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Ed and Al got up that morning and packed their things. Al checked that Lucifer was sleeping soundly in his crate while Ed watched Aniketos warily. He was in one of his quiet, but "I want to nip at everything" stages.

They went downstairs with their large trunks and found Hagrid. "Hey boys!" Hagrid said to them, guiding them outside and into the streets of London. Al hailed a cab, knowing that Hagrid wouldn't know how.

They all awkwardly packed inside. Hagrid took up a lot of space. Ed was squished to one door, Al the other. They got out at King's Cross Station and Al paid the cabbie with the rest of their muggle money.

"Ok boys, I said I would see ya to the station; here are your tickets, I mus' be off!" Hagrid told them with a flourish. Before they could say anything, he lumbered away.

Surprised that someone so large could disappear so effectively, Ed turned to his brother with a somewhat bewildered look. Al looked back at Ed, and then at their tickets. "Platform 9 ¾? What's that supposed to mean?"

"Huh?" Ed responded, confused.

"See here? It says platform 9 ¾. There wouldn't be a platform 9 ¾ would there?" Al asked.

"I dunno, let's just look around." Ed said, taking in their surroundings. They weren't used to so many people. They were also pushing carts with very large trunks and cages on them. They looked around the platforms, but found no platform 9 ¾. They were about to abandon their search, when they saw a boy, about their age, with dark hair and glasses pushing a large cart just like theirs.

"Harry!" Al called out to the other boy.

He noticed them and walked up to them, his parents trailing behind. "Hey guys." Harry said with a smile.

"Hey, do you…uh…know where platform 9 ¾ is?" Al asked hesitantly.

Harry laughed. "No wonder you looked so confused. First things first; these are my parents." Harry turned to the man and woman behind him and then motioned to Ed and Al. "Mom, dad; this is Alphonse and Edward Elric."

Harry's father gave them an enthusiastic grin while he shook their hands. His mother smiled warmly. "Why don't you show them the platform James," Lily Potter told her husband. Mr. Potter went over between platforms 9 and 10, looked around for a few seconds, walked towards the bricks, and disappeared.

Al felt his eyes migrate out of their sockets. Ed just stuttered, "Wh..W...What?"

"Don't worry about it, just push your cart through," Harry said with a smirk. With that, he ran into the wall to join his father.

"C'mon boys, let's go," Mrs. Potter said with an encouraging touch on each of their shoulders. "You aren't scared, are you?" she said with a little bit of playfulness in her voice.

Ed was NOT afraid, so without any further ado, he ran into the platform.

Not to be outdone by his brother, Al chased after him.

"Boys…" Mrs. Potter muttered knowingly to herself as she followed them.

On the other side, on platform 9 ¾, the brothers found themselves staring at a black and red steam engine with "Hogwarts Express" along the sides. All around them families were saying goodbye to their young promising witch or wizard as they boarded the train.

Ed and Al, having no one to say goodbye to, boarded the train and found an empty compartment. Ed immediately stashed his things and sat down across from Al. Al watched as his brother sprawled himself out over the entire seat and closed his eyes.

"Is that comfortable, bother?" al asked. Ed just grunted. Al smiled and then turned as the door to the compartment opened.

"Hey," Harry sad as he lugged his trunk under the seat.

"Hey," Al said back. Al looked in the crate Lucifer was in and saw that he was still asleep; so was Ed's owl, for once.

Harry sat down beside Al seeing as how Ed occupied a whole bench by himself. Before the two could start a conversation, the door opened again to admit a red-headed boy with freckles. 'Mind if I sit here?" he asked.

"Not at all," Al told him as he reached over and nudged his brother. "Hey Ed, get up." When Ed just grunted in annoyance, Al resorted to other tactics. "You sure take up a lot of room for someone so small."

Ed bolted upright, turned to his brother and exclaimed, "WHO'S SO SMALL HE NEEDS A CHILD'S CARSEAT?!"

The red-headed boy did not even try to conceal his peals of laughter as he sat down next to Ed. Harry had looked stunned for a moment, before he started cracking up. Harry hadn't heard Ed say more than two words aloud, so he had thought the other boy was pretty quiet. He definitely thought this was a most entertaining way to be proven wrong.

