"Are you sure this is alright Albus?" asked a tall woman in a pointy had and a silver bun. "I've been watching them all day and they are the worst sort of muggles imaginable!"

"They are the only family left. We have no choice." A grey and bearded wizard answered. "Hargrid should be here anytime soon with the boy."

They both looked up as a crashing and roaring noise caught their attention. What could only be described as a flying motorcycle descended upon them.

"Took quite a while to get here, how far away is this place anyway?" A burly man towering over the other two figures in the night by at least two feet, remarked.

"You have him! And he's alright?" Asked the woman.

"He's fine Minerva, but….there were two boys at the house." Hagrid told the other two, uncovering two small sleeping boys in his arms, both with gleaming golden hair.

"My goodness, what on Earth?" exclaimed the woman. "It must be twins!"

"Whatever they may be, we shall leave them with their family. They deserve to live away from their world for now." Albus answered as he took the two bundles from Hagrid and placed the two boys on the stoop of the house they all stood before. Albus took an envelope from his robes and placed it beside them. On the front it had two names:

Alphonse & Edward


They all stepped back, Minerva shooting another nervous look at the small vulnerable boys. With a roar from the motorcycle, Hagrid was gone. Albus re-lit the streetlights and with a resounding CRACK, Minerva and Albus left the scene.

11 Years Later

"Hurry up ED!!! It's time for breakfast!" Al whispered loudly to his brother through the pile of pillows piled on top of his ears.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming in a minute! Geez, I didn't get ANY sleep last night." Ed growled from underneath the fort of pillows.

They both got up and as Ed shuffled down the stairs, Al bounded down after him with great enthusiasm (He was definitely a morning person). When they reached the bottom of the stairs however, he halted and they both quickly made their way through the quiet house without making a sound.

They reached a small and dingy kitchen and began working like clockwork. As one brother took pans from the cupboard, the other reached for the ingredients on the top shelf of the refrigerator. In a matter of minutes, Al had something cooking on the stove while Ed began setting the table.

"The eggs are almost done, I'll start on the sausage if you make the coffee," Al quietly told his brother.

Ed went over to the coffee pot and began the process, eagerly sniffing the coffee with pleasure in his eyes. Al noticed this and said,"You know you'll be in trouble if you swipe any!"

Ed snapped back from his caffeinated reverie with an, "I know that!!"

A little while later the two boys had a balanced breakfast laid out on the table set for three. They took the remaining food in the pans and plopped it into bowls for themselves.

They crept back to their rooms already hearing the noises of the other members of the house stirring. In a minute or so the other inhabitants of the house would rise and reach the kitchen. By that time the food would have reached a temperature comfortable for eating, and the two brothers would be well out of the way.

This is exactly how it happened every morning and that morning as well.

The two brothers back in their room gobbled down their own breakfast. Al was reading one of the few books they from a bookshelf in the small room. It was labeled, "The Practical Ways of Physics"

Ed was looking out the window, munching on a half eaten sausage. From his window he could see a tree and the backyard of their neighbor's house; exactly the same as their own. He turned to Al and said,"You're reading that AGAIN. We've read it only a million times. Why don't you wait until we can go to the library tomorrow to get completely absorbed in reading."

"Because, brother, we can never bring library books home, so I never finish them! At least this one I can finish. Besides, it's not like there is anything else to do." Al replied.

"Let's play chess." Ed told his brother.

"No, you ALWAYS beat me!" Al complained.

"But that's what makes it fun," mumbled Ed with a cross of his arms.

Suddenly a yell came from downstairs, so loud it made the boys jump. Ed and Al filed downstairs quickly and arrived at the kitchen and source of the roar.

Before them, in the kitchen, sat a large man with light brown hair and a moustache with a red face in between. Across him at the table sat a petite woman with brown wavy hair and a face so pinched that it looked like she was constantly in a bad mood. Between them sat a large boy with brown hair, stuffing his face with sausage, not giving the two boys a second glance.

"What in the world is this?!" exclaimed the portly man holding up an empty coffee mug.

"A coffee cup….?" Ed responded, sounding doubtful of the man's mental state.

"Well of course it is a coffee cup!" the man yelled, seething. "This coffee cup is missing something. I wonder what? Hmmm…… oh that's right, MORE COFFEE." He said this while standing up to walk over to Ed, the ceramic mug still in his hand. "You little runt! You drank some didn't you! I usually drink three cups of coffee from the pot, but after two…THERE WAS NO MORE COFFEE."

The man threw the mug at the boy from a few feet away, hitting the boy in the face, even as he tried to block it with his arms. The mug then fell on the tile floor and smashed into pieces.

"Oh, honey! Not the mug! That was a Christmas present from your sister!" The man's wife complained, ignoring the boys in the middle of her kitchen.

His temper seeming to have worn off, the man sat back down and ordered, "Clean that mess up and go fetch the mail!"

Al moved to one of the cabinets, reaching for a small broom and dustpan. As he cleaned up the mess on the floor, his brother moved towards the door. Ed went outside to the mailbox and reached in for the mail. He looked up to see an owl perched on the tree he was looking at, not too long ago.

He looked through the mail, one by one out of fleeting interest until he came upon a letter:

Alphonse & Edward Elric

The Room in the Attic

125 Maple Lane

Risembool, Armestris

Ed's eyes widened. He turned it over and saw a seal on the back. It had a large "H" on in and was decorated with various strange animals. He tucked the letter into his pocket and scurried into the house so he wouldn't be scolded.

"I can't believe it! Who would send us a letter?" Al exclaimed excitedly in the privacy of their room.

"I don't know! Hold on a sec, while I open it!" Ed slipped his fingers under the wax seal and practically ripped open the letter. He unfolded the first of two pieces of thick paper:

Dear Alphonse and Edward Elric,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term Begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

"Hogwarts School of WHAT?" Alphonse asked.

"Why the heck would I need a cauldron?" Ed asked as he looked at the second sheet of paper. It consisted of a list of strange items and books that were required to attend the school. "This must be some kind of joke," Ed said to his brother. It's probably some prank the lousy kids at school are playing on us because they say we are so smart it's unnatural."

"I don't think they would take it this far, brother," said Al. "Why would they take the time so send us this strange letter, and why would it be a school for...for wizards?"

"I don't know, but I sure as hell am not falling for it." Ed said, putting the letter down and sitting on the bed with arms crossed.

"But haven't you always thought that maybe…just maybe we were a little bit different than everyone else?" Al asked. "What if this is real? What if we really can go to a school away from here? I wonder what they teach there." Al picked up the list of things and read some of the books aloud: "The Standard Book of Spells: Grade 1; A History of Magic; Magical Theory; A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration-"

"What in the world is transfiguration?" Ed interrupted.

"I don't know, but wouldn't you want to find out?"