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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or elements taken from the Harry Potter books or movies. J.K. Rowling does. That's why she is lounging somewhere with more money than God and I am in college totally broke.

This is my very first ever fan-fiction that I have written to be published. I've tried to stick to the original timeline from the books but obviously the relationships and a few events had to change because of the pairing. I would have stuck more with the actual story but I am really lazy and I just didn't want to have to read the books and write at the same time. I get confused rather easily, you see. I really did try to (correctly) use as many canon elements as I could though (spells, dates, potions, etc.). I don't know how many hours I spent on the Harry Potter Lexicon and the Harry Potter Wiki trying to make sure I used everything correctly. I hope you find everything satisfactory =)

This will be an easier read if you have read the books since this is not from Harry's point of view but knowledge of what happens in the books is vital to a few points in the story. Again, this goes along with the fact that I am lazy and also I didn't see a point in re-writing all of what has already been written. Sorry if this creates a problem for you.

NOTE: THIS WILL BE LONG. This first part is almost 50,000 words so if you don't like long stories and you don't like the way the first few chapters are written then I suggest stopping because there are plenty more to come. I'll explain what I mean by "first part" when it's all finished.

I hope you enjoy the story and I appreciate any feedback. I am by no means a professional writer and I am sure my grammar could use some work and I know I have serious problems sticking with one point of view but despite all of that I am pretty happy with how it turned out. If you have something negative to say then please be constructive with it, don't just say "omg this sucks". Tell me what parts you like and don't like and I'll try to do better with anything else I write. I will respond to every single constructive review. If you are just flaming then I'll ignore you.

And as a final note, this is rated M for a reason. I will warn you at the beginning of a chapter if it is femmeslashy because I'm a nice person like that. Honestly, a lot of that has nothing to do with the story line but I kind of like writing those scenes which is 95% of why they're in here. So, without further delay, I present to you: Fairytales Don't Always Have a Happy Ending.

-Chapter 1: Summer Memories-

It was two weeks before the start of Ginny Weasley's fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The nervous redhead was standing in the doorway of her small bedroom in her house, the Burrow, located just south of the village Ottery St. Catchpole. She was taking one last look over her room while she awaited the arrival of her best friend, Hermione Granger. Hermione was going to stay with Ginny in her room at the Burrow until school started. Ginny didn't want her to have to stay in a cluttered, dirty room for the summer so she had been cleaning like a fiend.

There were fresh sheets on the small wrought iron bed that was in the far left corner of the room and the same on the spare bed that was underneath it to be pulled out at night. Ginny had dug two Weasley quilts out of the back of her closet and neatly folded one at the foot of each bed. The old scrubbed wood desk that was close by the bed was neatly organized with parchment, quills and books; the bedside table had a polished lamp on it filled with oil. Ginny had polished and oiled the silver clock her parents had given her only a few days before for her birthday even though the clock itself protested because it tickled when she oiled the inside of it. She checked once more the drawers in the chest on the right wall to make sure there was nothing in the bottom two so that Hermione would have a place to put her things. The windows were sparkling clean, the shelf on the wall above her bed containing random treasures had been dusted as had its contents, there wasn't a cobweb in sight, and the floor was swept and washed. Ginny found herself to be exceptionally apprehensive about Hermione coming.

Ginny didn't know why but she had become increasingly attracted to the brunette in the last year. Maybe it was because her hormones were going crazy, maybe it was because Hermione had blossomed into an incredibly gorgeous young woman or maybe it was because Ginny felt like she could tell Hermione anything…well, almost anything. The young witch definitely could not tell Hermione she had a crush on her. All she did know was it had started sometime the summer before at Number 12 Grimmauld Place when the Weasleys had moved in to help with the Order of the Phoenix.

It was an uncharacteristically cold night for summer and the window of the bedroom on the first floor that was shared by Ginny and Hermione had been stuck open. The thin blankets on each separate bed weren't enough to keep them warm so Ginny suggested that she and Hermione combine the blankets and Hermione sleep with her, just for that night. The bed they shared was small enough to where there was almost no way the two could sleep without touching but neither cared. They were close, best friends, it was no big deal. They slept spooned together, Ginny with her stomach against Hermione's back.

