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Nighttime is when the freaks always came out it seemed. The moon...the stars...the many victims available for the picking as they walked home with wary and fast moving glances at every noise and at every step they took. Then there were the few that were considered freaks for believing in the creatures in the dark, the monster under the bed, the demons sitting on the tree branch outside some windows. There were also the protectors of the innocent minds of humans as they roamed around, unknowingly traveling among the very things that the others hunt...Hunters.

It was midnight, or around midnight when Taylor knew that she had to get this job done. She had settled in a house in one lone town, which was kind of unusual for hunters since they were always on the move. Taylor didn't know many hunters, she didn't even know that there were any other hunters, but she figured that she wasn't the only one with how she'd hear about happenings going on in other states and towns, and then they were suddenly gone. Finished. No longer in the news. Tonight was her hunt, some fugly ass thing that was playing screwy with her.

She cursed mentally as it dove into the shadows in an alleyway. "Always the alleys. What is wrong with you sons of bitches?" she said aloud, her eyes and gun scanning the area.

Taylor's finger pulled on the trigger accidentally as a kick landed to her arm that was holding the weapon. The female hunter fell to the asphalt and grunted from landing on her back and seeing the gun fly through the air and somewhere by a garbage can a good ways away. She flipped herself around so then she was resting on her stomach, trying to crawl over to the spot where her weapon now lay, only to get the feeling of something grabbing her ankles and dragging back. Taylor looked around for objects that she could use to try and defend her until she got to her gun but there was nothing in sight.

'How did I get caught into something like this, oh yeah because I had to save some person's ass even though they didn't thank me for doing so,' she thought.

Spotting something out of the corner of her eye, she snatched it. Taylor plunged the sharp object straight into the things heart after turning back onto her back, facing the thing; lip twitching a bit from the contact of the makeshift weapon into the creature. It was done. Finished. Like she wanted.

Taylor stood up and wiped herself off, "That's for messing with me you ugly son of a bitch."

Twenty-five year olds shouldn't be doing what she was doing. Twenty-five year olds should be out of college, dating, working a normal job, and hanging out with friends while partying at a club drinking midnight margaritas. Single. Girl's night out. Having fun. Not hunting. Going over to the garbage can in the alleyway she bent over and retrieved her gun before walking home that wasn't too far away from where she had been to take care of this thing...this supernatural baddie that needed to be put down, lain to rest because of it's wrong and evil deeds.

When she arrived at her home she took a nice long shower, needing some form of normal in her night before she headed off to bed where her dreams would be filled with her job and the people that needed to be saved day in and day out. Her life was complex, way more than some social worker, or someone that works in a cubicle. After changing into her pajamas she went downstairs to grab a drink and plopped down on the couch in the living room to maybe watch a little television. Another bit of normal.

"Nothing..." she mumbled as she switched the channel away from the food network and onto cartoon network. "Not in my lifetime..." Oprah Winfrey talk show. "Like she can really handle my problems..." Animal Planet. "Aw, cute." Taylor immediately changed her mind as soon as the lion attacked the cute furry creature, causing her to jump and switch the electronic device off.

Looking around the room, Taylor tried to think of what to do. She didn't want to sleep quite yet because she frankly couldn't, and the thought of hopping on the computer or sitting around sounded pointless. A knock on the door saved her from doing either one of the two things or both and she stood, making her way to the wooden plank separating her from whoever was outside her house at such a late hour. Swinging it open without even looking through the peephole to see who it was, her eyebrows rose as she saw a tall man with brown shaggy hair and what appeared to be blue-green eyes almost detached from a puppy to be his own.

"Can I help you?"

At first he didn't answer, because mainly he was glancing around the neighborhood like he was being chased by the police or some wild dog...which in her case it could be very likely it was the latter. Finally his sights settled on her and he smiled, removing any sign of his nervousness and heavy breathing.

"I'm sorry to bother you so late in the night miss, but my car broke down and my cell phone is dead. Do you think I can use your phone to call the mechanic?"

"Let me guess...Mrs. Lexington wouldn't wake up and wouldn't let you in no matter how much of a darling young chap you are?" Taylor smirked, shaking her head with a small laugh as she stepped aside and allowed him in. "Yeah you can use my phone. Not like I was doing anything productive and insanely important before you knocked."


"No, seriously, I wasn't doing anything. Just sitting around. Anyways, phone is in the kitchen, right around the corner on the wall."

The man followed her directions and was soon dialing the numbers on the keypad with precision, almost memorized and without a single pause to think of what the mechanic's number would even be like most people. He gave an awkward smile to her as she came in and took a seat at the table in the room, watching him but also diverting her eyes as to not make him uncomfortable and under the spotlight.

"Dean?" A beat. "Yeah I know. Listen, I had car trouble and well my cell did as well, so I am at this person's house on Donnellson Way. Not hard to miss, just look for a 1993 white Honda Accord LX in the driveway."

As soon as he had finished telling him what car she drove, he hung up and ran his hands through his hair with a heavy sigh. Taylor didn't know him, but being able to read people a bit she could tell that he was frustrated and that something was bothering him. So to soothe the situation at hand she introduced herself.

"I'm Taylor. Would you like a drink while you wait?"

At first Taylor wasn't sure if he'd say yes or even answer back with what his name was, seeing as he appeared slightly thrown off by her vocal announcement of words.

