Three months had passed since the incident and Grimmjow was still keeping close tabs on Ichigo. Shawlong continued to take him to school and bring him home and since the injury had made him unable to dance Ichigo had finally quit at the club. He was sad about it, he wasn't quite ready to stop dancing, but he knew it was for the best. He had already missed so much school that he was behind on things and had to work hard to get back up to speed. At this point in his life he felt that even if he wanted to dance only for fun he really should be focusing on his career.

Grimmjow had decided not to take back his job when Aizen offered it back to him, saying that he had decided to go into business for himself. Though he hadn't really thought far enough ahead about it he knew he'd think of something. In the meantime he and Ichigo lived off his rather large savings. Things were going more than well for the loving couple who still bickered about little things and made out in the kitchen. Life was good, normal even, and they were happy beyond words.

Shinji's injury had also forced him to stop dancing though he kept his managerial position at the club. He had been devastated when his physical therapist had told him that because of how the ligaments and tendons had been torn that the healing process would take a long time and he couldn't expect to dance for a while, if ever again. His mother had tried to cheer him up by telling him to work hard at it and prove the doctors wrong, but deep down Shinji knew that they were right. His career as a dancer was over and it was time to start looking ahead to the future.

Nnoitra had left town three days after the incident, claming he needed a break, but was back to bug the blond at the hospital in less than a week. Shinji was at a complete loss as to why he had chosen to do so, Nnoitra too for that matter, but it seemed that the two of them, though still irritable around each other, were starting to get along rather well.

Once the wire transfers were complete, returning the money that had been stolen to their proper accounts, Szayel left to France. He said he was finished with Japan for a while and would look Grimmjow and Ichigo up when and if he decided to return. Ichigo was glad to see him go and even smiled at the man as he walked out the door for the last time.

Yuzu was preparing to go back to school with Karin and Isshin was working between the clinic and the hospital, still trying to settle all the bills. Etta on the other hand had finally told her parents that she had no intention of flying to Germany to meet the man they intended for her and instead started to see Isshin more openly, but for all intents and purposes their relationship had changed little. They still met rarely but now it was no longer a secret when they did.

In all life was good for everyone. Almost….

Shinji rolled his eyes as Nnoitra leaned into him and shouted at the television.

"Just fuckin' die damn it!"

"Yellin' isn't gonna to make that happen. And quit leanin' on me. I can't use my controller when ya do that."

"You just suck at it."

"Fuck you. This was yer stupid… shit! Kill him he's gonna get me!"

"HA! Got the fucker!"

Shinji giggled as the spray of blood hit the left side of the screen. He was surprised he could play a game like this after all that had happened in the past few months but it was rather therapeutic shooting aliens bent on taking over the universe. The fact that he was sitting companionably, for the most part, with Nnoitra was the strange part but it was happening so often lately that he couldn't complain. He was enjoying the company really. Not that he'd ever admit that to the man.

"I gotta piss." Nnoitra said, pausing the game and standing.

"And I needed to know that because?"

"Shut up. Ya would'a asked where I was goin' if I just got up and left anyway."

Shinji rolled his eyes and looked away from him, irritated because he knew he was right. He didn't have to wait long for him to return, Nnoitra taking is spot back on the floor before reaching for his controller. Instead of switching on the game he leaned over and began to kiss Shinji's neck. Shinji shivered and pushed him away.

"I thought we were playin'."

"You'd rather play video games than make out?"

"Baka, I ain't makin' out with ya. I toldja I don't like ta kiss…."

"Unless it's a lover er whatever. Yeah, yeah. So let's date so I can make out with ya."

"God yer an idiot. I'm not gonna date ya fer that."

Nnoitra shrugged and nibbled Shinji's neck instead. "So date me 'cause ya like me."

"But I don't like ya." Shinji replied, his voice breathy as Nnoitra touched upon the front of his neck, moving ever closer to his Adams apple.

"Bull shit." Nnoitra grinned against Shinji's skin, his voice turning deeper and sending shivers down Shinji's spine.

