The bass pulsed through his veins as he waited behind the curtain for his name to be announced. His skin was tingling, his breathing was rapid and his head was light. Stage fright. It hit him like a ton of bricks every night, so bad sometimes that he wondered why he still did this. It wasn't as if he had to; it wasn't as if he needed the extra money. Well, he did need the money, badly, but that was beside the point. He could have gotten any other job but he had settled on this of all things.

"Gentleman, please! Control those ragers and prepare yourself for our lovely newbie. Here again for your viewing pleasure, the sexy, the sassy, the absolutely scrumptious… Strawberry Bad Boy!"

He closed his eyes as the announcer said his cue, took a deep breath and slid his mask, which covered the upper half of his face and sported two red serpentine slashes under his left eye, into place before running out on the stage to the sound of the speakers blaring the song he had chosen for his routine that night. The crowd roared at the sight of him, cheering and calling out to him with vulgar propositions. He smirked and rubbed his hands over his chest, pulling at the fabric of his shirt to tease them with a glimpse at his midriff. As with every other night before this, the moment he set foot on stage the butterflies were gone. He licked his lips and undulated his body, gripping the shirt over his chest and moving into a motion as if he were going to tear it only to let his hands fall to his hips. He tucked his thumbs in the waistband and pulled the thin straps of a red thong out, showing them off. A two thousand yen note hit the stage before him and he grinned. Thongs sucked ass but he'd wear one again if he got more tips like that tonight. It was near the pole so he danced his way over to it, deciding now was as good a time as ever to get there and use it.

With his back against the pole he dipped low and grabbed the note, shoving it in the strap of the thong before sliding back up and arching his back thrusting his pelvis out in front of him. The crowd ate it up, tossing more notes and waving them in the air for him to come closer so they could place them themselves. As he strutted he reached once more for his shirt, tearing the fabric in one pull and sending the crowd into another frenzy of shouts and taunts; pleas and propositions. He grabbed the pole and bent his knees, dipping low once more and leaning back before bucking his hips in a lewd parody against the pole. He ran a hand through his hair, tilting his head back and smirking at the first man he saw.

The man, slicked back blue hair and crisp white business suit, smirked back and grinned wide enough to show nearly all his teeth. As he watched the man lifted his right hand, a folded note between his pointer and middle fingers. His eyes widened when he saw the number. Ten thousand yen. Pay dirt!

He slid down the pole and turned over, sitting back on his heels and running his finger down his chest until it settled on the waistband of his too tight jeans. The button popped open with barely a touch and the zipper fell with heart stopping slowness. The man before him continued to grin, his gaze fixed on the hand about to expose the rest of that too hot thong. He pursed his lips and kept his eyes on the money in the hand. It was a goal, the man was the one to pay attention to that night. He had money and it seemed he wasn't shy about who he wanted to give it too.

Once the zipper was down as far as it would go he dropped his hands to the stage and crawled, catlike, to the man and bit his lip arching his back a little for emphasis. The man held out the note and gestured with it for him to come closer. At the edge of the stage, closer to the crowd than he ever liked to be, the man leaned forward and waved the note in front of his face. Taking the hint, he flicked his tongue out and caught it between his teeth, snatching it away and rewarding the man with an up close and personal view of the thong disappearing between his cheeks as he let his pants fall to the ground and stepped out of them. He returned to the middle of the stage to finish his routine.

The man watched him intently throughout the rest of the show but didn't bother to clap when he was finished. He turned his back and hurried behind the curtain, pulling off the mask which had by this time started to fall off because of the sweat. He took a deep breath and started pulling notes out of the strings of his thong.

"Alright! That's about thirty seven thousand yen!"

"Whoa, way ta go Ichigo. You'll save up enough for that surgery for yer sis in no time."

Ichigo looked up and smiled at his long time friend. "Yeah, and all I gotta do is pretend to be gay for a bunch of perverts."

"Are ya implying that all gays are perverts?"

Ichigo smiled and stepped back into his jeans. "If they're anything like you then yeah, Shinji."

Shinji stuck out his bottom lip but followed it shortly after with his long pierced tongue. "Whatever. Go get some sleep. Don't you have class early in the morning?"

Ichigo nodded and grabbed his coat from the rack near the door. As he opened it the announcer began calling out Shinji's stage name and Ichigo rolled his eyes. He knew his stage name wasn't that great but he felt it was still better than "Solid Gold". With a wave over his shoulder he shrugged into his jacket and let the door slam behind him.