Ginny woke in the middle of the night, a little disoriented as to why Hermione was next to her. A gust of cold air came through the window and Ginny suddenly remembered why as she pulled the blankets up around her. Carefully, Ginny moved a little closer to Hermione and slipped her arm around Hermione's waist. The brunette pushed herself against Ginny's body and sighed. Hermione's normally bushy chestnut brown hair was pulled up in a bun. It smelled of sweet peaches and summer air. Ginny's hot breath ricocheted off the back of Hermione's neck back to her lips. The thought crossed Ginny's mind of what it might feel like to press her lips against the bare skin before her. Ginny's heart was racing. There was a stir in her body where there shouldn't be, not sleeping next to her best friend. Oh but the scent…the scent of Hermione. The feel of the older witch's body pressed up against her own, the sound of her breathing…Ginny stretched her head forward and pressed her lips against Hermione's neck.

"Mmmm Ginny…" Hermione moaned and put her own arm over Ginny's. She intertwined their fingers and her warm body relaxed against the younger witch. Ginny had never heard her name spoken in that context and it made her heart race even faster. She felt Hermione start breathing faster as Ginny continued peppering kisses on the soft skin. Just as she felt Hermione start turning her head back to face her there was a noise on the landing, footsteps crossing in front of the door going down the stairs. Ginny turned her head towards the door and watched until the noise went away. When she turned back Hermione had turned away but hadn't let go of Ginny's hand.

The redhead again pressed her lips against Hermione's sweet skin and whispered into the older witch's ear, "Goodnight Hermione."

Hermione moaned something into the pillow that Ginny strained to hear but couldn't. Almost as fast as she had woken up she fell back asleep. The next morning Hermione acted as if nothing had happened. Ginny didn't press the issue, for all she knew she could have been dreaming. The rest of the summer nights were sweltering hot. Ginny wished for another cold night but it never came.

Ginny was broken out of her daze by commotion downstairs. Her mother was shrieking with delight.

"Oh Hermione! How wonderful for you to be here darling! Ron! Ron! Come, come, and take Hermione's things up to Ginny's room. "

Ginny ran down the stairs, anxious and excited to see Hermione. When she saw the witch she leaped into her arms and squeezed her tight. A face full of bushy brown hair took her back to the daydream she had just snapped out of.

"It's so great to see you 'Mione! I've been getting my room ready all day. I thought maybe we could go out and pick berries later if you aren't too tired then maybe…" Ginny caught herself rambling and stopped. She giggled. "Sorry. I just haven't had any girl time with anyone since end of term, Luna's been gone all summer traveling around with her dad."

"It's alright, Gin. Right now I want to rest a little. I-I haven't been sleeping well lately. I was hoping I could take a quick nap before dinner." Hermione looked at Molly.

"Oh yes of course dear!" Molly chimed in. "Ginny, help her get settled in your room. I will start dinner." She hurried off to the kitchen.

Hermione followed Ginny up to her room, Ron had tossed her trunk and rucksack carelessly on the floor and the bag had come open. Her wand had rolled under Ginny's desk and a few books were spilled on the floor.

"Ugh, Ronald, that boy. He needs to learn some manners," Hermione huffed.

Ginny picked up Hermione's wand and handed it to her. "The bottom two in the chest of drawers are empty for your things. There's also some space in the closet."

"You didn't have to do that but thank you," Hermione said politely.

"You know…I missed you, 'Mione. Having all brothers is great sometimes, especially for practicing Quidditch but it's nice to have another girl around to talk to."

"Your mother seems easy to talk to," Hermione said, taking her clothes out of her trunk and storing them in the empty drawers.

"Oh she is, when she has time. Caring for a big family doesn't leave much one-on-one time. And besides, there's things a girl doesn't want to talk about with her mother." Ginny blushed.

"Oh, yes, I suppose you are right. I guess being an only child I kind of take having a lot of mother daughter time for granted." Hermione closed the drawer and stretched her arms up. Her purple t-shirt pulled up and her midriff was momentarily exposed above the waist of her jeans. Ginny's mind flashed with thoughts of the night she wrapped her arm around that waist. She was snapped out of her daze by the sound of Hermione's sweet voice.

"Sorry, Gin, I'm exhausted," Hermione said, "I promise we can catch up tonight after dinner." She hugged Ginny and pressed her lips against the pale, freckled skin of Ginny's neck. She felt Ginny's fingers curl up and grip her back.

Ginny tried to hide her now scarlet hued cheeks and murmured, "Yeah, okay. After dinner." She left the room, closing the door behind her.