Shinji had been so afraid since his accident to be intimate that he had flat out refused Nnoitra on multiple occasions. Even with his therapy his knee still hurt when he put too much pressure on it and knowing his own penchant for placing his weight on his knees with his ass up in the air for sex he didn't want to do it. It had pissed Nnoitra off but for some reason he still came over to hang out just about every day. He figured it was just a matter of time before Nnoitra tried again and he was right. Every few days he would try and kiss Shinji, only half the time succeeding in getting more than a few minutes of the act. Nnoitra was just glad to see his uncharacteristic patience was starting to pay off. Each little round of kissing and touching lasted just a bit longer than the last.

When Nnoitra's teeth latched on to his Adams apple he let his head tip back just a bit and a small groan escape his lips. When his tongue glided over the protrusion Shinji bit his lip and reached up, tentatively threading his fingers in Nnoitra's hair. Nnoitra's hand was pulling Shinji's tie from around his neck, catching it on his nose before finally getting over his head. He was unbuttoning his shirt when Shinji realized what was happening and tried to stop him.

"Wait. I can't."

"The fuck you can't. I didn't say I was gonna try and fuck ya."

Shinji snorted and tried to push Nnoitra away. "Whatever. I don't wanna… oh God."

Nnoitra had managed to dodge Shinji's feeble attempts at pushing him away and curl his long tongue around an erect nipple. Shinji arched his back and tightened his fingers in Nnoitra's hair.

"Ya know ya want it so shut the fuck up."

Shinji didn't respond to that taunt and Nnoitra took it as a good sign, continuing to unbutton the shirt he was wearing with one hand and pulling it from his pants with the other. He didn't understand why Shinji didn't just lounge in his underwear on his days off if all he did was stay at home. Then again Nnoitra would have preferred the blond naked and willing at all times really.

"Mmnn-ah. W-what are you… oh!" Shinji gasped when a strong hand cupped his cock through his slacks.

"Shh." Nnoitra licked Shinji's sternum as he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulling at them slowly so that he could readily reach what was inside.

Shinji sucked in a hard breath when Nnoitra's slightly cold fingers reached inside his underwear and began to slowly stroke him. Ever since the accident the only stimulation he had gotten was with his own hand and it was almost too much to have someone else touch him. Nnoitra licked his way down to Shinji's stomach before sitting back and grinning at him.

"Ya don't want what?"

"Fuck you." Shinji said, practically breathless.

"But ya said we can't."

Shinji scowled and almost growled in frustration. Either Nnoitra was going to fool around with him or they were gonna finish their game. Luckily he didn't have to voice what he was thinking, instead giving a shocked gasp when he was lifted and tossed up on the couch.


"Easier like this." Nnoitra said as he settled between Shinji's legs and went back to licking his chest once more.

His hand returned to Shinji's cock, rubbing it through the fabric of his underwear before slipping back inside. With his free hand he worked Shinji's pants down as far as they would go, which was just above mid thigh with his leg brace on. Shinji's head had fallen back against the cushions of the couch and his eyes were closed, one hand still buried in Nnoitra's hair and the other clutching the side of the couch tightly. Nnoitra grinned when he noticed before sticking his tongue in Shinji's navel.

"Ah! Th-that tick-eh-tickles."

His grin widening, Nnoitra pulled Shinji's underwear away from his cock and fisted his hand loosely at the base.

"Oh yeah? Does this tickle, too?"

Without waiting for Shinji to respond, Nnoitra, in a surprising move, sucked the head of Shinji's cock into his mouth, taking it in half way before pulling back with a pop.

"O-oooh-ah. Fuck! Shhhhh…." The sensation of Nnoitra's tongue moving against his sensitive skin made him want to lose it and yet hold back at the same time. "Oh God do that again. Please." He pleaded. He wanted to get off so bad he didn't care that moments ago he had been denying this man what he was now asking for.

Nnoitra chuckled and went back to work, this time taking Shinji's entire length in and sucking on it like a popsicle. He was hoping that if he loosened Shinji's up a bit by making him cum that he would get something in return, though he figured the gesture wouldn't be returned in kind. He just wanted to fuck the blond so bad at this point he would take what he could get. It was weird that he hadn't thought to seek pleasure elsewhere but he tried not to think about that. As well as Shinji he would never admit that he actually liked hanging out with him.

