Ok, here is a little chapter on what happened after Emalie left and what the family does when they come home and find her stuff gone. I already have most of the next chapter done, and since I am now officially on summer break, I will be able to update this story more often. Let me know what you think.

Rose Pov

As the door slammed shut, its echo rang in all of our ears. My poor sweet, loving niece had just been practically kicked out of her own family! I rounded on Edward, glaring at his shocked and hurt face. Beside him Bella, was almost ready to fall to the ground.

"How could you, Edward?" I shouted at him. His dazed eyes found mine. "Do you know how much she loves him, how HAPPY he makes her? And you just go and make her choose?" I took a threatening step toward him, but my Emmett held me back.

"You're on her side?" He asked in confusion.

"I've been on her side since she met him. I even helped her sneak out to see him." I wasn't going to hide this anymore. I mean, they already chased her away, and we would probably never see her again, unless we went to the border.

"She told you?" Bella asked in shock, and slight jealousy. "Why would she tell you instead of her own mother?"

I laughed. "Hello, didn't you just witness this sad display of love? She knew you all would react to this, so she told me everything. She was afraid to tell any of you. And you, Anthony." I swung around to see my only nephew. "You are her twin. How could you physically hurt her like this? I'll be surprised if we don't have an entire regiment of wolves crashing down our door tomorrow. William Black is the alpha, after all."

Carlisle and Esme got worried looks on their already sad faces. This was all of their faults though. They all were closed minded when it came to the wolves, but the least they could have done was listen to the poor girl. I shot them all a disgusted look.

"Oh come off your high horse, Rosalie, you hate the wolves just as much as we do." Edward snarled.

"Yes, I do hate the wolves. But at least I was willing to get along with them for Emalie's sake. You do know they are going to get married some day, and have children? What are you going to do when you find out that it has happened and you don't even know your own grandchildren? I can't even look at you anymore, I'm going hunting. Emmett lets go."

I didn't wait for a reply. I just grabbed Emmett's hand and pulled him out into the forest. They made their bed, now they had to lay in it. As we got further away, I heard the rest of the family run out of the house. We would not hunt together today. No, today our family was divided.

Bella Pov

We hunted long and hard, trying to get today's memories out of our minds. That was the problem with being a vampire, I guess. You could never really forget something this drastic, even if you wanted to. Edward, Anthony and I went off in our own little group.

I knew we could have handled that situation differently, and I knew it was hypocritical of us to tell her she couldn't be with him, just because he was a werewolf. I mean, I was a human when Edward and I met, ant that was frowned upon. Black, she said his name was. I wonder if he was related to Jacob. We had been friends before I left for San Francisco. He had shown no signs of being a werewolf when I had known him, but that was a long time ago. And now my daughter was in love with his possible son.

We arrived home several hours later, unfulfilled for the first time. There was this disgusting wet dog smell in the driveway, and we immediately knew. It was Emalie's wolf. What had he been here for? Had he come to attack for hurting his mate?

We zoomed through the house, not smelling anything inside. We checked Emalie's room last and it broke my heart to see it empty. All of her clothes and her belonging were gone. Only her bed remained. I turned to Edward, pleading in my mind that this was all just a bad dream, and that my daughter was going to be safe and sound in her room.

"Edward, she's gone." I whispered, and I clung to him. Anthony stood in front of us, a heartbreaking look on his face. He had driven his twin from home, and he was alone. Shuffling forward, he approached her bed. The sheets were turned up, perfectly situated on the bed. And he fell onto the bed. Sobs were leaking from his mouth. In a second we were both by his side, cradling our immortal son, as he grieved the loss of his best friend and only sister. We had brought this upon ourselves, and there was only one way to fix it…

"No, Bella." Edward said in a weak voice. The emotional rollercoaster had taken its toll on him as well. "We will not make peace with those wolves. Emalie will come to her senses sooner or later. We will not have any contact with those mutts. Call your brothers and tell them to keep a watch out." And he was gone in a flash. I knew where he was going though. The meadow, his thinking place.

I sighed, knowing that Edward was the most stubborn person I had ever known, and left my baby on the bed, as he lay there in an almost sleeping state. Things had been so good around here, minus the tension between Emalie and Anthony on her decision to stay mortal. I guess William had a lot to do with that decision.

I pulled out the phone and dialed the number; the rings seemed to take forever. The groggy female voice of my sister in law answered. "Hello?"

"Hello, Bianca. It's Bella."

"Bella? How are you?" Her voice was more awake now. I felt almost bad for waking her up this late. Being pregnant, she needed all the rest she could get.

"Not so good. Emalie has been imprinted by a werewolf." I heard her catch her breath.

"That's great! Oh, I'm sure she is so happy! What's his na—"I cut her off.

"What? You think this is good? Werewolves are our natural enemies, and she chose him over us." And I proceeded to tell her the rest of the story.

"Bella, I can't believe you! She's you daughter, and you just hurt her like that. If you don't remember, I am a demon married to a witch. This is no different. How could you kick you do that? I'm sorry Bella, but until you make this better, don't call here anymore." The phone was then ripped out from my hands by an angry Edward.

"Now you listen Bianca. This freaking dog has stolen our Emalie from us, and you're going to just sit there and yell at us…" he face became angrier and he slammed the phone down onto the table, shattering it. "She hung up on me…"

"Oh, Edward, maybe she's right…"

"No, Bella. This is Emalie's fault. Now let's go check on our son"

I knew he was avoiding this. I knew he would be stubborn, and we would not see our daughter in a long time. But all I could do was support my family now, and hope that when the time comes, my beautiful daughter will forgive us.

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