edward remained silent as he had since the news was revealed.

Carlisle placed a hand on Edward's shoulder and said, "It is too early to determine paternity. Harry cannot be that far along."

Madam Pomfrey replied, "That may be true for muggle, or non-magical, medicine. However, magic can determine those things, even at this stage in the pregnancy."

Esme asked, "Does that mean that you know how far along Harry is? And, do you know who the father is?"

Poppy answered, "Harry became pregnant ten days ago, and Harry has already asked that I cast the Paternity spell on him." She then looked at Harry, who nodded. Madam Pomfrey said, "The spell showed that the triplets are genetically the children of…all three mates."

Jacob felt as if his heart had stopped.

Edward believed that his long dead heart had jumped in his chest.

They both thought, 'I am going to be a father'.

Emmett said, "That would mean that they both had to knock Harry up at the same time. That is not physically possible."

Harry, Edward and Jacob's thoughts were pulled back to a night of passion that they had shared ten days ago.


The three mates were lying naked in Harry's large bed. They had already made love a couple of times.

Jacob was lying on his back and Harry moved to straddle him.

Harry ran his hands over Jacob's massive chest as he ground his hips, stirring Jacob's spent manhood back to life.

Leaning down Harry kissed Jacob as Edward ran his hands over Harry's butt.

Bracing himself on Jacob's chest, Harry lowered himself onto his mates' now throbbing erection.

As Jacob's hands came to rest on Harry's hips, Edward's arms snaked around Harry's torso.

Edward's chest was pressed against Harry's back as his hands moved gently over Harry's chest.

Harry's moan was a deep and throaty sound, when Edward's manhood rubbed against him.

Edward licked and gently sucked Harry's neck.

Harry whimpered when Edward's erection joined Jacob's inside him.

As Harry began to move, his mates picked up the rhythm. When Harry moved back his mates would, in union, thrust forward into him.

They shared kisses and whispered of their love…of their attraction…their desire…their beauty.

His mates' hands moved over Harry's body as the pace began to quicken.

Their voices became rough with desire and longing.

A tidal wave of passion consumed them as they became more forceful.

Words were lost as they moved, giving way to moans, grunts and growls.

Finally when none of them thought that they could continue without losing their mind, the three mates spontaneously reached their release.

Harry collapsed onto Jacob's heaving chest, with Edward lying on top of him.

Smiling as he tried to regain his own breathing, Harry basked in the feeling of completeness that his mates had given him.


The three mates replied in union, "It's physically possible."

Everyone looked at them in shock.

Emmett's mouth fell open as he looked at his little brother in a whole new light.

Carlisle was the first to recover, when he said, "Be that as it may, it is not biologically possible for two sperms to fertilize one egg." He finished, mumbling, "Not that Harry should have an egg in the first place."

Roland answered saying, "I think you are missing the point. This is not a 'normal' pregnancy. This is a magical pregnancy."

Severus sneered and said, "This still should not be possible, even in a magic induced pregnancy. It violates the laws of both nature and magic."

Draco snorted, trying to hold in his laugh.

Severus turned to him and asked, "Just what do you find so amusing Mr. Malfoy?"

Calming himself, Draco answered, "I find it amusing that you are shocked that he is not following the laws of nature or magic. He's Harry Bloody Potter." Then turning to Harry he said, "No offence."

With a shrug Harry responded, "None taken."

The Draco questioned, "When has he or his magic ever followed the rules?"

Any further conversation was cut short when Harry yawned again.

Madam Pomfrey announced, "As I said, Mr. Potter needs his rest. You will all have to leave."

Everyone congratulated the new family and said their goodbyes. They left as quickly as possible before Poppy lost her temper.

Before leaving, Draco slipped a small potion vile to Harry.

Only Edward and Jacob remained.

Madam Pomfrey eyed them carefully.

It was clear that they had no intention of leaving Harry's side.

With a huff Madam Pomfrey began pulling screens around the bed. Once the area was cordoned off, she motioned for Jacob and Edward to move to one side. Then with a wave of her wand, Poppy enlarged the bed that Harry was lying in. Turning her wand on Edward and Jacob she transfigured their clothes into pajamas.

Not lowering her wand, Madam Pomfrey told Jacob and Edward, "If either of you ever breath a word of this to anyone. I will make sure that neither of you is ever capable of fathering a child again."

The two mates looked at her with wide eyes.

Poppy asked, "Are we clear on that?"

They both nodded and she turned and left.

Edward quickly moved over and sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard.

Harry rolled onto his side with his head in Edward's lap, as Jacob spooned up behind him.

As sleep claimed his mates, Edward sat thinking, 'We are going to fathers. But…no, he would not think bad thoughts about himself. He was not a monster, his mates had told him that enough. They had said that he was the gentlest man they knew. He could do this. He could raise children with his mates. He could teach them and help them grow.'

Then emotions gripped Edward and he knew that he would cry if he could. All he could think was, 'I can teach my children to play the piano.'

Harry was by himself the next morning, lying in his hospital bed. Jacob had gone to visit with the Pack and Edward had been asked to get his mother and sisters to come and see Harry.

Harry wanted to talk to the three female vampires, but he was a little nervous about their reaction to his pregnancy.

The doors of the hospital wing opened, admitting Esme and Alice who were followed by Rosalie.

Esme took a seat in the chair next to his bed. Alice sat on the edge of the bed.

Rosalie stood off to the side watching Harry. She could not help but feel jealous. She was happy for her brother and his mate, really she was, but to watch them have the one thing that she had always wanted, and could not have. This was going to be very hard on her.