"Um...sure, anything is fine."

Feeling somewhat disappointed, Taylor maneuvered out of her seat and around him to the fridge, opening it and shaking her head with a mental laugh at the sight of only beer. She really needed to update her drinking habits, then again would that ever happen? Taking out two, knowing that she might very well need one, she went back to her guest and handed it to him.

"Got a name there stud or are you going for the mysterious college boy type, or even the secretive murderer that I have just let into my home to kill me," she joked, again attempting at lightening the mood.

"Ha, ha. No I'm not---" His face saddened a bit at the mention of college and then the expression vanished as he came back to the now and the conversation with the woman that allowed him in. "Name's Sam."

"And the one on the phone? I know...mechanic, but...small town..."

"Dean. He's actually---."

Timing was not one of Taylor's things. Whenever something was going to happen or be said, there was always a force or person in the world that came in and interrupted. Hearing the knock on the door for the second time that night, she gave an apologetic smile to Sam silently saying that he can finish when she gets back after checking to see whom it was. Going to the door, she opened it, finding a shorter than her guest, but still relatively easy on the eyes, green eyed, sandy blond kind of brown haired man.

"You the mechanic? Dean?"

"What? Mechanic..." Dean stopped as soon as he saw his brother coming from a room and a good distance behind the woman before him. "Yeah. Speedy Mechanics. You call, we tow, and we fix...that simple. Good ol' Speedy."

"Speedy eh? Hmm...that place has been out of commission for ten years now."

Taylor wasn't the least impressed, obviously he was lying and the other one had actually made it sound believable with his puppy peepers other than this guy.

"Okay fine, but this is the house that my brother told me to come to. So if you don't mind...Sam! Come on, let's hit the road and find my damn car that you lost," Dean said.

"Brother?" Taylor paused, twisting her body a bit to get a good view of Sam and Dean at the same time, giving a raised brow to both. "And lost car? I thought you said it broke down?"

"It did break down...but then someone stole it," Sam explained.

"Broke down! You didn't say that! If I'd have known that my baby was broken down or that you might cause it to get into that state of medical condition then I wouldn't have let you taken it in the first place!" Dean yelled stepping inside, allowing Taylor to close the door behind them so then the breeze starting up didn't freeze her to the bone.

Sam knew that his brother would maybe react this way, but he needed to look him in the eye at that moment and see that he was using the broken down part as a cover, however, the obsessed and near hyperventilating hunter wasn't looking and was furthering his freak out.

"Dean..." he tried.

"No. Sam, come on, let's go now that you screwed up more of this case than thought imagined," Dean said, grabbing the tall hunters arm and swiveling towards the door finding that it was blockaded by the petite brunette.

On any other day, Dean would've been all over her, flirting her up till her head spun, but tonight was not that night especially because of his car; his baby.

"Wow, asshole much to your sibling?" Taylor glared.

"Move it babe, nice meeting you, and if I want to be an asshole I have the god damn right to do so. If you'll excuse me..."

"No. And by the way, don't call me that. I'm not some chick that you can pork and cork, blow off and then leave. I don't take well to having a dickhead barge into my house and demand for free yell, grab and insult. Yes insult, because I find 'babe' very insulting considering me being a female. Got that? So apologize now and then you may leave."

Dean returned her glare; tightening his jaw and releasing his grip on his brother's arm after hearing him start to laugh silently. "How about no with an extra side of screw you bitch if you like that better than what I like to call a compliment."

He might as well have got invisible bitch slapped if possible in the silence they were now pervading in. Though it would've been better to have that than anything, Taylor wasn't letting him off that easy as she reared back her fist and connected it to his jaw.

"That...is what I like to call a compliment. Glad to share sexual differences."

Thirty minutes later Dean and Sam were on the couch in the living room under Taylor's watchful eye, still waiting for a sincere sorry from the elder brother while he suited an ice pack from the punch she served him earlier. It took one to get him to not speak, only one and he was sending the death sentence through one direct sighting of the one named Taylor.

"You know that wasn't fair..." Dean mumbled, wincing at the sliver of pain running through the bone in his face. "My guard was down and you got a lucky shot. Consider yourself in a position of total luckiness."

"Really? Cause I saw that differently, how about you Sam? I think your brother had the opportunity to block that punch instead of take it like a pussy."

"I am not---."

"A cat? What'd you think I meant? The female reproductive organ? Oh please, get your mind out of the gutter."

Sam snickered and stood, feeling that they had definitely over lived their stay there, no matter the woman's insistent desire for two simple words. He knew that even Dean could fake such sincere emotion and meaning behind them and yet he refused to do so. And as if his brother read his mind and created a miracle on thin ice, they came.

"I'm sorry."


"That's it? Okay?"

"Yeah. You may go now. Have a nice night."

The brothers shared a look of shock and confusion; this woman was a new discovery among hunting history in their books. They've dealt with old ladies with weird attributes and personalities, but this one...this one was interesting. Highly skilled in the art of Tom Foolery, whit and quite possibly, tying their strings up in the easiest puzzle known to man, yet it took them a long period of time to finally figure it out and remove themselves of it.

Watching the two men...siblings...leave her home, Taylor let out a huge tired sigh and sluggishly went to the door to lock it, setting the alarm as well. "Cold sheets, wet dreams, and a job involving a demon or a likely creature in the morning. Don't I just love my life?"

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