A door opened and the bright rays of the sun were in their vision. A Doberman, dressed in a window cleaner's uniform, walked out first and inspected the roof of the building they were on. The roof had a gravel floor, rails on the edges of the roof, a couple of vents that shot out steam, and a helipad in the middle. It was completely empty up there, so he motioned for the others to follow. Four others came running out, a dark feline, gray husky, jaguar, and a mouse, they ran over to the edge, carrying a couple of duffle bags. "Set up right here," the Doberman commanded.

They all then started to open the bags and take out the equipment inside. One bag held submachine guns, MP5's and P90's, while the second held some repelling rope. As they were setting up the feline looked up at the Doberman, "Major, what about Sgt. Freeman?"

"Hold on I'll get on that," he said as he turned on his radio and inputted a frequency. He heard static, and then it started to clear up, "Sgt. Freeman you there?"

There was more static then a voice came through, "Jason I told you to call me by my first name."

Jason just sighed deeply at that, "Marcus I told you that when we're in the field we have to address each other like that."

"But sill…"

"Did you managed to shut down the security?" he interrupted.

"Yes, I'm heading your way now."

"How long will it take?"

Just then they all heard a loud sound by the vents. They looked over to see one of the covers on the floor. A gray coyote, wearing the same outfit as them, then climbed out and dusted himself off. He looked over and started walking over to them, "that long," he said.

"Bout time Marcus," the feline said.

"Yeah, yeah Nick I know." It has been a couple of months since the whole cat and mouse game at the harbor, and Marcus was doing great. He took the General's offer and joined the military. He worked his way up and made Sergeant status within that time. He looked at Jason, "how was everything else?"

"It went perfect, how about things on your end?"

"Solid, all security is offline, so we won't have to worry about anything."

"Good…alright gather around!" Jason yelled as the whole team formed a circle. He then took a small hollow disk and held it out in his hand. He turned it on and an image of General Peppers head appeared. "General we're at the location."

"Did anyone recognize any of you?"

"No, the disguises worked, they have no idea who we are."

"Good, now let me go over your objective again. Your target is a leopard named Otto; he's wanted for smuggling weapons from planet to planet. He's currently having a meeting in the building you're on top of. You are to repeal down the side of the building and disrupt the meeting, apprehend him and bring him in Alive."

"What about the security personal he has?" Nick asked.

"They're expendable, but remember no civilian casualties. Report back when you've completed your objective, out."

The image disappeared as Jason put the disk away, "you heard him, get ready." They all went back over to the rail and started tying off the ropes. Jason looked over a Marcus, "do you have the explosive?"

"Yes, just give me the signal and I'll blow the window." The glass, which they had to break through, was double paned and bulletproof, so they had to use a satchel charge to blow it open.

Once all the ropes were secure they all started to pass out the weapons and secure them to themselves. They threw the ropes over the rails as they crossed over. They held on tight as they jumped back and started to repeal down the large skyscraper. They descended more and more and a soon they saw a concrete ledge beneath them. They all stopped directly above the window, which they had to enter. Jason looked over to Marcus, "go, once you planted the charge take cover!"

Marcus nodded as he made one more big jump as he landed on the ledge and unhooked himself. He took a quick glance inside and saw five of them, in suits, sitting at a large oval table. He also saw more suits standing around the room, about seven of them, most likely the security. Marcus then took the satchel charge and planted it on the window. He took the detonator and ran to the side, at a safe distance, and pressed the button.


The loud explosion was heard, mixed with the sound of shattering glass. "Now!" Jason yelled out as himself and the others jumped and landed on the ledge. They unhooked themselves and took out their guns and began shooting at the security personal. They ran in and took cover behind whatever cover they could find, whether it was the support columns, or turned over furniture. What was left of the security, which was four because of the explosion, did the same as they took out their own guns and returned fire. Jason was behind one of the support columns, firing blindly. As he reloaded he yelled, "Nick, frag them!"

He nodded as he pulled out his grenade, pulled the pin, waited three seconds and then threw it. After two seconds the grenade exploded, and they saw that it took two of them.