The wind was chill this time of the year and he pulled the collar up to shield his neck as best as he could. At least it wasn't raining. As he set off towards his small apartment he thought once more of the events that had brought him to this point in his life.

Two years ago he had gotten into the university of his choice, having decided on medicine so that one day he could take over his father's clinic. Things were going quite well until Yuzu, one of his younger sisters, had gotten sick. Even with their insurance coverage it wasn't enough to pay the bills and soon the clinic was on the verge of bankruptcy. Ichigo had to make the tough choice between quitting school to work or continuing on. It was then that Shinji had told him about the club he worked nights at. He had balked at first; a gay strip bar?! No way was he going to strip down in front of anyone, let alone a bunch of horny old men. It was a week before Shinji actually got him to come down and see what it was all about. At the sight of the wad of cash Shinji walked off the stage with his heart both rose and sank. If he did this he could pay off his sister's medical bills and still go to school. He really didn't have to think much after that.

So here he was, Ichigo Kurosaki, nineteen, college student by day male stripper at a gay club by night. He was sure his life couldn't get any stranger.

With that thought still fresh in his mind he rounded the corner only to be stopped when a rough hand grabbed ahold of his arm.

"What the…?"

"The boss wants a word with you, kid." A gruff voice stated and started to drag Ichigo towards a shiny BMW.

The back door opened and he was shoved inside rudely. Ichigo barely had time to sit up before the car was driving away from the curb.

"Shit!" He reached for the door handle but stopped when someone chuckled.

"It won't open so you might as well give up."

He turned towards the voice and his breath caught in his throat. The man was large, nearly filling up the entire back seat.


"I gotta proposition for ya kid." The man said in a monotone voice.

"No way! I don't do things like that so you can go ahead and just let me out here."

The man smirked as he pulled a cigarette from his jacket pocket. "You ain't got much choice."

"Boss?" The man said suddenly to no one that Ichigo could see. "We goin' back to the hotel?"

"Yes, baka! Get him the fuck back here now!" A voice growled out of a speaker near his ear.

"What the…?"

He heard a bark of laughter from the speaker once more as the man next to him pulled a sheet of paper from his coat pocket.

"Ichigo Kurosaki, nineteen, college student taking classes in medicine at M University. Lives alone except for weekends when he stays with his father and twin sisters in Karakura town. Father is the owner of a failing medical clinic and one of his sisters in currently in the hospital being treated for a cancerous tumor." Enjoying the shocked silence the man continued. "Currently working as a stripper for Wank to raise money for his family. Did I miss anything?"

"Wha… how… you….?" Ichigo stammered. How did this man know all that?

"I have my sources." The man chuckled. "Now, about that proposition…." He let the end of his sentence trail off as he looked over the younger man.

"What do you want with me?" He asked in a quiet, unsure tone.

"It ain't me who wants ya. Boss said 'get me that boy' so I got him that boy. You."

"I'm not…."

"I said it don't matter."

Ichigo gulped and crossed his arms. "What…"

"Boss gets what he wants. 'Course, he'll make it worth yer while. "

"Tch, how?" Ichigo scoffed before he could stop himself.

"If yer a good toy he'll make sure your family is taken care of."

Ichigo couldn't believe what he was hearing. This man who was demanding his presence seemed too much like a member of the yakuza was offering to "take care" of his family if he… if he what?

"Let's just say I'm interested? What do I have to do for him?"

"Just a little of this and a little of that."

That had been his answer to Ichigo's question and it made him nervous. More than nervous actually. But one thought of Yuzu lying weak and silent in that hospital bed and he knew that he had to do it, whatever it was. So there he was, being yanked out of a very expensive car and pulled into a huge hotel in the middle of Tokyo. The man stood him in front of the reception counter and told him to wait, the 'or else' thickly implied. He felt like a fool standing there, obvious that he didn't belong in a place like that. Men in business suits and women in designer dresses passed him with their noses in the air. He scowled at them all and shoved his hands in his pockets, barely suppressing the urge to growl as they passed.

"Mr. Kurosaki?"

Ichigo nearly jumped out of his skin and spun around to see a different large and very tall man standing behind him.

"Come with me." A deep and intimidating voice said before the man turned around and walked quickly away. Ichigo had to trot just to keep up with him.