As Shinji came closer and closer to his peak his moans of pleasure increased and the grip on Nnoitra's hair tightened. Nnoitra reached up and pressed two fingers to Shinji's lips, pleased when he sucked them in almost instantly. He groaned around the cock in his mouth when Shinji's tongue began to work his fingers and his hips suddenly bucked.

"Fuck. Fuck… oh fuck!"

Nnoitra pulled back and sat up, pulling his fingers from Shinji's mouth and replacing them with his tongue as his hand finished him off. They kissed, tongues at war with one another, until Shinji pulled away, his head falling back once more as a deep throated groan tore from his throat. He came, shuddering at how hard it was, all over himself and Nnoitra couldn't help but smile.

Shinji looked up at him breathlessly and licked his lips. "Cheater."

He chuckled and stood, adjusting his own erection as Shinji watched. "I'm gonna go whack off. I'll be right back."

Shinji whined and reached out, grabbing Nnoitra's wrist with the hand that had been in his hair.

"Wait. I-I'll do it for ya."

Nnoitra cocked his eyebrow, hoping that Shinji meant a blow job. Instead Shinji pulled him down on the couch next to him and unzipped his pants, reaching in and pulling him free. Nnoitra's eye rolled closed at the feeling of Shinji's warm hand on him and he leaned back to make himself more comfortable. As Shinji began to stroke him he pressed his lips to his neck, licking and biting as his hand moved up and down his length.

"God yer so fuckin' big." Shinji breathed against Nnoitra's neck and he was delighted to hear the man groan. He latched onto his ear lobe and bit down hard. "I betcha wanna put that in my ass so bad, dontcha?"

"Ah shit. Now who's the cheater?"

Shinji chuckled darkly. "Ya wanna fuck me hard with that big cock 'a yers, huh?"

Shinji tightened his fingers as he moved his hand and continued his dirty talk. He could feel Nnoitra getting closer to the edge and it made him smile.

"Wanna stick it so deep inside me and fill me up. Wanna make me scream as ya cum deep in my ass."

Nnoitra couldn't take any more of that, just thinking of doing that to Shinji was enough to have his cock twitch before releasing. Shinji giggled as his cum dribbled over his fingers and he lifted his hand, licking it a bit as Nnoitra's sex drugged eye watched him.

"You keep doin' shit like that and I'm gonna say fuck yer knee and do what I want."

He giggled again before resting his head on Nnoitra's shoulder and finishing up the cum on his fingers.

"To be honest I'm kinda surprised ya haven't done it already."

Nnoitra laughed and relaxed back into the cushions, resting his own now tired head atop Shinji's.

"I'll remember that next time, Blondie."

"Shut up and fix yer pants. We gotta start the game over. I'm gonna kick alien ass this time and yer gonna hafta keep up with me."

"Fuck you. I always win this shit."

"Whatever." Pulling up his pants Shinji slid back to the floor and grabbed his controller, looking up at Nnoitra with a grin. "Well?"

Nnoitra smiled and zipped himself up before joining him. "Yer gonna hafta keep up with me, Blondie."

He pressed the start button and they fell back into the game, both of them sitting just a little bit closer than before.

Kissing in the shower was always a great idea as far as Ichigo was concerned and Grimmjow found no reason to complain about that. They had gone out to dinner that night to celebrate their six month anniversary, something that Yuzu had insisted upon once she had found out about the two. Karin and her big mouth had ruined any chance of Ichigo formally coming out of the closet two months prior during a family dinner and Yuzu had looked pointedly at her brother and sighed dramatically.

"Well, then you'll just have to bring him over to the house more often then! I'll make a big dinner and we can all hang out…."

Ichigo had only groaned and hung his head, trying to hide the small, relieved smile on his face. It was just like Yuzu to want to bring people together and cook for them. Even though his father had been silent through most of it Ichigo could tell that he wasn't about to say anything negative and the night went smoothly after that.

Grimmjow groaned when Ichigo pushed him into the shower wall and kissed him so forcefully he almost lost his breath. It was overwhelming when Ichigo got like this and he had been more and more aggressive the past couple weeks. As Ichigo's hands roamed freely Grimmjow's did as well, their skin heating with every touch. When Ichigo cupped Grimmjow's ass and slipped a finger between his cheeks Grimmjow pushed him back a bit to catch his breath.