Hermione lay down on Ginny's bed with a smile. She finally had plucked up the courage to let her lips graze the pale skin of the beautiful young witch and she couldn't help but notice Ginny's face turning almost the color of her fiery red hair. Hermione almost believed that Ginny only blushed out of awkwardness but she couldn't push the feeling out of her heart that the younger witch liked her back. After that night last summer she just couldn't believe that Ginny felt absolutely nothing for her.

Hermione was almost shaking it was so cold in her and Ginny's room. Ginny asked her if she would like to share a bed, just for the night, so they could keep each other warm. Hermione's stomach did a flip flop. She didn't know if she could be that close to Ginny and not just kiss her right then. She knew she had to be logical though, Ginny was only a few days passed 14, she was just too young to have feelings like that for anyone, let alone a girl. Hermione also knew that was the most ridiculous reasoning ever considering she'd been struggling with her attraction to girls since she was barely 13.

Hermione decided to just play it cool, it would be because they are friends and it was cold, nothing else. Hermione crawled into bed, Ginny right behind her. She felt Ginny push herself up next to her and adjust the covers. After only a few minutes Ginny's breathing slowed. Hermione could tell Ginny was asleep and drifted off as well. She woke to Ginny's hot breath pouring over the back of her neck, she felt the younger witch's arm slide around her waist. Hermione instinctively pushed herself against Ginny and let out a sigh. She felt safe, protected.

She felt Ginny's warm lips press themselves against the back of her neck. She couldn't help it, she moaned Ginny's name and put her arm over the one wrapped around her and intertwined their fingers. She felt another kiss on her skin, and then another. She couldn't stand it anymore; she started to turn towards Ginny, fully intending to let the redhead's lips capture her own. Her movements came to a halt at the sound of footsteps on the landing. Ginny pulled away slightly and Hermione turned back to her previous position and buried her face into the pillow. Hermione kept Ginny's fingers intertwined with her own; if she couldn't have their lips touching then this would have to do. A smile crept across Hermione's face when she felt the wonderful sensation of Ginny's lips again followed by Ginny's smooth voice in her ear.

Hermione moaned into the pillow, half hoping Ginny would hear, "For the love of Merlin just take me right now."

Ginny didn't move and Hermione drifted back to sleep.

Hermione didn't say anything the morning after. She didn't want to make things awkward and they were simply too young. Yes, that was it, too young. It was just an innocent crush.

Hermione woke to Ginny standing by the bed, gently nudging her shoulder.

"'Mione, 'Mione, dinner is ready. Mum says to come down when you're ready." Ginny smiled when Hermione opened her dark brown eyes and they met her own.

"I will be down in a moment. Thank you for waking me, Gin." Hermione sat up in bed and watched Ginny walk out the door. She couldn't help but stare, Ginny's figure was entrancing. The youngest Weasley had grown up a lot over the past year; her body got a bit curvier but was still very athletic. Hermione just wanted to wrap her arms around those hips, pull her in close and kiss Ginny like there was no tomorrow. She quickly shook the fantasy out of her head and went downstairs for dinner.

The Weasley's that had come to the Burrow for dinner were seated in the small kitchen already; Arthur was at the head of the table, on his right were Molly, Ron, Fred, and George; on the other side were Bill and his girlfriend Fleur Delacour, and then Ginny. Hermione took the empty place next to Ginny, her only other option would be to sit at the complete other end of the table. Molly had prepared a delicious dinner of beef casserole, mashed potatoes, peas, and homemade fudge for dessert. Hermione loved being with the big family, there was so much noise and commotion, it was very much unlike her family's dinners at home.

More than once Ginny would reach for something at the table and her arm brushed against Hermione's. Hermione would try not to gasp or go rigid each time at Ginny's skin touching her own; she would just clench her jaw and relax as much as possible. She knew there was no way Ginny was doing this accidentally. It could happen once or twice but not nine times. She felt her face grow a deeper shade of red with each touch.

Ginny watched Hermione's reactions when she would brush against her, she would watch her stiffen for a split second and then relax. She watched as her crush turned red.

Fred and George took notice of them both.

"George," Fred whispered and motioned across the table to the girls, "what do you suppose is going on there?"

"I don't know," George replied, "after dinner I'll catch Hermione, you get Ginny."

"You just don't want to get hexed, ya big chicken!"

Alright, first of many chapters to come. To be blatantly honest I have been incredibly nervous about posting this because I'm rather self conscious about my writing. I'm hoping this will bring me out of my shell a little bit.

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