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Staring up at the ceiling, sweat now dry, wrapped with blankets on top and a body sleeping next to her. It was only noon and she had already made a mistake. Taylor at least thought she did but wasn't entirely sure. Working in her brain, fingers playing with a few strands of hair, twisting round and round while contemplating what was to come now. Jake left, he left for good and it was because of her despite his argument and her only format of dealing was to sleep with Dean. The one she swore up and down to Alexz she did not like. She had given herself to a high degree that she was unsure of how to proceed.

Taylor glanced at Dean, watching him sleep peacefully, the hard brow lines relaxed leaving nothing but pure peace. Chest breathing in and out. How could someone like him be such an asshole and at the same time understanding like he had been. No fighting, no talking, he took the task at hand and made her feel like he was the band-aid that would always help her heal. Now she sounded ridiculous with that logic. Licking her lips Taylor looked at the other bed, Alexz was out with Sam and last night they had sparred which meant that while in the shower Alexz had left to be with the tall hunter.

'My life seems to be the only one fucked up. Everyone's has moved on and they are enjoying it immensely.'

Dylan had been hanging with the guys last night, not wanting to be around girls too much. She understood, he was growing up and being around his own gender was needed. He was probably still knocked out snoozing with how he liked to go to bed late and sleep in. What happened to Dad and then with Mom, Dylan had moved on, not letting it affect him. Taylor had never seen him so happy in his life and she was the reason because of that. Letting him live and travel with her, it was a kid's best role playing game come to life. What was left to worry about was Taylor's life and what she had just done.

Sitting up and swinging her legs over the edge, clutching the blanket to her form. Movement came from behind her and she knew Dean was awake now. The hunter saw the contours of Taylor's back to him, wiping the sleep from his eyes and the hand down his whole face he sat up as she turned to look at him. "Hey," he said.

Hey. Taylor inhaled and exhaled, laying back down and facing him as he settled back down. "Hi."

Afternoon greetings, short and to the point. She wasn't sure that she wanted to over think, to ruin it not unless he ruined it first and said something snarky but they just stared at each other. Taylor moved closer and rested her forehead against his chest, breathing him in accidentally she closed her eyes. Dean's arm trailed down her arm and rested at her waist. "I think this is the second time that I've actually stayed after being with a girl."

It was a sentence to ruin not on purpose and Taylor could tell it was a compliment in some weird way that was Dean. A little laugh left her mouth and she brought her head away to stare into his eyes; face close. "The first time being the first time we…"

"Ah so you aren't denying."

She rolled her eyes, "No I'm not. It's no good trying to convince myself that it never happened."

There was a long pause and she could tell it was his turn to be thinking now. "What happened?"

"We had sex."

"No I'm talking about before."



It was so simple and Taylor watched as Dean's face hardened, sitting up and standing he began to move around to collect his things. "We should get dressed, we got to move on. Sam and Alexz found a hunt."

"Okay…" This was different, not what she expected if anything she would have thought a kiss would have followed that he'd comfort or something but really all he did was act like it never happened. What? Was it his turn now? Taylor stood pulling on her panties and bra quickly and rushing to be in front of him as he was looking to leave while he pulled on his shirt. "Wait. What's wrong? Leaving so soon? That in a hurry to start hunting cowboy?"

Dean stared hard into her eyes, there was darkness there and Taylor didn't know what she did wrong. What she said, if it was her or if it was Dean… "All of that was just because of Jake. That's honestly what happened?"

"Yeah, I mean what's wrong with that? I was really hurt and I guess I-"

"Needed someone to heal it?"

"Why are you angry about this? If anything I wouldn't expect this from you. You do this thing to women all the time, am I right? You use them for sex to forget things, to drown in anything but the emotions you started with."

There was a long pause as they just stared at each other. Taylor had actually liked what they did, she wasn't denying it or anything, sure she had used him shamefully because he was the first man at her door, he was the one that was there to grab onto and fuck. But why be angry? She wasn't pushing him out of the room or out of the bed mad or pissed behind all compare. Dean looked away and then back at her. "You're right. Well it seems my help worked, we can forget all about this exchange and move on."

He left in seconds and Taylor even found herself wanting to stop him, wanting to pull him back and explain…explain what? She was being delusional if she thought she really liked him and she had. Fallen for a trap of the mind based on what people around her were thinking and saying. Turning back she went to her duffel, angrily snapping out clothes to put on. That was when it hit. Hand going to her head she winced, things spotted, lights blinded and the floor met her body like they were magnetically attracted. The pain escalated tenfold before finally everything blacked out.


In the darkness she couldn't get free, couldn't really go anywhere and when she ran for what appeared forever a face popped out to laugh in her own. Screaming she backed away for it to disappear. "Taylor."

"Who is there?"

"You mean you don't know?"

The voice floated and morphed into her own. This was not funny, this was some horrible dream, she had obviously passed out from some kind of stress. The voice went back to being unique and hard to tell, before the darkness melted and a town surrounded her. People milling around, they were busy, something was happening, maybe late for work, going to school or living their lives and they didn't take her in their knowledge. Sirens erupted from her left, coming closer and stopped in front of the family market.

Walking forward Taylor followed the EMT's, down aisles and turning before landing in the packaging room in back. There a male was hung by a meat hook in the lineup of pigs and slabs of poultry and beef. Blinking someone was screaming at her and when she looked around no one even knew she was there before her sights settled on the dead man being photographed and set into a crime scene.

"You did this to me," he rasped.

Breathing heavily she didn't know what this was or what he was talking about, he was dead. Turning to get away, to avoid this, she had to wake up, this had to be a dream but it was too real. "You don't know what you're talking about, this isn't real," Taylor said as she turned, hitting into him as he was no longer behind her but in front of her, pressed to her and blood poured all over, staining everything.

The man brought his lips to her ear as she struggled, "It's real, liar."


Nearly the whole drive Alexz had been worried about Taylor. She had walked into the room after having a great time hanging with Sam to find her friend on the floor unresponsive. Taylor was fine now it was the whole problem of not knowing what she experienced. She wished Alexz would stop staring at her, she hadn't spilled the event to anyone and for that she was thankful. The last thing she needed was Dean poking at her that she couldn't handle the job and what came with it.

The hunt was gone through, explained, debriefed and they knew where they were going. Troubling part about it was it shook Taylor from head to toe with fright and worry. It was in a town, they had shown her pictures and it looked somewhat like she had seen when she had been out of it. What now? What did that mean? She could have said that it wasn't a hunt, skip that town and find a different hunt. All because she was horrified. What if it was real like the man had said?

'Something must be wrong with me. First that dream about my mom's house and now this…if this comes true…I'm a freak.'

No she didn't like to think of it that way, other people had things like this happen to them and those who didn't understand thought that word and more. Taylor wouldn't be a freak, she was already a freak for hunting and she was fine with that. She'd just have something extra and would make her different than her brother, than her friend, than everyone in the car. Looking at each one of them she settled on Sam, the only person that Alexz would ever tell what had happened would be Sam because now she was close with him. When he met her attention she could have sworn there was understanding in his blue-green orbs. Like he knew.

Blinking a few times to make sure she saw it, they were brought out of it when they had to unload from the car and into their motel rooms. Taylor had to talk to Sam, not Alex, not Dylan and definitely not Dean. What did Sam know?