"What are you doin'?"

Ichigo smirked. "You said when I quit the club I could ask about… you know."

"Yeah well tryin' to stick a finger in my ass is not asking." Grimmjow pointed out. He had really begun to hope that Ichigo had forgotten that but now his behavior was starting to make sense. He had been, for the most part, trying to be the "man" lately. Grimmjow sighed. "So what, is this like the present you want for our anniversary?"

Ichigo blushed even as a small embarrassed smile twitched at his lips. "Kinda"

Grimmjow shook his head and closed his eyes. "I…."

"I promise I'll go real slow and if you don't like it I'll stop immediately. I just… I just wanna try it at least once." Ichigo's voice got quieter and quieter as he spoke, his blush intensifying with each word. Even as embarrassed as he was about this he still wasn't going to back down.

Grimmjow sighed and licked his lips. "Let's just… let's just… let things happen. How's that sound?"

The bright wide smile he received was enough to make him grin in return. Though he really wasn't looking forward to it he loved Ichigo enough to try it out. At least once. Once the shower was off and they were dried they made their way to the bedroom and before Grimmjow could say anything Ichigo pushed him down on the bed. He tossed the lube on the bed with them before crawling over Grimmjow and kissing him once more. As their tongues slid together and Ichigo pressed his body against Grimmjow, he couldn't help but wrap his arms around the younger man, kneading the hard muscles of his back.

Ichigo trailed his kisses lower, nipping as he went and sucking Grimmjow's nipples gently. Grimmjow sucked in a breath and bit his lip when Ichigo's hand closed around his cock and brought him to his full arousal. In the blink of an eye Ichigo was crouched between his legs and sucking his hard member into his mouth, pulling it all the way down his throat and swallowing around him. He knew how much Grimmjow loved it when he did it and kept it up for as long as he could before pulling back just enough to catch his breath. Without alerting Grimmjow to what he was doing he reached for the lube and thoroughly coated two fingers. When he used his other hand to spread one of Grimmjow's legs the man tensed.

"You can't be tense for this."

"Well excuse me for being a little apprehensive about having something in my ass for the first time."

Ichigo frowned and bit his lip. "Do you want me to stop?"

Grimmjow sighed. "No." His voice got so quiet that Ichigo barely heard him. "Just… nervous."

Ichigo gave him a sweet smile he didn't see and placed a slick finger against Grimmjow's entrance. "I promise I won't hurt you."

That said he added just a little pressure and returned his mouth to the cock still standing proud before him. Grimmjow was torn between wanting to get it over with and wanting to just tell Ichigo he couldn't do it. It was ridiculous really but he was scared of what would happen once that finger threatening to invade him was inside. What if it did hurt? What if he liked it? Would he in turn become the bottom in this relationship? Even if that last question was unlikely it bothered him. He was so distracted with his thoughts that he didn't at first feel when Ichigo finally pushed inside him. It wasn't until he was at the second knuckle that he felt it all and only because he moved his finger. Grimmjow let out a small gasp and opened his eyes, discovering only then that he had closed them in the first place.

"Did it hurt?" Ichigo asked, pulling away from the cock he was still blowing with a worried look on his face.

Grimmjow blinked at him and felt the digit slide further in. He shook his head and frowned. No, it didn't hurt at all actually. It didn't necessarily feel good, but it wasn't hurting. Ichigo bit his lip and watched Grimmjow's face as he buried the finger as deep as he could, checking for any signs of discomfort. He realize, and had thought about this before hand, that that first time wasn't going to initially fell as wonderful as it did every time for him. That and the fact that he had only ever fingered himself meant that he was basically new at this. But taking the lead from his personal experience he sought out that small bundle of nerves and barely brushed the tip of his finger over it. Grimmjow's eyes widened when he felt it and he still wasn't sure how to react. He sat up on his elbows and continued to frown, his own lip disappearing between his teeth. That had been… different.