Once in the elevator the man remained silent, staring at the sliding door in front of him and nowhere else. Ichigo fidgeted beside him, moving his hands from his pockets to his jacket zipper, to the long string that seemed to only come from one side of his hood and then back to his pockets. When the doors finally slid open he sighed and followed the man down the hall to a pair of French doors guarded by two equally large men. The one that had picked him up from the lobby nodded to the others before knocking loudly on the dark paneled door.

"Yeah what?!"

"Boss, the kid is here."

The door flew open and the blue haired man Ichigo had seen at the club earlier that night peaked out, his hair disheveled and the loose kimono he was wearing nearly coming undone. He grinned and grabbed Ichigo by the front of his shirt, pulling him in and nearly making him trip over his shoes. Ichigo blushed and frowned, steering his gaze to the carpeted flooring beneath him when he was abruptly let go of. As he walked further into the room he heard one of the men guarding the door snicker.

"'The fuck'er you laughin' at?" He stopped and glared at the man.

He shook his head and sent a fleeting look at the blue haired man, paling slightly at what he saw. Ichigo sent one last glare his way before turning around to take in the room. He heard the door lock click into place and gulped.

"Look, I…." Ichigo stared but was cut off.

"Take yer clothes off."

"W-wha… what?" Ichigo stuttered.

"You heard me. Strip. It's not like you aren't comfortable being naked in front of other people." The man smirked and filled two cups of tea.

"That's different! And I don't get all the way naked so…."

"Tch! With that teeny tiny banana hammock you might as well be." He pushed Ichigo down on the couch and stood menacingly over him. "Now strip."

Ichigo sneered, forgetting for a moment he had agreed to come here in the first place. "Ya want me to dance too?" At the feral grin on the other man's face Ichigo paled. Should not have said that. He berated himself. "Fine."

He quickly divested himself of all clothing and sat, bright red from head to toe, on the couch with his hands cupping his crotch. This is for Yuzu. He told himself over and over as the man continued to stare at him. When nothing was said Ichigo became a little angry. What the hell was this guy staring at?

"Yer a ripe little strawberry aren't ya?" He said quietly but with no small amount of heat.

He had not thought it possible but when Ichigo's blush deepened the man's grin grew and he let out a barking laugh.

"So what's going to happen?" He couldn't help but ask, even though it was pretty obvious what was going to happen, even to him.

The man smirked and stood, leaning over the small table until his face was level with Ichigo's.

"Get on yer knees."

Ichigo glared but did as he was told, his whole body beginning to shake with repressed anger. This is for Yuzu. This is for Yuzu. When he didn't move fast enough the man grabbed him by the elbow and pulled him until his knees struck the carpet. Ichigo gritted his teeth but otherwise kept his mouth shut and repeated his mantra.

"Let's cut the bullshit, alright? I know you need money, why else would you be workin' in a place like that? I'm just giving you the opportunity to get what you want so badly."

"Tch. I'd rather not thanks."

The man gave him a toothy grin and reached into a pocket hidden in his kimono. When Ichigo heard the metal clanking he was at first confused by the sound. It wasn't until the cuffs where being placed on his wrists that his body made any move to react. He jerked forward, his head knocking into the man's hip and making him lean dangerously to the side. Ichigo tried to spring up the his feet but was hit in the back with what felt like a foot. He stumbled and landed on his face but before he could get up the man was on him, holding him down.

"Yeah, I like 'em with a little spunk. Was wonderin' when you were gonna fight back." The man taunted in his ear.

"Get the fuck off me!"

"Yes! Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. You know what they say 'bout red heads and their tempers, right?" He leaned down and licked the side of Ichigo's face. "Ya know what? I think I wanna have ya call me by my name when I fuck that tight little ass of yers."

When Ichigo began to struggle again he laughed and placed his elbow in between his shoulder blades. "It's Grimmjow, by the way."

"I change my mind! Get the fuck off me and let me go, damn it!"

"Ha! What're you stupid?" Grimmjow's knee jammed in between Ichigo's thighs and forced them apart. "You think I'm gonna give up after all the trouble I went through to kidnap you? Now be a good kid and take it like a man. Don't know what would happen to that lovely little family of yers if ya don't."

"Don't you dare touch my family!"

Grimmjow sunk his teeth in the lobe of Ichigo's ear. "Then ya better enjoy tonight."