Ed just glared at his brother who was smirking at him. "You're not that much taller than me, Al. We ARE twins."

"So you say, but we are fraternal twins, and I obviously got all the tall genes." Al replied, still smiling.

"Why you!!" Ed said angrily and was about to pounce on his brother when the train lurched to a start. Ed's body pitched forward and he fell between the seats. The other boys in the compartment broke out into unrestrained laughter. Ed just sat up, slightly embarrassed. He ignored them and looked out the window as the train moved out of the station and approached countryside outside the city.

"I'm Ron, by the way; Ron Weasley." The red-haired boy told Harry and Al.

"I'm Alphonse and that's my brother Edward." Al said.

"I'm Harry." Harry said with a smile.

"Hey, did you guys hear that the Elric brothers are supposed to be on this train?" Ron said conspiratorially.

"Ah…well…" Al said nervously. "We are the Elric brothers."

"You!?" Ron said, taken aback. He then leaned in closer to Al, looking at him closely.

"What?" Al said as he leaned away from the investigating gaze.

"You really do have golden eyes." Ron said finally, somewhat amazed.

"Yeah….so?" Al said, somewhat unimpressed.

"Um… well... I've never met anyone with golden eyes before," Ron said awkwardly, and Al knew it wasn't the reason but he let it slide.

The ride was fairly uneventful until a lady came by with a cart of interesting snacks. Harry and Al both bought quite a few of everything on the cart and then turned to the other two boys.

Ed was still a little mad at the rest of the group, but he wouldn't turn down a plethora of delicious treats, no matter how much he wanted to punch his brother's smug face.

Both Harry and Al shared their food with Ron, who at first tried to be polite, but soon indulged himself in the simple wants of pre-teen boys. They devoured the strange selection of munchies, having to catch a few stray chocolate frogs and open the window for someone to spit out a particularly nasty Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean.

Ed was actually starting to enjoy himself. He was reluctant at first when he thought of this different world of magic, but some things had changed his mind. One was his curiosity. Ed and Al had always had a thirst for knowledge that had only grown larger during their sheltered life. Both had a passion for learning and Ed had an especially strong will that needed to be applied to something. They had always been smart but never had a chance to truly get what they desperately needed.

Ed looked at Al who was laughing along with Harry as Ron spit a raw anchovy flavored bean out the window. He found himself at ease and smiled a little bit to himself. They really needed this the most, Ed decided.

A chance to make friends.

It was then that a loud clatter caught their attention, and the occupants of the two seats turned to the door to see a girl with bushy brown hair and black Hogwarts robes. "You haven't happened to see a toad have you? A boy named Neville has lost his," she told them.

"I'm sorry, we haven't." Al said.

It was at this point in time that a certain owl had decided that he had gone unnoticed for too long. Aniketos began to screech and rattle in his cage.

"GODDAMNIT!" Ed yelled in aggravation. He reached under his chair and brought up the cage. Aniketos bit his finger and Ed dropped the cage unceremoniously onto the seat next to him. "STOP IT YOU DAMN BIRD!" Ed shouted nursing his finger.

"Let me handle this," the girl said with an air of self-assurance. She knelt in front of the cage and said, "Quietus!" The owl's screeches became mostly muted. The owl, noticing it could no longer be heard, sunk his head into his chest and fluttered its feathers as if flustered. The girl then placed the owl back under the seat. She turned to Ed. "You're owl, I presume?" she asked him.

"What of it?" Ed responded, annoyed.

"Nothing… I was just wondering why you would bring such a pet with you to school." She said somewhat nonchalantly.

Ed felt his fists tightening. Who the hell did she think she was? "It's none of your damn business."

"No need to be so rude. I guess I'll be going now. Let me know if you see Neville's toad. Or any help actually using magic."

"We don't need any of your help. I could have done that too." Ed said, in an attempt to counter her comment.

"Oh really?" she said with a raised eyebrow looking him up and down. "Oh and I would be changing into my robes soon if I were you." She turned to leave.

"You're not my mother!" Ed retorted, as she left. "Who the hell was that, anyway? She pisses me off." He crossed his arms and looked back out the window.

The boys in the compartment remained silent, but exchanged looks.

It was going to be an interesting year.

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