Ichigo licked his lips and tried again, this time applying more pressure and staying over it a bit longer. Grimmjow closed his eyes and felt a strange, new stirring inside him. When Ichigo began to slowly pull the finger back and push it forward something happened. Instead of feeling awkward and weird it was like someone had turned on a furnace inside Grimmjow. His head tipped back and he bit his lip harder. Encouraged by the response Ichigo returned his mouth to his cock and picked up the speed with his finger, still moving slowly but without pause.

When he felt brave enough he pulled it almost all the way out and began to press the second one in. Grimmjow barely tensed at this but shivered and dropped down to fully spread out on the bed once more. Ichigo pushed in further until both fingers pressed against Grimmjow's prostate and he almost jumped at the sound that action produced.

"Oh… sh-it." Grimmjow groaned, willing his hips not to move.

Ichigo pulled back and smiled before nipping at the base of Grimmjow's cock on the left side; one of his more sensitive spots. Grimmjow reached down with one hand and grabbed a handful of Ichigo's hair. Ichigo paused and looked up, grinning at what he saw. Grimmjow's eyes were still closed and he was still frowning, but his mouth was now opened and his breathing rate had escalated. Ichigo grabbed the lube with his free hand and drizzled some more on a third finger, preparing for the next move. He waited until he felt Grimmjow's hips finally twitch before slowly pulling the two fingers he had inside Grimmjow out and pressing the third back in. When Grimmjow hissed his stopped.

"Hurt?" He asked quietly, not really sure why he was whispering.

"It… no. Just…."


Grimmjow nodded and opened his eyes. "Fuck, Ichigo."

"I'm gonna do it anyway, okay?"

Grimmjow chuckled nervously and shook his head. "Just hurry it up."

Ichigo grinned again and pushed the three fingers as deep as they could go, ignoring another uncomfortable hiss from Grimmjow but only because the moment Ichigo sought out his prostate is changed to a deep throated moan. That's when Ichigo began to fuck him slowly with the three fingers, stretching him and preparing him for the next phase. Grimmjow could feel his entire body tighten and heat and he could no longer stop his hips from moving. It wasn't a matter of trying to act manly anymore. It wasn't a matter of trying to show that he was still seme. None of that mattered. His hips titled to meet Ichigo's thrusts and even with the strange sensation of being stretched open in a place that had never been stretched before he was, for the first time, starting to think this had been a good idea.

Ichigo licked the head of Grimmjow's cock and smiled. "Feel good?"

"Shu-t up… mnn…."

Ichigo was amazed at what he was seeing; what he was experiencing. Grimmjow, the man that had been pounding him for so long was starting to get into it so much so that Ichigo was now aching to be inside in. He wanted to know what it was like, what it felt like, to fuck this man so bad he wasn't sure just how much longer he could hold back. When Grimmjow's hips began to move faster than his fingers he knew his own time was up. Still moving his hand he sat up and leaned over Grimmjow, pressing his lips to the side of his neck.

"Can I…?" He asked breathlessly. He wasn't even sure he could make it all the way inside but at this point he didn't care.

Grimmjow bit his lip and made a sound that was almost like a whine. "Ah, fuck. I… I guess so."

Ichigo chuckled and slowed his hand to a stop as he coaxed Grimmjow into a long and deep kiss. He pulled his hand away from the man below him and began to coat his own cock with lubricant.

"How do you… how do you wanna do this?"

Grimmjow blinked his eyes open and his brow knit together. He hadn't thought about that.

"How 'bout just like this." He whispered and Ichigo nodded.


When the tip of Ichigo's cock began to press lightly against him Grimmjow shut his eyes once more and grit his teeth. This was really happening now. Ichigo was going to be inside him and even though he had given in to everything outwardly he was still at war with certain parts of himself. Yes it had felt good, really good if he were being honest with himself, but it was still an odd thing to think of this young man actually fucking him. When Ichigo began to press forward he realized there was no going back now. Ichigo rested his forehead on Grimmjow's shoulder as he moved as slowly as he could. He didn't remember much of how it felt to be inside a woman and from his own explorations he knew the feeling of anal as apposed to vaginal penetration were worlds apart. He knew that the girl he had been with had never been this tight though and he grit his own teeth as he pressed on. When the tip of his cock finally pushed passed the tight ring of muscle the both of them groaned in unison.