"Ya know, you could get a nice boy from Nicho for a lot cheaper than what yer payin' me." Ichigo nearly pleaded.

"Yeah, but none 'a them have drapes like this," He grabbed the back of Ichigo's hair and pulled roughly. "That match the carpet so well."

With that said Grimmjow fastened the other side of the cuffs, pinning Ichigo's arms behind his back. He grinned as he pulled Ichigo up off the floor and onto his knees in front of him. Ichigo glared up at him, making his grin grow two fold. With his hand still firmly in his hair, he pulled Ichigo forward and he moved aside his kimono to show off his half hard member. Ichigo closed his eyes and tried to turn his head away.

"Suck. And if yer teeth so much as graze it, I'll kill them all. Got it?"

In the tense silence that followed Ichigo made the decision to play along as best he could. As soon as he got this guy off the better. Then he could get his money and go home and try, try as hard as he could, to forget this had ever happened to him. He gave a small shudder that was felt by Grimmjow before he turned back and opened his eyes.

"Uhg, god." He whispered as he closed his eyes once more and leaned forward, his mouth slightly open to receive what he knew was right in front of him.

Grimmjow watched intently as Ichigo made his slow approach and licked his lips when he felt the warm breath on his exposed skin. Ichigo gave a small whine as his tongue reached out and finally touched the head now staring proudly at him. He hadn't been expecting just how soft it was, even though he had felt his own multiple times it was different when ones tongue was upon such skin. He tried to think of what he would like to have happen to him and swirled his tongue once before leaning even closer to wrap his lips around it. Grimmjow sucked in a breath but continued to watch. As Ichigo's head began to bob, Grimmjow's cock moving further and further inside his mouth with each movement, Grimmjow thought fleetingly that he was pretty damn good at this for having never done it before. When the head hit the back of his throat and that throat swallowed around him his grip on Ichigo's hair tightened and forced him closer.

Ichigo gagged and pulled away, coughing and trying to steady himself without the use of his hands.

"Who told you to stop?" Grimmjow asked, rudely trying to push Ichigo back on his cock.

"I almost threw up asshole. Gimmie a sec."

Grimmjow grinned and pulled Ichigo's head back. "I got a better idea, how 'bout we move on to better things, ne?"

Without waiting for a response he turned Ichigo around and pushed his face into the couch before crouching down behind him and grabbing his hip with his free hand.

"Ya know, fer someone who says he don't like this shit you sure look pretty excited." He flicked the tumid length jutting from the boy below him with his finger, laughing a little when Ichigo yelped and his body jerked.

"Sh-shut up! Don't touch that!"

"You don't wanna get off? Fine with me. We'll just move on to the next phase."

Grimmjow moved his hand behind Ichigo and began to slip his fingers between his cheeks.

"Ah! N-no. Shit, not that. Please not that."

Grimmjow chuckled. "Oh yeah? Ya don't want me to prepare ya either? You really like it that rough?"

"No! I… I didn't mean it that way. Is-isn't there another way to… do this?" He tried to turn and look up at the man behind him but it was no use.

"Hmmm." Grimmjow hummed as he reached back to the front of Ichigo and started to stroke him.

Ichigo gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. Obviously this wasn't the first time that Grimmjow had done this for someone else and he was quickly bringing Ichigo closer to release. The unconscious sounds he was making were getting Grimmjow even more excited and he leaned forward, licking the side of Ichigo's neck causing him to shudder and whimper. At the sound he smiled and sank his teeth into the thick muscle. Ichigo's entire body stiffened and to Grimmjow's intense surprise his back arched, his ass grinding into his cock.

"Oh yeah?" He said under his breath and let go of Ichigo's hair returning it to his backside, his fingers searching his opening.


Grimmjow grinned when Ichigo reacted as his finger brushed over it once, twice, three times, before the tip dipped inside. Not being the most patient of people, Grimmjow pulled back and began searching his robes for the bottle of lube he had stashed there after he had donned the garment. Ichigo, who now had more control of his body sat back on his heals and looked behind him. His face was flushed and his breathing was labored. It pissed him off that he had been enjoying any of what had just been done with him, but he had trouble focusing on that when he looked down at the turgid member peaking at him from the fold of Grimmjow's kimono. Without thinking he bent forward and sucked it into his mouth.

"Whoa, shit!" Grimmjow cursed, nearly dropping the lube he had finally found.