Esme questioned, "Harry dear, Edward said that you wanted to talk to us?"

Harry answered, "I do, I have a couple of things that I wanted to talk to you about."

With a bubbly smile, Alice said, "Go ahead, we are all ears."

Looking down Harry softly said, "I need your help."

Esme asked, "Is there something wrong?"

Looking up Harry replied, "Raising a baby is a lot of work. Not that I know that much about raising a child, but we are going to have triplets. That is three times the work. Plus our children will have three fathers. They need female influences in their lives."

Rosalie was shocked. She had expected Edward and his mates to move out and get their own home. After all they were starting their own family now. But, here was Harry asking them to help and to be an influence in the lives of their children. Softly she asked, "You want us to help with your children?"

Harry answered, "Yes, but more than that, I want you all to be important parts of their lives." Looking down Harry said, "My parents died before I was really old enough to know them. Then I was sent to live with my Aunt. She and her husband were not very nice to me. When I was little I used to dream of having a large and loving family." Looking at Esme he continued, "I dreamed of having a grandmother that would fuss over me when I got home from school. She would have fresh baked cookies and would kiss the top of my head when I sat down to eat them." Then he looked at Alice and Rosalie saying, "I dreamed about having Aunts that would help me with things and pick out my clothes. I wanted a grandfather that I could go to for advice. I dreamt that he would be proud of me, when I came home with a good grade card. I wished for uncles that would play with me and teach me things. It takes a village to raise a child. That will be even truer with triplets."

With a heavy sigh, Harry said, "I did not have those things, but I want my children to have them. I want them to have a large and loving family that is involved in raising them, and involved in their lives."

Esme answered, "Of course we will help you, and I can't wait to cook and bake for them. Of course everything will have to be homemade and natural. None of that canned stuff for my grandchildren."

Alice replied, "Yes! And I can't wait to go shopping for them. Oh, and you HAVE to let me decorate the nursery."

Harry smiled and nodded his head, before turning to Rosalie.

Rosalie was in shock. Harry wanted her to help raise his children and be a part of their lives. It would not be the children of her own, that she had always wanted but they would be children that she could love as if they were her own.

A smile spread over her beautiful face as Rosalie said, "I would love to."

Then Esme asked, "Harry, you said you wanted to talk to us about a couple of things. Is there something else?"

Nodding Harry reached over and pulled a small vile from the night stand. When he looked back to the women he saw the confused looks on their faces.

Harry explained, "When we were researching for a way to protect you from Fiendfyre, we found this potion in a very old tome. It was created over a thousand years ago for vampires. The ingredients are hard to come by and I was only able to get enough for one dose."

Curious Alice asked, "What are the ingredients?"

Harry answered, "It has more than a dozen common ingredients in it, but there are four that are very hard to get. The potion uses Basilisk venom, and there was only a small amount left after we treated your clothes. That was also the last Basilisk known to exist. It also requires Unicorn and Phoenix tears. And, it takes the blood of a Unicorn, willingly given. The first and the last ingredients are nearly impossible to get."

Esme questioned, "What does this potion do?"

Harry replied, "It will allow you to have a child."

The three women all gasped.

Harry quickly added, "There are no guarantees, but it will give you one week to conceive a child. But, there is only one dose. I am sorry that I could not get more, but most of the venom went to help protect you."

Rosalie whispered, "You are giving us a chance to have our own child?"

Harry said, "Yes, but there is only enough for one of you and I cannot make the decision as to who gets it."

Smiling Esme said, "I think that it would be one of you girls."

Alice questioned, "But, you have wanted another child, ever since you lost yours. This could be your chance."

Esme answered, "I already have another child. With Harry and Jacob now in the family, I have seven children. I think that is more than I could have ever hoped for. Plus, now I am going to be a grandmother. This is a chance to have more grandchildren. I think that it should be one of you."

Rosalie and Alice just looked at each other. For a moment Alice's eye glazed over, and then quickly cleared.

Alice said, "It's Rosalie. Jasper will be too freaked out about keeping his control around the children. If I added fatherhood to that…"

Esme interrupted asking, "Jasper will be able to control himself, right?"

Nodding Alice said, "He will be fine but he is going to work himself up into a state about it. In the end he will be a much loved Uncle. Maybe even a favorite." Turning to Harry she said, "He will be there to help teach them and to tell them, 'cool war stories'." Looking at Rosalie she smiled saying, "I will be very busy being the favorite Aunt."

Rosalie growled, "What do you mean favorite Aunt? What makes you think that I won't be their favorite Aunt?"

Esme interrupted again saying, "Can we at least wait till the children are born before we start arguing over who is their favorite?" Looking at Rosalie she said, "This is a chance to have what you have always wanted. Don't you want to try, Rosalie?"

Softly Rosalie answered, "It is something that I thought was lost to me for all time. But, if there is a chance…I could have a child…with Emmett." With a wistful sigh, she said, "I want to try."

Harry smiled; he had been concerned about there being only one dose. He was afraid that it would cause an argument or hard feelings between the women, but that did not seem to be the case.

Rosalie stepped forward and took the offered vial. Then she leaned down and hugged Harry. She whispered in his ear, "Thank you."

Straightening up she looked at Esme and Alice. She received encouraging nods from both of them.

Rosalie opened the vile and swallowed the potion, making a face at the taste.

With a smile Rosalie set the vile down and raced out of the hospital wing to find Emmett.

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