"Fuck Grimmjow. Fuck."

"Shit, slow down."


Ichigo tried, he really did, to take things slowly but his body seemed to have a mind of it's own. It wanted to be inside this man and it was fighting Ichigo every step of the way. He was barely half way in before he pulled out and slowly pushed back in. Grimmjow tightened harshly around him and suddenly loosened allowing Ichigo to bury himself. Ichigo was trembling and panting, feeling Grimmjow's hitching breaths beneath him and his tight, hot, silky sheath around him.

"Oh God. I can't… I have to…."


Ichigo moved, pressing himself deeper and pulling back before pressing in once more. With one hand gripping the sheets tightly Grimmjow reached up with the other and grabbed Ichigo's hair, tugging on it until Ichigo raised his head so they could kiss. He had never imagined that it would feel this good. Ichigo was being so gentle with him still and yet he already felt like he was falling to pieces. He moved again, titling his hips up and groaning at the feeling of Ichigo's length sliding that much further into him. Suddenly Ichigo pulled his hips almost all the way back before snapping them forward again and Grimmjow cried out.

"Oh fuck! God damn it! Shit." He panted, moaning when Ichigo did it again. "Shit, Ichi… Ichig-oh fuck."

Ichigo couldn't speak. Couldn't think enough to form words. His thrusts picked up speed even more, the feeling, the friction, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. He couldn't take it. Didn't think he would last any longer. He pushed himself up on his elbows and reached down, wrapping his still slick fingers around Grimmjow's cock and began to pump it in time with his now almost brutal thrusts. Grimmjow hips bucked and the sensations were too much for him. He came, his ass clamping down around Ichigo so hard that it actually prevented the young man from cumming himself until he relaxed. As soon as those muscles let go of their vise like grip he lost it and came hard and deep inside Grimmjow before collapsing on top of him.

Once he caught his breath Ichigo sat back and slowly pulled out of Grimmjow, wincing and shuddering as his oversensitive cock brushed against him.

"That…." He stopped, not sure what else to say.

Grimmjow chuckled and covered his eyes with his arm. "Fuck."

Ichigo felt his lips twitch and a giggle stat to bubble up. "Yeah."

Grimmjow lay there for a moment longer before sitting up and wrinkling his nose a bit.

"Does it always feel weird afterwards?"

Ichigo shrugged. "Like how?"

Grimmjow looked up with his nose still wrinkled. "Like…," He snorted. "Like squishy?"

Ichigo tipped his head back and laughed, nearly falling off the bed. "Yeah, kinda I guess."

Grimmjow rolled his eyes and stood up, weaving to the side a bit before righting himself. "Uhg, I need another shower."

He turned and looked down at Ichigo, reaching out and pulling him up as well and kissing his cheek. Ichigo's laughter died down and he smiled up into Grimmjow's bright blue eyes. That had been amazing but he wasn't sure how to say that out loud and not ruin it by blushing like and idiot.

"I don't know if I wanna do that all the time, but…." Grimmjow bit his lip.

"It was amazing." Ichigo blurt out, his eyes going wide before the blush stained his cheeks. He was supposed to keep that to himself.

Grimmjow smiled and pressed his lips against his. "Yeah." His nose suddenly scrunched up again. "Ah gross. It's dripping down my thigh."

Ichigo laughed again. "That's gross."

"No shit. Let's go take another shower."

"I could hold it in there while we walk to the bathroom." Ichigo offered, feeling suddenly in a teasing mood.

Grimmjow looked at him like he had grown a second head. "Just get in the shower weirdo."

"Hey Grimmjow?"


"I love you."

Grimmjow chuckled and pulled Ichigo into his arms. "I love you too, Ichigo."

He kissed his lips chastely and stepped back, pulling him along to the bathroom. He never thought he would find someone like Ichigo, never thought he would have stayed with him after all the shit he had put him through, but he was glad he had. He didn't know how on earth he had ever deserved someone like him but he wasn't about to let him go. After a shower the two of them cuddled into bed, shared one last sweet kiss and drifted off, their future bright ahead of them.

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