Marcus was behind an over turned couch as he looked up and saw the last two were distracted. He took a chance and fired at them, killing only one. The last guard stood and started backing up but Jason saw that and fired a bullet straight into the guy's head, making him fall lifeless to the ground with a loud thump. All the fire ceased as silence fell upon the room. All of a sudden they saw their target bolt, from underneath the main table, and headed to the door. They pursed him as they saw that he ran through the door, but stopped when the doors burst open reveling a bear holding a chain gun.

"Take cover!" Jason yelled as the bear opened fired, causing destruction at whatever it hit. Nick and Marcus were behind the over turned table, with their backs against it. "How do we get this guy!?" Nick shouted.

Marcus pulled out a grenade, "just throw!" he pulled the pin and threw it, followed by Nick.

After a coupled of seconds two explosions were made and the fire ceased. They looked but the bear was still standing, so they all opened fired at him. They loaded a lot of rounds before he went down.

Jason jumped out of cover as he rushed to the door, "form up!" they all rushed over and started running out in a straight line as they followed the target's path.

Otto reached the the center of the building, which was a giant circle that showed all the floors below. He ran around to the other side, where the elevators were. He ran to the closest one and franticly pressed the buttons on there. He heard a beep, as the doors open, he rushed over but was greeted by someone.

Jason's squad had made it to the foyer in time to hear a loud bang. They looked across and saw the target's body fly back on the railing and then over, falling all the way down. They looked back over at the elevator and saw someone inside, but they couldn't identify him because of a black cloak he was wearing. "Who is that!" one of the other men yelled.

"Come on!" Jason yelled as they all ran around to where he was but the doors closed when they arrived there. Nicked pressed the button while Jason looked over the rail and could see body on the main floor. He then took out the disk and called the General. His image was shown, "Sir we have a problem! The target has been assassinated!"

"What! I told you not to-"

"It wasn't us, some unidentified assailant did it!"

"What did he look like!?" he said back quickly.

"We couldn't get a good look, all we know is that he's wearing a black cloak."

That made the General go silent for a sec before resuming, "New objective! Pursue and capture the assassin at once!"

"On it! Out!" he turned the disk off and put it away, and turned to his team. "Boys we have to catch that guy now. It'll be a lot faster if we take the stairs. Marcus stay here and tell us which floor he stops on! Lets hurry!" they all ran over the door that was marked 'stairs'. They busted through as they rushed up. Jason took out his radio and dialed Marcus's frequency, "Marcus where's he going!?"

"…He stopped on the top floor! I'll meet you all there."

"Got it, out!" he shut it off as they continued their accent to the top.

Once at the top they pushed through the door and found themselves on the roof again. They all saw him standing in the middle of the helipad, as they all lined up and aim at him. "Freeze!" Jason yelled out.

They could see him only wearing a black cloak, with a hood. He stood there without no worries but then swiftly turned to them and unloaded at them. They all took cover as he fired, a riot shotgun. Jason took cover behind one of the vents while the rest went back inside. They couldn't see the attacker as he started to back up while still firing. It stopped suddenly, but then they relished that he ran out of ammo, "drop him!" Jason yelled as they all came out and started firing at him. The attacker started back flipping, miraculously dodging every bullet that came his way.

They all watched in shock as they saw him, intentionally, flip over the edge. They stopped and didn't move after what they saw. Slowly they started moving forward, one by one. The sound of a ship was heard as they watched as the assailant slowly floated up. They saw a small ship underneath him, and he was holding something. Jason looked closely at the object, then his eyes widen, "Grenade launcher! Take cover!"

They all ran as the guy pointed the weapon at them and pulled the trigger. A small explosion was made, but none of Jason's men was hit. The guy reloaded another shell and fired again. He let loose a few more rounds, as there was small patches of fire on the roof. He took one good look at the scene before he rode the ship out of the area.

Jason and the others come out from cover as they walked around. "Who was that guy?!" one of the soldiers asked.

"I don't know," Jason responded. "But he's good…real good.

Just then Marcus arrived and approached the group, "what happened!?"

Nick turned to him, "he escaped."

Jason didn't pay any attention to them as he pulled out the hollow disk, "General…the target escaped. We don't know who he was but he's good."

"That's unfortunate…make yourself scarce and get out there now!"

"On it!" he said as he turned it off. "Alright lets get out of here, head for our extraction point!" they all rushed to the roof's door and ran through. They all went through but Jason stopped to look at the damaged roof. 'I don't know who you are but I'll get you next time' he thought as he ran and joined his team.

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