The boy had gone and surprised him again and his delighted gaze watched the orange head bob up and down in his lap. Damn he really was a natural cock sucker. His fingers laced back in the soft hair and he bit his lip as he leaned back to give Ichigo more room. Then, after some time, Ichigo pulled away and looked up at him.

"Please. Please let my arms go." He whispered, his heavy lidded eyes barely open.

Grimmjow smirked and grabbed the key from his pocket, flicking open the cuffs in no time. After briefly rubbing his wrists, Ichigo returned to Grimmjow's cock, his hands now free to roam the hard muscles of his chest and stomach. After the near sensory overload Grimmjow pulled Ichigo away from him and bent him back over the couch once more.

"My turn." He said, his voice thick with passion.

He slathered his fingers with the lube and began preparing Ichigo for what was to come. With one hand behind him, threatening to penetrate and another now pumping his aching cock Ichigo's little noises that indicated his pleasure escalated. When the first finger slipped past the tight ring to settle deep inside him he thought for sure he would come. Grimmjow, now beyond any kind of self control, quickly slipped in a second and followed that shortly after with the third. Ichigo was writhing beneath him, his moans and groans punctuated by quick intakes of breath and near squeals each time his prostate was struck.

"Ah, fuck. I can't take it any more."

That was the only warning Ichigo received before Grimmjow's thick cock was being shoved inside him. Without thinking he arched back, forcing Grimmjow even further inside. With his eyes rolling to the back of his head he gripped Ichigo's hips and began to pound into him, grunting with the effort. Ichigo cried out and tore at the cushions of the couch.

"Yeah, you love it dontcha?"

"Y-y-y-… YES! Oh fuck yes!"

"Say it." When there was no response Grimmjow pinched Ichigo's side as hard as he could. "Say it."

"Sa-ah wah'?"

"My name. Say it." Grimmjow bit his lip and closed his eyes.

"Gri-ah, mmm ja-ah. Nggha!"


Ichigo would later be mortified by this reaction, but at the time he was more than happy when Grimmjow picked up the pace and pushed him further into the couch. As he worked his hips, his prostate being hit with each deep thrust, Grimmjow again threaded his fingers in the short spiky hair. With one low guttural groan Ichigo came and fell sluggishly on the cushions as Grimmjow continued his assault, his moans now weak but far from protesting. It wasn't long before Grimmjow stiffened and released inside Ichigo, falling on top of him as he tried to catch his breath.

Once he could breath properly and he was sure that his legs would not wobble when he stood, he got up and fixed his kimono, watching Ichigo intently as he too began to move.

"Go take a shower and I'll have my man drive you home."

Ichigo grunted and rubbed his hands over his face before trying to stand. When he was finally to his feet Grimmjow grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him close.

"Don't think that that was enough."

"W-what? You said…."

"I said that if you be my toy I'd make sure yer family was taken care of. What, you thought one good fuck would be enough for that?" He snorted at the thought. "I ain't gonna sugar daddy you fer just that."

Ichigo scowled and tried to pull away. "If ya run, I'll kill yer family. If ya back out, I'll kill yer family. If ya stop pleasing me, I'll kill yer family." He licked a stray drop of sweat from Ichigo's temple. "Need I go on?" When Ichigo shook his head he laughed. "Good, now go get cleaned up. Ain't ya got school tomorrow?"

As Grimmjow walked away Ichigo could have kicked himself for his stupidity. He should have known that this wasn't going to be a one time thing, not for the kind of money he was going to get. Now he was left with little choice. As he stepped into the hot spray of water a tiny, annoying voice at the back of his mind giggled.

"It ain't all bad. At least you get laid. At least it's good."

Ichigo shook his head and vowed to never again crawl to the edge of the stage during his routine. He didn't need anything like this to happen to his ever again.

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*Nicho--Shinjuku Ni-chōme (新宿二丁目), referred to colloquially as Ni-chōme or simply Nichō, is Area 2 in the Shinjuku District of the Shinjuku Specail Ward of Tokyo, Japan. With Tōkyō home to over 8.2 million people, and Shinjuku known as the noisiest and most crowded of its 23 special wards, Ni-chōme further distinguishes itself as Tōkyō's hub of gay subculture, housing the world's highest concentration of gay bars. (Source: Wiki)

*thirty seven thousand yen-- about $414 USD

*two thousand yen-- about $22 USD

*Ten thousand yen-- about $112 USD